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Thursday, March 08, 2007


salaams minna.

graduation day is closing in. the date was out and confirmed. mine will be the 6th session on 27 of MAY 2007 from 1400 hours onwards. and on the 20th, there will be rehearsal session (of which most of me frens won't bother to go)

anywho, must get the preparation done.

me convo checklists:-
  • pay up convo fee RM170
  • submit grads info
  • collect convo robe and submit bill
  • TEMPAH KAIN! seharusnya :p
  • remind everyone those closest to me of the dates and INSIST them to take leave :p
  • shoopppping! sah sah la..:p
  • check with puan laila with the outcomes of me scroll
  • asked for leave from bos huhu
and the rest they say, let it be history. definitely will take lots of pictures.


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