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why can't life be much easier than this? no complications, no agonies, no worries...just pleasant....everyday, but we would not call that life now would we?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

salaams minna,

what is there with blogging? sometimes i asked myself that very question. before calling myself an active blogger, i used to mocked at those who are active bloggers; thinking that they have no better life.thinking that they're just pathetic homo sapiens and nothing more. yeap,judgemental i know.. but that's just how negative i was until.....I MYSELF become one of those so-called pathetic active bloggers! :-)

so, why do people blog? well i'm not quite sure with everyone else, but as for me i am doing this as me passion, simply because i lurve to write..and by writing i mean, writing just about everything. and i was, still and very much a sentimental whore thus i need to channel me tortured feelings out onto words, that is why i'm one of those diary people, and now i keep me blogs as me online journal.

i have started blogging eversince 2003 actually...ok. not as long as some people i know, but certainly i am not one of those new bloggers. although, my first blog was really a stupido one...i'm a HTML DUMBO! and back in those days, my father didn't want to lavish me with the convenience of streamyx. anywhoo, contrary with what most people would think (at least to the haters) I AM NOT DOING this just to be "in" and "trendy"! i have been a blogger for awhile, for almost 4 years now!

BUT,having said that, what i really wanted to write today is the fact so much so for being bloggin for years, i am still a HTML DUMBO! haha. why? because for the last 4 days, i can't blog because of all the composing template found here in blogger is gone from me site! for some weird reasons that i wasn't aware off until........MAGICALLY monsieur pejal "opened up" me stupido eyes that my PC prolly wasn't able to read JAVA script! hahahaha. talk about IT things eyh? so to monsieur pejal, merci beaocup!!!!!! i was like wtf?? haaha JAVA script, no wonderrrr, like the japaneses says..naruhodo ne. baka. muahaha. so, now equiped with newly installed JAVA plus FIREFOX for that extra protection, i can happily blog again! so yipppieeeeee. my life's back to normal. (^_^)