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Saturday, March 17, 2007



today memang best. in terms of my work that is. haha. for the first time i felt the adrenaline rush while at location for work. just like in my previous postings about work, i've had had some few mishaps here and there, but today was something different. was assigned to cover "EDU FAIR" at KLCC.; which was officially launched by minister of higher education, datuk mustapa mohamed.

OK. one thing about being a journalist that i learned (at least for news gathering) is the agony of waiting. everywhere, anywhere, whatever function that we attend to, there will be so much time consumed for waiting...waiting for the launching to take place, signing ceremony here and there and most importantly if there's vvip presence( ministers of course), we have to wait for that precious 15 minutes of press conference time!

this is not the case when i was an intern for Bersamamu program. life was in a way more relaxed than what i have in the newsroom. but having said that, i'm not suggesting that a programming journalists is more relax than news journalist, both have its own pros and cons, both have its own pressure to cook.

anyhoo, getting back to that waiting-hating part, i and the rest of the media who was there HAD TO WAIT for, close to a biting 2 hours! one friend of mine, was constantly on her cursing mode because she was to be back for the afternoon bulletin. anyways, at least the minister turned up and apologized for turning up late (and he did have a very good reason) so at least that helped us cooled off. anyhoo, since he was late and need to rush for other meetings/functions; he didn't want to be bothered with any pc. and knowing this, shattered us ..with no sound, it kinda make the story 'cacat' a bit. so i and the rest of the bunch decided to "run" and "catch" the minister for a quick interview or as we called it "jolok" haha. and here's the fun part; all of us ran to get him just when we had given up the hope to have that "jolok" interview time.

memang best. suka sangat. even more great, because i got there just in time. (although i must say, was all puffing in front of the minister as my weight,heels and the lack of exercise hold me back from running that fast) so there memang best. it was crazy. but a good one tho'.tapi yang sedihnya balik, i wrote two stories tapi satu kena dropped sbb dah overrun. so sedey sbb siap ada slide cantik2 era buat huhu.Above pictures: with crazy duo: muza(upper pic) andAna.


yeap. that's exactly how ugly me toe look like. dahla tu yang middle part laks tu, cam #$*(. semuanya penangan kasut tumit tinggi bertutup. huhu. pointy-pointy shoes seriously not for me as i have CHUBBY FEET! kawaii desho? chubby feet? kawaiikunai, perasaan laks. anyway, ia sakit dan mengigit-gigit urat halus jari kaki ku..huhu. and i'm afraid to wear shoes now, have to resort to selipar jepun nampaknya. zannen ne...........


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