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Saturday, December 02, 2006



Despite everything that i am about to write in this entry, i am very much thankful to Allah, that I was selected and got the chance to join TV9 pioneering news team of 10 spirited souls. But to even secured a job despite everything, i too am very thankful. Alhamdulillah indeed. anyways, today, i have officially start work at one of Media Prima's TV channel-TV9. The latest bunch of the conglomerate, no doubt it is very small in size, production, crew, space and everything that you can think of compare to the more seasoned "brothers" of it-like TV3 or 8 TV just to name a few. And this news department is even newer to the already minimal productions of TV9, but in a way a totally different entity.

Anywho, this small team of mine consist of 10 journalist that will also have to be multi-tasking in other areas of the news production such as cameraman,studio director,assistant producer and even driver. with 4 of the 10 already have excellent skill in the field, it's just us- Arab, Eira, Azley and I who have no skill nor experience to combat the upcoming challenges. With Arab and Eira is the presenter of the news, it is just Azley and I who is under legal contract staff-meaning we don't get to enjoy any, ANY benefits whatsoever, not even KWSP or SOCSO and everything else that you can imagine.

Well i don't want to be writing about the lack of advantages, like i said earlier despite everything i am thankful for this job when most of my friends is still scouting for one. But today, for a first day at job really is something. Not only i couldn't get my car parked early in the morning and have to resort to the inner side of the nearest shopping complex (of which by the way made me lose precious 20 minutes), i surely leave such an impression on my first day at work to my immediate superior. I didn't bring any photographs of me for the ID tags and hence, i was forced to make one-which means of course i have to walked all the way to that shopping complex just barely after i already made my entrace at office.

Seriously sweating like a pig, face all shiny..i took the picture. damn! i looked like shit and this is for a tag that i will be using for 6 months (at least) damn! namun begitu dalam swearing and crusing i managed to kill my waiting time for the pictures to be ready by-SHOPPING! finally that great so called mega sales have started and i bought a shoes! :p anywho, rushed back to office, handed over the gross picture of me and straight away headed to TV3 news room for my 2 weeks attachment. i was assigned to follow 2 senior journalists- mr hazran and mr azrul, and went off to the very boring MT-UMNO meeting at PWTC. i've been to this meetings before (twice) when i was a trainee at ntv7, it was ok cos you get to meet the ministers and such but the biting part was the long hour waiting.......anywho. of course the way these journalists is handling the job is way easier than what i have to do for Tv9 (heck cos i - we will have to all rounder) i was pretty relaxed. i don't even jot down notes during the press conference as i know very well that i won't be writing any scripts.

anyways, came back to office just in time for Buletin Utama and i thought well my job is done when i went to the loo (for now i regretted of coming back to the office from the loo) i was called for an assignment and to go ALONE!!!! i shrieakkkkked. i mean, i don't mind going alone(ok not totaly true :p ) but i sincerely hate the fact that i have to be home very late as the assignment is immegration/police raid on illegal immigrants and such. damn! this could take up for hours....and i am very tired especially both of my chubby feet as i wore high-heels shoe. But the assignement editor asked me to go(commanded me to go literally) and i just have to drag me arse to the location.

my misery doesn't just end there. as i know i will be coming back late, i decided to take my car out from the complex and parked it inside Sri Pentas-the office. I was shocked when i was charged a whopping RM15.00 for the parking fee!!! 15 bucks man.........when the price usually is just RM1.00! They told me that OU has put an hourly rating and i thought to myself if i were to pay this everyday...i will be ended up paying a total of RM450.00 every month just for car fee!!!! and that cost double my car fuel consumption and triple my food budget!!! WHAT AM I TO DO????????


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