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why can't life be much easier than this? no complications, no agonies, no worries...just pleasant....everyday, but we would not call that life now would we?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Current Cravings!

I'm no bookworm really, but i do make a point to read at least 1-2 books a month.

Most of the time, my favorites would be novel, with age-old theme-lurve :p (yeap i'm a sentimental whore) but currently i have a new found love genre- both political & historical memoirs...

My wish lists :

1) Sabres of Paradise by Lesley Blanch
2) Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
3) The Malay Dilemma Revisited by M. Bakri Musa
4) Tun Dr Ismail : The Reluctant Politician by Ooi Kee Beng
5) May 13 - Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969 by Dr Kua Kia Soong (susah giler nak carik niiiiii tension!)

Current Reading :

1) Inside my Glass Doors / Garasudo no Naka by Soseki Natsume

2) Kasyah by Ahadiat Akashah (LOL ni tak habis-habis baca dari dulu..tetiba jadik boring BUT i'm determined to finish it up **yawn** cos the book was personally signed by the author **wooottt** :-)

On other note: I never knew James Blunt is soo amazing!! When I first heard his most overly rated debut single "you're beautiful" i thought it was...OK with an *eughhh*expression...another Britons trying to make an impact on a non-original pop-acoustic-soul style. That, plus I think he's copying my fav. irish in the world- Damien Rice..(right i know, he doesn't, rice's more to folk -style melodies...but still somehow me think Blunt somewhat resembles the latter...:p) ANWAYS, Blunt is me favorite star current muse!!!!! Love him...(",) Downloading "all the lost souls" album..(hihi donlod je lar...malaysia CD mahaiiii :p)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Al-Fatihah Nurin Jazlin

Nurin Jazlin Jazimin (11 september 1999- 17 september 2007)


First and foremost, my condolences to the family.

After one month she's been missing, 8 year old Nurin Jazlin was found and laid to rest today. She was brutally, inhumanly, sexually assaulted and only Allah knows what pain she had to go through with the mad rapist.

Unlike little Yin who went missing, Nurin's ending was one that shocked the nation. I must embarrassingly admit, although was saddened and concerned, i only saw Nurin's case as another classic example of parents' negligence. But as efforts to find her was intensified, I was no longer optimistic of the outcome to be like that of Yin's. Why? Because she's a girl and unlike Yin, chances of her being kidnapped by an insane rapist was higher, and that is no good news.

Nevertheless, all prayers goes out to find her, and her parents, just like any parents, hoped to be reunited with their loved one. Until, that sad sad day- A dead girl found in a gym bag! i could vividly recall that day, as i was writing some script, my producer for the day (k.dalia) was telling me of the findings. All of us rushed to one of the computers to view the rushes from tv3. That time, none of us had imagined that could be Nurin. But, we were very much devastated with such inhumane act.

Until.....later that afternoon, kak dalia practically screamed that the gym girl could well be Nurin. All of us went silent, and i remember Talib, Ira, Kak Dalia and I was near crying if that is true. My hands trembled in fear of the possibility, my stomach went sick and me mind couldn't stop imagining that poor girl's condition...her last moments, her agony, her pain, her cry for help! I also remember, abang Zul our stringer quickly grab his handphone upon hearing this latest updates, and was told by en. Lok to get the news from the hospital-pronto! he dashed out from the newsroom and we were still left in awe.

Facts that that made the Nation weeped and filled with outraged!

However, mystery of the unidentified gym girl was unraveled when police confirmed her DNA matched that of Nurin's parents. BUT sadly, the family refused to accept the result and disowned the body which left it unclaimed for 3 days in the morgue. They defended that the badly bruised body was not of their daughter due to missing birthmark, scar and condition of her teeth. But, only after being told of the 99.99% accuracy of a DNA test to the family, they finally claimed the body although was still maintaining that she's not their daughter. Personally, this angered me at first, as I feel there should't be any issue about the DNA. ( too much CSI i guess..) I mean, the whole world know of how accurate DNA testing can be when identifying the dead. As such ,i was kinda furious that the issue was questioned and the family refused to take her in. Just imagined, how sad her soul was? But having said that, as Talib puts it, the family was being in denial because of the missing birthmark on her body, the unrecognizable face and most importantly was still hoping that their baby girl is still alive. I couldn't blame them. IF i were in their shoes, i'll probably acted the same.

