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Saturday, February 24, 2007

salaams minna,
tsukaretta..! only one word. my diary have been missing a lot of entries actually.anyways, i'll try recollecting them, and record it here so here goes...


ok. enuff exaggeration! i'm not even close to be classified as workaholics..a far cry from it! but, i don't know, this past of late, i've been lagging off when it comes to blogging. not because of a losing interest but more of losing energy! i'm soo tired now! haha, need some supplement. sometimes, i do feel the drive to blog, but as soon as i entered me room, those urges just fades the sight of me BED! LOL! clearly, me bed has more control of me. uh, and talk about beds. have you ever had your special 'pillow'/ teddy bears etc, things that you loved most and must have when you come to bed?? well, i had one (note the word on "HAD") mine was no pillow, not like most people i know of. mine was a special (ok brag haha) mine was a blanket until it got to a sod state of pieces of cloth hahaha (but i still have loved them!) anyways, the bizzare thing was, i just had a dream of it last couple of nights!! and boy do i really miss em!!!!

Above pic: the image above has no real relevancy with what i have to say here. BUT, just like the pleasant scenary, that was how pleasant my dream felt :p

it was like dreaming of someone you have lost (and loved), and they come back in your left a most poignant effect on you but eerie at the same time! okay, you guys must be wondering why on earth do i make that kind of comparison? it's just to show that, i must be missing it so much that i am dreaming of it after it "left" me approximately 2 years ago. and until now, i have me mother to blame for it! as she had deliberately threw it away without consulting me of course! damn, i miss me "gintil" as i called it..which litterally means..erk wow i dont know what hahaha. perhaps, "my specially caressed blanket?" haha that's a mouthful nickname for something dear to your heart, don't you think? i'll stick to 'gentil' then. :p

i'm wrecthed! and it kills me more everytime i think about it that my mom throw it away on purpose as she reckons i don't need it nemore! because i'm getting older?! what a gift for my bertunang day! to my 'gintil' wherever you are, i miss you so! i want you! come back to me! damn, i am sordid!! LOL!
Above pic: latest picture of tv9 newsteam, only missing (in the picture) was ABU TALIB (on wedding leave) and now missing from the team; ENIE and ADDY


besides me sordid life craving for a replacement of the perfect 'gintil' to be my next best mate in bed, i just got one of the best birthdays of my life this year. not only i got to meet one, but 2 japanese friends of mine this feb. TERUMI ITO and her oldest sis came to visit KL last 2 weeks,and she was thoughtful enough to even picked the phone and called me! i was ecstatic! and last 3 days, another friend of mine, FUMIYE HOSOZAWA came and wanting to see me on her first day in KL! what makes the honor was, these two chicas weren't strangers to malaysian soil nor am i the only malaysian they know! they were both the exchanged student of BGU of which the university i went to. but the unfortunate part was, i didn't have the time to take them around that much, as i am working the next day...(both of them i only got to meet after 5PM, so there wasn't much thing to do or to go) but still, i am happy to be the host and both of them i took to the"EYE OF MALAYSIA" and KLCC. typical! and menu was the typical TEH TARIK and NASI GORENG!!! because they don't have this in japan.

to both gals, i bid you sayonara and hope to see you again soon (tabun, watashi no kekkon shiki de aimasho yo)

Above pix: TERUMI ITO and MICHIKO ITO at Eye On Malaysia, Titiwangsa Lake. they were happy to see those lights but not intrigued for the flimsy rides


MALAYSIAN GONE NUTS! at least to one housewife! i mean, what on earth was she thinking to kill her own 2 kids?? this was about the malay housewife from penang, that had the heart to strangled her own 2 kids. and she did it because of love of her husband??? fearing that the hubby got some other lover, and threathening him if he doesn't get home, she would have the kids' life sacrified....a total nutcase. and to think she's a muslim...have the guts to commit homicide. the world has indeed become infested with crazy people. i saw the clips, i saw the kids..and they were soo young. one aged 5 and 1 years old.what do they know about their father's affair? what do they know about adults lust and crave for the opposite sex? why do they have to pay for their mom's jealousy?? i pity the woman really, and i cursed the man! and hopefully, MALAYSIAN will learn the story here; to not lose it no matter what! what is left to live for when you're a murderer? lifetime prison now seem not enough.

i hope we don't see this kind of cases reoccuring. and God forbids for it to ever happened to me. scarry.


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