The Story of Nurul,Aishah,Cha2,AkaZukii

why can't life be much easier than this? no complications, no agonies, no worries...just pleasant....everyday, but we would not call that life now would we?

Monday, January 29, 2007


i've been meaning to update my blog. missed it already!! but boy oh boy, can't find the perfect time to waste me time and put me thots in words here..because of my work is really um...demanding of me time, body and soul! don't mean to sound overly dramatic, but suffice to say, my work is really begin to tire me out. am enjoying it though...but hiccups here and there (typical-la) other than that, no complaints. NOT YET! :p

well, as i said during me interview, i pretty much have a basic idea of my work entails. of what the craziness it will bring me...BUT, i have never thought of the troubles it will get me in terms of few matters that is. (and must say i have convinced them enuff or else why am i hired??) for instance, the fact that i am legal contracter binds me from the luxury of "any O.T claims,any claims and any benefits whatsoever"..that's pretty sordid for me. and the trouble of having to drive the company car to assignments. i mean, for prodction it's ok as you're not in hurry..BUT for news, it's not appropriate.
Above picture: 70% of me newsteam during our launch last december

i have had a bad experience of driving to scene as a hurrying journalist...and everytime that happens, i wish i am not doing what i am doing.tough luck eh? anyways, the scenario is, we, news journalists are always on the run for something..getting from one spot to another...just to be able to secure that valuable 1 minute of soundbite! without which, you'd better get yourself prepared for some hard down "spanking" of vulgar words if unlucky or if you're "lucky", you'll get that silence treatment of you-don't-exist from ya editors. either one-IS NOT good!

fortunately for me though, i've never had any of least for now, i haven't and i don't intend to. i guess, you can say that's some of that challenges being a journalist. not quite really. but, i guess for now, that will do (as an excuse for myself..a way of soothing meself that everything is actually right, when it's not) well, folks. this is the realworld, you don't always get what you wish and want.the painful truth of life!Above picture: My first stand-upper appearance on TV..TV does put an extra weight on ya :p

anyways, closing in to my third month as employee, i finally starting to fit in the job and slowly realising what a pit hell i've put myself into..:p. seriously, one of the 'pretty sight' of this job would be, appearing on TV (as evidence of the above picture indicates) BUT, the downside is....the so-called multi-tasking.not only i am a broadcast journalist, am also the visual editor, the graphics artist (so-called), and all other accompanying tasks you can imagine in a newsroom and news production. and this goes to all my colleague as well, even the glam-readers...:-)
Above picture: and the one that didn't go through haha. seen here in eye of malaysia's ferris wheel at tasik titiwangsa kuala lumpur

ENUFF SAID. have to learn to take things positively and enhance me skills as journalist and be more aware of me surroundings more newspaper. ops! till me next task takes place..adios me diary.

Monday, January 01, 2007


it's a whole new year again..unlike many of us, i don't really have a new year's resolution :p mine always been-just do it! i am never an organised person. anyways, it's new year in roman and also muslim calendar.begin anew....and in that spirit, this month have marked me second month as an employee of media prima.

i am lucky. must keep telling myself that. despite everything..despite everyone. in one way or another, or in so many ways than other..i am lucky. to be blessed and given a chance to work.unlike some of my peers, i didn't have to wait after graduation to be employed. alhamdulillah. sure, unlike some of my friends, my line of work doesn't pay that much. we journalists don't get paid that much unlike other professionals...the work is hectic, busy, long-hours etc...but it does have its glory..get to meet alot of people, you put the news forward for society..

anyways, picking up from my previous entries, i have been quite worried with the outcome of my final year's exams results. not only am worried, am petrified. based on what i did, i have no confidence that i'll pass especially for that pitiful asian politics subject (all thanks for that leaked questions of which i wasn't tipped off) BUT, the verdict was out...and boy, i am very happy that i passed! haha! and not just that even more that i expected it to be..alhamdulillah indeed. i did better than those who actually got the leaked questions and that people is pure intellegence! haha..too proud of me to say this. no, i am just lucky! and as predicted, i won't be graduating as a 1st class honors student, BUT, i am happy that i passed through the my personal target. so hooray meee...!prolly i'll be a 2nd class-upper graduate, but with that amount of effort i've put in, i am thankful. can't ask more than what you give out, can you? so, ALHAMDULILLAH!

next on the wishing list: try my luck at MA programs, preferrably-overseas,for that has always been the wish and plan if i pass above 3.5...since that much fussed about TPM thingy by UiTM has passed ( congrats to shikin sahol hamid for making it ! it was obvious she would be picked :p ), am trying me luck at Munbusho scholarship and others if i see the chance.

FOR NOW, month of April will marked a special occasion for me..for it will be my convocation day!! finally, it has all ended, and ended well enough for me alhamdulillah.