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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Caca-Marba - Entry yang weeeng, cos i'm weeng!

This posting is gonna be a long one. Again, been slacking off to record some of the significant happenings in my life. So here goes:

#Closed Book-finally?

It took me 2 solid years to figure things out,to find me guts to confront the inevitable..and closure is nearing its way-officially. BUT unofficially? it's done...zasssss. fin. inside out. NO more dramas, no more worrying. Not gonna give anymore shits on this. BUT ironically enough for me, i don't find peace now that it's done. Am I doing the right thing? At some point, i am glad it is what it is...but on the other hand, I don't feel that sense of real relief that i thought i would once it's done. Somehow, something inside of me is aching...and i reckon it's "cancerous"-malignant if i'm not too careful..To sir with "ai"..saaa, nani o shitai desuka

#A Slob In Creation..or created? dochi ga?

In relation with what is said above, i find myself back on track on becoming a hardcore couch potato + addictive net user. Note the word, back on track...somehow i find peace when i am doing so, with so many things that has happened and about to happen (this involves work-which will be poured out later) Aku memang ske tengok tibi, not much a movie goer really, sebab first you have to pay for the tix, baik beli mcD or KFC or Secret Recipes..reason #2: leceh. not only you have to go out for it, for those newly released mv, most probably tix sold out, long Q etc...crowded giler, and end up you have to resort for seats like right in front of the big screen-yikes, juling mata! reason #3: you need partner(s) for mv time. heck, if you go alone, it'll be like um, weeeeeeeeird. most prolly, people will have this sympathetic look at you-the loner and have no friends or even scarier no life. As such, i am more comfortable to buy pirated dvds (upppps) and could just watch it for gezillion times in mua room anytime i want it. lagik besh!

Thus, having said that..i got to watch some of my fav. TV series...regardless how sleepy i get once i'm back from work (or during me off days) most often than not i'll end up dozing off in front of the telly...okay so just to name a few of fav TV shows, here they are:
  • LONELY PLANET (especially when Ian Wright hosting the show)
  • CSI
Ok taknak poyo. I have always been a fan of NatGeo & Discovery channels, all thanks to ayahanda yang amat ske tengok dua channel itu. Anyways, the point i'm getting to is, this was like 3 days ago when naked science aired, it was about how scientifically us humans- chose our mate. Haha,it was a real awakening gitu to me, since i'm like on "troubled" situation, thus that particular show suited me well. since this posting is already outdated cos the show was 3 days back, i can't quite recall how exactly it went..but some of the points it made based on various studies and experiments- we humans are always on the look out for that special mate of us based on 3 things. Symmetrical Features, Intelligence, (both of which can't be made up) and Kindness, tenderness and all that sort (duh-mestilah ske yg baik hati,you don't have to be a scientist to know this) Okay, so point number 2 and 3 cam sah-sah obvious (well at least to me, as i can like relate to it easily :p ) the funny part was point number 1-symmetrical features attracts more. In a way, it also suggests that our mind seeks balance when we look at things-thus, when we see a person, we're more likely drawn to something that has more 'balance' and it doesn't matter whether it's the face or other body parts. we find them as more attractive than the opposite. BUT, when it is tooo symmetrical, it will be toooo ugly for our mind to take. kiranya, kalau terlalu perfect pun we'll be disgusted by it. Cam lawaks gaks scientist tu...

and another surprising discoveries were, how our nose functions more than just to smell or put balance to our face. just like in the animal kingdom, we are more likely to chose our mate with opposite attributes..kiranya, to diversify the heritage. sah-sah la kan. ANYWHO, the show was brilliant until it got CUT OFF after an hour. thinks prolly because the actual show was lengthy but the time slot allocated by Astro for was insufficient thus it cut it off, ZANNEN!


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