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Monday, March 26, 2007

Of Shooting, Sweating and having FUN!

Me trying out the rifle, and yes, that's no toy although it looked like one. and it's freaking heavyyy!!!

salaams minna,

for the first time in mua life, i was given the chance to participate in the annual Media Appreciation Day with Malaysian Army (TDM)...tersangatlah bestnya. Although, on the way of "making" it, was filled with obstacles and challenges, BUT, fortunately enough for me, I made it through that "treacherous" road. (^_^)

since i had no professional training, nor have i ever use a rifle before in my life...i have to undergo a free-one-day training offered to us the participants who want to try-out the weapon before the big day. although, one must think that this annual gathering is no biggie...BUT in the spirit of sportsmanship, one must deal with it seriously. PLUS, i am representing the company..thus, have to do my best if not be the greatest.

anywho, i was really excited about it. and the fact that i have to return for work even after attending both function; the training and the big day itself, I DON'T MIND! oh, and just to prove my pure excitement and determination, i WOKE up real early for both days!! mind you, we have to be there by 0715 hours! (and knowing well the punctuality of the army; i shivered in fear ;p)

The bunch of us; from left hand side:- faizal, WATASHI, En.Loks, Fuad (red cap) and Finaz. We rode the tanks, and it was devilishly fun and intoxicating! even better than riding a roller-coaster (at least compare to any Malaysian roller-coasters)

anyways, the team's original line-up was en loks, pejai, puad, azley and i...but in the end azley can't make it and was replaced by fin. thus, armed with the new line-up we were all very excited and motivated to at least make an impact :p (cita-cita tinggi) all i can say, it was a blast! although was very tired (due to the lack of sleep and lack of excercise thus ending up with cramps here and there..) I ENJOYED IT! and i am sure the bunch of us enjoyed our time there....although we lost in the shooting categories (pure loserrrrz, was crushed in the first round! ahaks) BUT WE were the winners in most of the "side-lined" categories; such as "name the army ranks", "inserting bullets in its 'home', "fixing up the camps" just to name a few...:-)...right, who am i to kid here...NOT us, most of the categories mentioned above was won by en loks! :p and i won 3rd place for "locating symbols in the map" itupun cheating, as i was helped by the soldiers there!!!! but who cares, i had fun!! :-) thanks en loks!

"we are the champions my friend...and we'll keep on fighting to the end...." **music disrupted..**RIGHTTTT! evidence of pure determination (right) at least evidence of en.lok's determination and SKILLS that is :p because he won most of that hampers...


At 10:21 AM, Blogger Leklook said...

Dear Akazukii, you all have proven it. Well done!

At 10:34 AM, Blogger erin said...

ewinnnn in da houseeeee..kak~~!!!genki na no?? :D genkide ne <33

At 10:51 AM, Blogger AkaZukii said...

mucho gracias to cik looks for giving the chance! (^_^)

erinn chunkk! genki daaaaaaayo! anata wa?hisshashiburi desu! itsu aimasho ka? :-)

At 4:10 PM, Blogger Lego said...

Uii..besonyer senapang.. ai nak tembak sape tu? ahahaha..

At 1:27 AM, Blogger erin said...

harrooo~~~ itsu demo okke nanda kedo..ima chotto osagshi desu ga..gomen neeee...moshi dekireba..aimashou :P err..faham ker?hehe..which means..nanti senang kita jumpa okei <33


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