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Saturday, January 26, 2008

State Of Paranoia?


It's that time again in every five years since Malaysia's independence day...the Election Day! Now, though the premier remained tight lipped about the date of the election, rumors has it, there's a high chance it will be held in mid march. I, for sure am very concerned with the numbers; is it 150308?160308? or 080308? for me, any date that's not the latter is good enough, BUT, I'll be extremely delighted if the PM going to postponed it way longer...heck, drag the current cabinet till next year! your 'expiry date' is in fact till April 2009...

Whichever date it is going to be, speculations is running high..and running all over the place, too much theories, some say Malaysians are going to the ballot by hook or by crook...BEFORE APRIL this year...all due to the fear of former DPM running as candidate for the GE...others speculate, it may be sooner than we expect, since price of certain tolls already been increased (usually they say, hike of prices will take place after a new mandate)

My theory: It will be in mid march....and if so, I'll be devastated...why? cos i want to be part of the history working as a journalist..Since politics is my forte...right ok...i'm pushing that too far, forte doesn't best described it..rephrasing it: "since i have a flair for politics.." that's more like it :) I guess all Malaysians of my age, do give a tiny rat's ass on malaysian politics nowadays ever since the ex-DPM other words, that 1998 incident really triggered unbelievable awakenings to the teens..i was only 16 then, and though already fond and following the politics ( and this was only because i'm surrounded with family members that were either ex-politicians or aspiring ones) as such i Gave a giant's ass of the scenario..

ANYWAYS, the point im getting to, NOT of what my political affiliations are, nor wanting to voicing out the just of the injustices deemed being played out in the country...instead, im simply writing this out because the fact's frustrating for me if ELECTION is in mid march - i'll be on leave thus it means i'll be missing out all the adventures covering the election campaign...COS I'M FREAKING DYING TO PARTAKE!

sheeeshh...ANYWHOO..wht's up with all the detaining of the people; who simply wanted to march in peace to voice out their grievances of certain things THEY think is way off track..issues of the constant price hike- tolls, fuels, consumer goods, govt subsidies...among other, if these people aren't allowed to expressed their frustration in peace, where's the real democracy that this country claimed it exercise wholeheartedly?..not. in my book, ppl should be allowed space for freedom of expression, i say let them march, let them talk, let them do wht they please as long as they don't disturb other people, as long as they don't cause injuries to other people...whtever on earth can come out of it if the govt let them be? when these ppl are tired , they'll stop screaming, stop marching, heck they'll go back home! instead of using authorities, and brute force to disperse crowd.

sometimes we need to play the "reverse psychology". me thinks the state's gone paranoid. just a thought.


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salam kunjungan


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