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Friday, June 01, 2007

Convocation Fiasco..

Convocation...That one day, of which usually a long and tiring day..the day that officially marks a student as no longer a student...freedom..a graduate! Personally to me, I have gone through two convocations..same place, practically same robe, and heck even sordid-me scroll was handed over by the same man-mr VC himself. i mean, with all respect to the man, BUT the only thing that makes UiTM's convocation unique compared with the rest of Malaysia's local uni's is-our Chancellor-none other than number one man of the country-the Agong himself. Okay, so my first convo was that for my diploma.Right i can't complained then, because Agong only hands over Degree's scroll and above..So back then, I couldn't ask for more than a VC..(ok, prolly by now you guys might be wondering what's the big fuss with having Agong giving me the cert instead of VC? hiks, siblings rivalry i guess that's why. You see, most of my siblings were shall i say, ITM breed..and their convo's happy moments are all up on the walls-with respective Agongs serving that particular year...) Thus, for the second convo time-that is for my degree, i was kinda bit thrilled with the thoughts that my convo-Agong-moments finally set to stay.Hiks, lame i know. Above picture: Taking advantage of the very well lit Dewan Sri Budiman, DSB.

But you know, as they always say. Never hope too high, because if that fails..only make the failures harder to endure..OK, having said that, I'm not that pathetic because even though it was no Agong and only Mr VC (again..yawn!) I'm as thrilled as I can be, as this was the convo day..I'm just happy and thankful that both of my parents were still there to celebrate it with me, and even sweeter than my diploma's convo chapter; my elder bro and his family decided to tag along...Doesn't matter that he didn't give any bouquet of flowers..BUT their presence there, made my tiring-6 hours-convo-day...turned out to be something to remember with a smile on me face! Above picture: Watashi no ryushin desu. Okasan to otosan..Love them both to bits.

Don't want to sound disrespecting or anything, BUT i was bored to me freaking bones with Mr. VC's very lengthy closing speech! It was getting late, and there were hundreds of us, with hundreds more impatient-aggravated - grads' families waiting outside for the dull ceremony to end..and yet Mr VC was ignorant enough to dragged his boring, repeats -speech to 5.30PM! "i mean like hello, kitaorang nak posing-posing ambik gmbar lagik, nak rush hantar the smelly jubah lagik..heeeeeeeesh!" suara hati kecikku berkata..(",) BUT Mr VC did make one outstanding comment about us-Masscomm grads. He undoubtedly acknowledge the fact Masscomm was, still and forever will be the most popular faculties of all..hiks! and for that one line, we roared! glamerrr ke? owh well that would be the usual feedback or impression from general at large. TV and all that kan...BUT if only they knew what lies beneath..they'll thank God they weren't masscomm students. shessh, NOT only we work odd hours with no luxuries like a long holiday, heck, don't even dream to get off days on Hari Raya and what not..ON top of that, we're among those people who get low pays for the long and tiring work we have to people for the gezillion times, MEDIA world isn't really something worth to do, UNLESS you're prepared to make sacrifices such as what i mentioned above and UNLESS you're really passionate about it, this could be you dream job. BUT if not, walk away while you still can, or try to find ways now to "run" at chance that comes your way **hiks**


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