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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Media & Public Holidays

(Delayed post)

Less Cursing Mood for today cos it's public holiday..

TODAY hubby got to office very early and since we're carpooling now (his car in the workshop..accident.)that would mean that i HAVE TO GOT UP EARLY as well! darn it. i mean it's public holiday...!AFTER much tossing and turning on the bed, i realized one HURTFUL FACT- i'm working in the media holidays for us..everyday is the same day, in fact holidays is the busiest..since most of the ministers are also holidaying, functions are also taking off for news there's a new term for holidays= KERING day! or HARI KERING SEDUNIA as what my former boss en saad would call it.

yesterday, as i was driving back from work, i gave my mom a call (since i've been keeping silent for 2 days) and she was happy to hear from me since i've been calling her days before that asking for recipes to cook and had even promised her that i would bring some, but never did :) so, since the day after (which is today) is public holidays, she was expecting me to come over.

MOM: "tak datang sini ke esok?"
MOI: "Nope, kerjalah.."
MOM: "Kenapa pula kerja?? Kan esok cuti umum Hari Pekerja!"
MOI: "*sobbing..Not!* Not in my line of work mak! Macam tak tau lah..Hari pekerja ke tak pekerja ke, RAYA pun tak cuti !!"

haha, so that was it, mom suddenly had the reality check that her daughter is not like the rest of her children, who gets to enjoy PUBLIC HOLIDAYS! BUT i don’t mind it at all really, since I already knew what it’s going to be like eversince day one on the job..:) Alhamdulillah, I’m not at all fretting about my lack of holidays..and i used not to complaint that much about work BUT not anymore..Each day after work, i grew one worry line across me forehead. Work is really pressuring..but i reckon not as pressuring like what my boss has to face.

Now, last month i worried too much for that 3 days near the month’s end, mainly because i had to be by myself without the supervision of mua boss .BUT it’s work, and i tried my best to do it. Unfortunately for boss, i kept harassing his first off day in six days...sorry monsieur! I’m a very very green leave sir, really need the guide since i’m still lacking in all imaginable ways to be a producer.

But perseverance intact, kept going on...until that crucial after 4 pm..and then, the real burden starts rolling in...with late stories submission, it really slowed you down in terms of production. I know by that time i should have cleared the 3rd and 4th block, BUT having assigned people to do stuffs, you can’t expect too much. Now i really feel the weight of a producer in tv9 confinement. Since hubby is also producing, i had always said to him tv9 is more challenging, and his job is easier. BUT of course he never agreed with me on this. I wish he would got to feel what is like to be me in my job for one day, and then he’ll understand why i keep complaining and have tonnes of stories to “amuse” him every time i got home.

In many ways, a producer especially without the supervisor is much more burden than what a producer traditionally does in other tv stations. Main culprit: You’re all alone. Thus, editorial work is done by you. Honestly, these past 3 days I had to be by myself, I didn’t even have to time to pee from 5pm- till the news got on air! That’s how hectic the scenario was for me. Sure, it’s all because it’s me, and I’m still very new at this. BUT let me tell you, it ain’t easy to be a producer cum editor cum news assignment editor, at the same time picking up calls like that of a clerk since the phone is on your desk, during crucial times, and you have to be polite to these strangers that bothering you with mindless thing like “have you got my fax?” “Could i know if you’ll be sending in reporters to cover the event?”And, then there’s people coming in between those times, asking “oh can you give me ftp files?”, “oh where’s the in charge of the day?”, “Can i borrow this?” and at this point i really am close to send them all away in shrieking voice..Seriously i do want to do that! Hahaha...

No wonder ayah used to tell me anybody who works in news department can easily get high blood pressure...Because it can be really crazy. Realllllllly crazy. As if that is not enough, you get to ‘exercise’ your feet, pacing to and fro, from one pc to another...since only one of those pc can “drag” item into the omnibus system. Darn it, really mendokusai. And then there’s the ftp hanging problem. “tak boleh drag!!!” I mean, can’t these people sort it out by themself?? They know as well as i do since we’ve all been working more than a year, what to do when that shit happens. CALL THE IT TEAM!

And not to forget, problems with team members that prefers drooling around, not doing much. Why? Simply because they refuse to do more. I just can’t understand that. It’s just too cruel how some people can afford to be this way, without any remorse. BUT after these 3 days acting like a de facto leader of the day, i come to realised one vital lesson: Never be depended on others and keep it easy. (hik that's two now..) ANYWHO, all i'm trying to say, now it's not the time for me to be creative, what's important, picking up crucial things in order to keep the production going. Being creative is a luxury in news- all thanks to binding timeline that hunting you down. So in that light, I can only be creative if time allows me, without which, "asal ado" will do for now, besides, how creative can you get with news script in comparison with production one? i'm guessing not many, though not denying that you can be creative, paraphrasing here and there at the same time keeping the wordings as minimal as you could. NOW if you can do that, you're a very creative tv news reporter.


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