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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jealousy Burns!

Salaams minna,

Jealousy burns! That's what i know, despite people telling me that there's such a thing like healthy jealousy and damaging jealousy. Pah! the word itself brings a very negative connotation..BUT what is jealousy? Do we need to deal with this ill-feelings in fostering a relationship? To me, it is just a feelings, and can be overcome. The root of having a jealous feelings is insecurities. Fear.Experts say; if it's keep on escalating, it's time to stop and re-evaluates your choices. And it also serves as an indication to bail yourself out from it...Why do people get jealous really? To me ,one get jealous because one doesn't trust their partner. Jealousy can be a serious issue in a relationship or marriage.It can be frustrating, annoying, painful and even embarrassing. If it's left unchecked, jealous feelings and jealousy can single-handedly destroy an otherwise good or even great relationship.

Now,I've heard about people saying, that it's o.k to be jealous or having a jealous partner.... "cemburu tanda sayang?" could it ever be that jealousy makes the heart fonder!? How far true this is, i am not quite sure. Probably, there's some truth to it. As for me,i do feel a little bit threatened if my partner is out having fun with some other gal, BUT, i don't get jealous easily or least i reckon i don't!

The reality is, when jealousy gets so big and furiously ugly, IT brings a lot of harm, and nothing can be done to salvage the relationship. A jealous person is more angry than an envious one. A jealous person won't care less what the other have to say, or what their justification is-they just attack! Blasting out and going berserk!

Nothing can ruin a relationship or marriage faster than jealously. Jealousy creates anxiety, anger, loneliness, hate, fear. No one thinks clearly when jealous.

Having a relationship with a jealous person is tough. The jealous person acts untrusting or unworthy. Jealousy makes the person unattractive, even repulsive.

No one wants a jealous mate and no one likes being jealous. So what causes jealousy?

"Jealousy is the largest factor in breaking up marriages. Jealousy comes about because of the insecurity of the jealous person and the jealousy may or may not have foundation. This person is afraid of hidden communication lines and will do anything to try to uncover them." — L. Ron Hubbard

Gosh, I'm on such dangerous ground now. Hopefully, "thee" would listen and don't act sheepishly. Now the question remains, on how to kill the green-eyed monster? BUT whatever it is, Anata, hontou ni gomen nasai!


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Yakimochi wa dame dayo.... khehehe.


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