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why can't life be much easier than this? no complications, no agonies, no worries...just pleasant....everyday, but we would not call that life now would we?

Thursday, March 15, 2007



haha. finally the day i'm longing for is here (again) for this week-la...which is my yasumi no nichi desu!! my off-day! translation: ZZZZ DAY! :-) yokatta ne. only now i can see and believe of what my friends keep telling me about working life: there's no real glory about it,it's tiring, it's sux in everyway imaginable. the only thing that keeps you going is... $$. unless of course you're stucked doing something that you love. demo, korede hanashimasen yo.."abunai" desu kara. kakute, ssssssssssh. :p yosh, ashita wa datto ga arimasu. yeayyy. atashii no koibito wa redz1luv. suki desu.
Above picture: on the eve of my 'yasumi' day. Take a pop quiz: who's having scandalous affair with one and another? *teetttt* time's out.the truth is out there :p hoho.


say what?? hoho. **shrieekkked** "tulah", malay for curse ( think so ;p) i guess that word fits me purrrrfectly this past of late all thanks to my overly grotesque, humongous zit!! yeap, and for that people, i am 'cursed'! it could't picked any more 'strategic' place on me face...but me nose!! me self-conceited...but i do care when an enormous zit pops out right in the middle of me nose, ruining everything. sordid.

i mean, sure every once in awhile we'll have a major acne breakout, BUT, how many of you have those breakouts stayed like foreverrrr?? it has been more than 2 weeks and i'm getting anxious really and giving up hopes for it to ever be gone from me face. (i guess it found a new-breeding home) there goes me lovely-constructed-button nose....vain? i know and i don't give @^$@ haha. i am self-conceited!!!!!Above picture: "Grrrrrr" Hate it! haha.could it ever be a hit and in thing to have huge zit on your nose?? i'm guessing never. LOL! padan muka suka tak cuci muka malam2 haha.


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