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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Atarashii no keitai desu

salaams minna,

how many of you still remembers your first ever cell phone?? I bet all you can remembers your first phone...and although this gadget is constantly changing, i'm sure back in those days, you would thought that your phone was the best! haha. lame kan on how we can be??

anyways, i vividly remembers my "keitai" (japanese for hanphone) it was Ericsson T-10 model in yellow finishing. It was actually a gift from my eldest sister; Along..for my convenience as it was my first time parting away from me family. A gift for making it into university...Although back then, the university that i was in (UIA) was in PJ, and very close to my house, i would still call my parents/ friends with my new hand phone (knowing well that it would cost less if i just use the pay phone) BUT, noooo saja je nak guna hand phone. of course, back then, handphone tak secanggih sekarang, the functions was very basic and simple, screen was small, games wasn't overloaded, ringtones was boring...BUT i luurrrrve my keitai, because it was very small and sleek. Anyways, masa tu handphone yang kununnya hit adalah, Nokia 3210! and favorite game would be, "Snake". poyo giler.

Back in UIA when i got my first keitai, i was 18 years old. and ever since then, i have never, NEVER bought keitai on my own, until NOW! it was always gifts from my sisters/brothers (most of the time the phones were all used up ones) and sometimes, it was brand new gifts from, first it was T10, then, i used Motorolla yg canggih la back then (flip2 tu, courtesy of my sis again), and then, another Ericsson model, and then some weird Sagem model, Nokia 3210, Nokia 3310, Nokia 3315, Nokia 8850, Alcatel pun den la free, so i don't ask much questions (rightttt!) and the latest i used was Samsung & Phillips. (both gifts from redz1luv)

BUT unfortunately, my much loved Samsung dah kiok because it fell thousand of times + i used it in mua got wet! so, dah macam pening skit hand phone i have no choice, BUT to buy a new ones...and there's so many options out there, thus, i was confused. anyhow, i knew i wanted a Sony Ericsson and not Nokia (i had never fancy Nokia, due to its unattractive design) but i was diggin' Sony Ericsson ever since i had one Sony Ericsson from Japan (courtesy of Sufi) so sleek, so cute, user friendly..thus being a japanese bonkers, i decided for a Sony! (obvious giler)

ANYWAYS, membawa kepada penyudah cerita ini dan seperti title di atas- "watashi no atarashii no keitai desu" = "my new handphone"; here it is, a whopping RM1300 after much bargain and surveys) watashi no keitai wa Sony Ericsson W850i.sugei no keitai !!!!!! BUT, mine is in Ivory Gold finishing! Ya think it's worth it tak?? nyesal pun ado. opppps! (^_^) kopak duit aku (sbb kena bayar sendiri for the first time in my life!!!!!!)


At 9:04 PM, Blogger Lego said...

Waa..iine.. my dream phone.. you bought it first.. khehehe..hatiku dah tetambat ngan Samsung.. tak dapek nak belik Sonyssss..

At 12:43 AM, Blogger AkaZukii said...

sou ka? i hope it's good...tapi nyesal beli putih cam cepat kotor pun best cuma dianyer line 3G tak berapa best la..:-)

At 10:19 AM, Anonymous cupi said...

wei...kat japan sekang, tepon bleh tgk tv for free...muahahahaha...aku baru je tukar h/p yg bleh tgk tv...bleh dgr radio secara free gak...pastu bleh record fav tv programs lak...harga 1 yen je...spt biasa...muahahahaha


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