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Friday, April 18, 2008

Interesting start for 2008


Now i know it has been four months since we welcome 2008 in our lives, and what a year it has been so far..! from politics, to politics, to even more politics, the neverending hike in consumer goods, fear of inflations, global economic crisis, malaysia's political crisis, UMNO vs Palace crisis...and the list goes on...oh yeah not forgetting, major happening that kicked off my 2008 year..i got married! thus you can imagine how busy i was before april..:) Other than that, the main reason for me slacking off blogging, i couldn't get access to the wired world, ever since i’m called as somebody’s wife, in other words been cut off from the cyber world (in the comfort of my home that is) for more than a month, the LONGEST i ever been...and that people is KILLING me BIG TIME!!! Sad, sad, sad.

Now, not that i haven’ try to get a connection, you know name me all the latest so-called-won’t disconnected easily-internet provider..from that lame Streamyx ( of which i had been a loyal user for more than 8 years, and only had to pay Rm77 for a 1.0Mbs connection..and i can never get the same package again. FYI: to get that same speed now, it’s priced at RM115/month), tried MAXIS wireless 3G- even willing to take the 2nd most expensive package, but that still won’t get me a connection (at least not from where my home is)...want to get back to streamyx, but sadly this neighbourhood of my mine doesn’t even have a fixed line pole by Telekom!! Now, the only option left, Celcom...But mind you, the modem’s price is so damn expensive, that’s equal to almost 50% of my every month’s pay!! And don’t get me started on Izzi Net. that’s even sordid than Streamyx. But all that’s been said, i am not without ANY choice. My hubby’s pathetic Digi Wireless used with HP handphone does the i-have-no-other-device-but-to-use-you trick. I say pathetic, because i reckon it connects at less than 200 Kbs, topping that of, failing to connect most often than not, and seldom when it does connecting, i have to ingeniously use one had holding it way up (trying to make myself believe that actually helps to find a better coverage) while the other hand tries to manoeuvre between typing and using the synaptic pointing device in the middle of my laptop!!

Then, there’s always the office pc to have yourself misuse for self-interest purposes...but unfortunately, my 90% internet usage mainly for things that i enjoy doing late at night, in the comfort of my home, that little “me time”, you know things you rather do in privacy. So the idea of having to resort such thirsty habits in the office, using communal computers, just won’t do for me. The far i could go, is to check my emails, must-update Friendster and other frustrating online thingy personal accounts that i rarely have visitors, mails etc. Heck, even my office’s mail account that i ought to regularly check, i only have time to “casually browse through”. So you can only imagine how painful my life is without having the luxury of internet connection at home. (i'm sure you net addicts can relate to this type of trauma, can’t you?)

Life- married, contract for eternity insyaAllah..gee, i made that sound like a death sentence didn't i? prolly, before this entry i wrote of my never ending worries about making a commitment with that one person for the rest of your far, it has been almost 2 months, and everything hasn't really changed that much in my so called married life. Now i’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or bad, perhaps those married could share your thoughts with me in regard with this. Anyways, from my end here, it seems that all is good alhamdulillah. It was not as scary as i imagined it would know on certain things..had a bliss first week..guess that’s typical with any married couple eyh? Then it got a little rough for a bit, learned to handled it quickly and off for a relatively smooth least so far. Now i’m beginning to realise of how much married couple needs to have understanding with the partner. I could get into details, but not going to bore you-strangers (if there’s any :p ) The point i’m getting to is, I got so much to learn in becoming a wife, a friend, the confidante, the mother (you know as boys will always be boys)

And even when you tried your hardest to be that ‘superwoman’, one can never be that perfect wife, or friend, or confidante to your partner. And to conclude, me like to quote what my mom used to say; “No matter how much you love that hubby of yours, no matter how much you think you know him, there’s always a part of him that you will never comprehend, that might of which make him act differently as you expected him to be, and so always bear in mind to keep a distance-that little personal space to yourself so that you don’t get hurt, because woman gets hurt easily”

yeap people, we women have the hearts much like that of a “Scott Tissue”-fragrance, vulnerable, breaks easily when its hard but could be coax quite as easily no matter what. So guys, if any of you are reading this, take my 2 cents; be more sensitive to us-women, a couple of sweet words alongside with gentle touch won’t damage your ego and make you any less of man, use that especially when that lady of yours are hurt, since we women hurts that easy...get the idea? :p (tis actually goes out to me hubby..hehe, gee me hubby , still sounds a bit awkward to me, need some getting use to) anyways, my marriage is only a mere close to 2 months old, and suffice to say, it's getting a bit weary for me, huhu, but luckily when that stupid thoughts come to ravishing my peaceful mind and kind intentions towards becoming a solehah wife,i’ll always think of all the kind things my hubby did for me, and still doing..he’s not too bad really, the total opposite creature than me, whatever that i enjoy doing , he doesn’t fancy not a bit, i’m a procrastinator in all imaginable things, while he’s a tidy, disciplined, hardworking kinda lad..well enuff said, you can’t expect for that perfect person, nor can u change a person to become what u want them to be, instead, accept them for what they are, treat all the differences as something unique or in a positive the end , you’ll find the median point in that relationship that you thought was going to be disastrous; will eventually turn out fine, insyallah..for me, still longgggggggggg way to go :)

Above: Picture of me and my hubby just minutes after being solemnized..taken by Syaheir.


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