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why can't life be much easier than this? no complications, no agonies, no worries...just pleasant....everyday, but we would not call that life now would we?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Moving On


this one is long overdue, been busy, this whole week was really hardcore work for me. never since i've started working, i had to work for 5 days straight. haha never, and yes beginning this month, i have started to. and it's no fun i tell ya, tired....from early morning till night, working me butt off for more than 10 hours everyday. it's tough..but who am i to complain? :p anyways it's all good, i mean everytime i feel tired kept telling myself it's all for me and no one else...hopefully things will turn out fine especially throughout ramadhan month that is closing in..amin.

# Bajet 2008
Ok. this one involves work. I wasn't part of it really, was merely helping anything i could. but it was fun. we were asked by ciklok to come to office by 1000 and the best part everyone was working that day. except cik saad for he is away in Vegas for some training (his sweet escape i'd say) anywho, we were all there..nothing much installed for us mere workers be it civil servant or not for next year's budget. unless you have kids schooling then your burden is lifted off because starting next year, no more school fee is imposed for the parents! other than that, no real good news for us...haha, consumer goods are all still highly price i mean..

#Reconcile or Move on?
The wound is heal but the pain still lingers's never easy to forget no matter how hard you try, but eventually you will they say. i just hope that will take place sooner than later because it's never fun to face harsh facts of life that hurts you speshly of course. thus to reconcile could be an options to consider....but i can't lie, though i keep asking myself to pretend for this particular issue of me life. such an unwise thing to do i know..but i'm weak. so weak, i kept thinking of it, messing me life every time i do such, i'm no longer letting it roam wherever it please, i wanna take control, made a decision and will try to hold onto it...for good, for real. hopefully...


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