But truth were shown to the family as some puts it. When they saw it for the second time, the family could see there were traces of familiar Nurin on that face. Add that with overwhelming scientific findings, they yielded to the facts and reality starts to sink in that beloved Nurin is no longer alive. i know this sound cliche, No amount of emotional supports, empathy, tears could ever bring her the family, Malaysians weep and grief together with you, and all prayers goes out to Nurin's soul. EVERYBODY in the office i know watched the news today and weeped!

MAY NURIN's SOUL REST IN PEACE AND THE KILLER FOUND SOON! bastard son of a bitch...i hope that he'll rot in hell!

Selamat tinggal sayang......kau kan sentiasa ku rindui

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Maha Karya Cinta

Right, I know i'm a lil unaware of this song simply because i don't watch the "one in a million show" or OIAM, or any "wannabes show" for that matter. i'm like on a ban for all singing competition products since Akademi Fantasia.

anyways, the point i'm getting to is about another talent-singing competition show or whatever you want to call it; named "studio bintang kecil" in many ways it reflects that like Akademi Fantasia except it's filled with bunch of kiddos under the age of 12. right, again i'm being oblivion bout the show although it's another tv9 product. yes, i hate them all until.......i was assigned to cover its final show last weekend. what already final?? i couldn't care less really and have no idea who's in or not or what the treatment of the show until then. as a matter of fact was a bit upset that i got the job ( i feel entertainment news is not my forte) BUT, i didn't complain.

so anyways, those kids really are impressive. their vocals are just superb. and to think they're just bunch of kids. amazing. but what's more amazing is the winner, mohamad azidi halim..he's such a doll. at a tender age of 9 and of a dwarf tall, his vocal just stands, his performance was charming...with his cute lil puppy eyes, his thick "utara" accent, he deserved to win. he sang "maha karya cinta" by faizal OIAM. and yes, only now i learn bout the song, and boy , such a lovely song...but i like lil Azidi's rendition of it better than Faizal's.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Moving On


this one is long overdue, been busy, this whole week was really hardcore work for me. never since i've started working, i had to work for 5 days straight. haha never, and yes beginning this month, i have started to. and it's no fun i tell ya, tired....from early morning till night, working me butt off for more than 10 hours everyday. it's tough..but who am i to complain? :p anyways it's all good, i mean everytime i feel tired kept telling myself it's all for me and no one else...hopefully things will turn out fine especially throughout ramadhan month that is closing in..amin.

# Bajet 2008
Ok. this one involves work. I wasn't part of it really, was merely helping anything i could. but it was fun. we were asked by ciklok to come to office by 1000 and the best part everyone was working that day. except cik saad for he is away in Vegas for some training (his sweet escape i'd say) anywho, we were all there..nothing much installed for us mere workers be it civil servant or not for next year's budget. unless you have kids schooling then your burden is lifted off because starting next year, no more school fee is imposed for the parents! other than that, no real good news for us...haha, consumer goods are all still highly price i mean..

#Reconcile or Move on?
The wound is heal but the pain still lingers's never easy to forget no matter how hard you try, but eventually you will they say. i just hope that will take place sooner than later because it's never fun to face harsh facts of life that hurts you speshly of course. thus to reconcile could be an options to consider....but i can't lie, though i keep asking myself to pretend for this particular issue of me life. such an unwise thing to do i know..but i'm weak. so weak, i kept thinking of it, messing me life every time i do such, i'm no longer letting it roam wherever it please, i wanna take control, made a decision and will try to hold onto it...for good, for real. hopefully...