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Thursday, August 23, 2007

where have all the good men gone?


i cant be stressing more the importance of having a suitable life not to say i'm desperate, but at the age of 25 the peer pressure is already on me..LOL! it's month of august now,month
of rejab, one month away from ramadhan...and also in august, it's school holidays, with that weddings aplenty!! for last weekend only, i got 4 friends choosing to end their bachelor and bachelorette years..that's 4, more than usuals hahah. and out of that 4, 3, aged 25 or younger!!! i cant help but to wonder (and envy them as well) how do they do it?? it seems to be soo they manage to find for starters that other half, that person to marry with, and how do they know that person is the right one? to take that big leap in adulthood..takes courage and determination..i envy them seriously i do...haha, perhaps it the nature of their work, makes them more relax about making the next big thing, or could be because they can't wait to have whatever is "haram" in a relationship "halal" if you know what i mean LOL! owh, well, for those 4 friends of mine, CONGRATS on your wedding, i wish you the best in life, insyaAllah, you'll become a good husband/wife/father/mother in the future and may the marriage last forever..amin! uh, and sorry i couldn't make it at all to any of the weddings, was working! TV life, where they make wonders (and sometimes controversy) it's all about maintaining the success of the capitalist company's success LOL!

where have all the good men gone??? all the good guys are either married, gay or taken...hence, i'm left single and misreable without options LOL!

p/s: perkahwinan grand suhaila dan partner
nye...teman high skool sri aman...hiks, zannen deshita..

and this one, persandingan Khairul Azlyn aka Alin dan partnernya..member time diploma masscomm dan sume geng kamceng time dip...rogi tak pergi sedih tul...


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