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Friday, December 29, 2006


Yes, finally Malaysian films showed new improvement. After the amazingly done (considering the budget and expertise etc), Yusry's debut film-Cicakman really have set the standards of Malaysian films higher. Really guys, if you haven't watched Cicakman, you're about to miss a history. Put aside all your prejudices and high expectations and of course don't ever compare this film to any Hollywood's sci-fi movie...and you'll find it quite thrilling and surprisingly impressive. Following Cicakman's success was 'Cinta' (although i didn't watch it, because i'm on a ban mode to all sharifah amani's movie...i have nothing against her really, but i don't know why i just don't fancy her and the fact that this movie resembles alot of that British's film-Love Actually-no originality man!), now another Malay movie that deserves the thumbs up-TENTANG BULAN! or loosely translated as about the moon. Bare in mind, there's no real focus about the moon or anything like that...just artistically and symbolically named that way.

As seen above is a scene from the movie. A REAL REMINDER. THIS POSTING WILL CONTAIN SPOILER FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE :P anyways, the movie is all about ordinary life of 6 good friends set back in early 80s. These kampong or village kids is a reminiscence of us back in the old days when our lives wasn't controlled by any hi-tech least to me. :-) although i wasn't born and raised in kampung i could still relate to this movie easily as most of the scenes depicted really represents us kids back then-we were playful, enjoy life to the fullest, would get dirty, get spanking from the know just being KIDS!

it's a drama, comedy and of course a lil' exaggeration of life (if not we wouldn't call it fiction :p ) okay so now a little synopsis. Basically the story is about 5 bestfriends of which one of them is a girl or tomboyish like (because she wants to fit in) but eventually this one girl have feelings to one guy, the so-called most handsome hunk of the lot. Everything was going fine for them all until one day, one hot city chicha came to their village....and spelled trouble! For all the 4 guys, they all wanted the girl and slowly the tomboyish gal's existence was pushed aside....practically ended as an outcast. More saddening for her, she feel threatened by this hot girl for not only getting all the attention from her bestfriends, but especially from that one hot guy of whom she also dig. and so, you now what happened....CAT FIGHTS....! a little. but in the end of the day, they all remained friends until they're all grown ups, and one of the guys ended up marrying that hot out towner after all.....but which one?? YOU GUYS HAVE TO WATCH IT TO KNOW WHO....and i assured you, this movie really worth every penny of that RM8-RM10 cinema ticket!!! :-)


Okay. i've been lagging off when it comes to updating my blog this past of late. It's almost a month now since i've been offically working, and it's TIRING like hell. and to think, the production of news isn't at its full throttle yet. Sure i've had little experiences as a journalist before, but never have i imagined doing everything all by myself....multi-tasking really brings a whole new meaning to me now...death trap! other than the known medically proven facts that cardiac arrests' factors; working as a news journalist can also contribute to a short life :p. NO! i'm not merely musing or fussing's a known fact to all news journalist.

Right. you might be thinking, what could be so hard to report and write a news? well in the definition of "multi-tasking" of my department, that would be sooo hard. Not only you have to be the reporter...on location and writing the script but you are also the production crew on location-the cameraman etc, and when you're done with that, you are the one who have to do the visual editing, the voice-over recording.....and the for the 8 o'clock news, be part of the studio crew! and the pay is soooo bad with the amount of workload you have to deal least to me as i am only a humble LEGAL CONTRACTER! or in other words- KULI BATAK like crazyy..Right. You might be saying...well it's a challenge you have to boldly take and be done with. BUT being human, i can't stop to think of all these disadvantages happening to me...all the injustices etc!. I do hope that i'll be offered a better contract after my 6 months is up next May, insyaAllah. and then life will be better..amin!

Well, today for the first time, i was out reporting on my own. Although i haven't done my visual editing at this point of blog entry; i've tasted the "heat" of my crazy line of work. As today was also the first day of our "dry-run". FYI: dry-run is a term used in production that means, you do the production just like the real thing but it's not shown on-air. just like a "full dress rehearsal". Anywho, seen above is my picture snapped during the tv's press conference and media briefing last thursday at sri pentas, and TV9 NEWS will be offically on-air every 8pm daily starting next people do watch out for the verrryyy GREEEEEEEEEN TV9 NEWS!

OH, on a more blissful note of my sordid life- my final semester's result was out last week...and alhamdulillah, i made it through. well nothing grandeur of flying off the walls results ( just as i expected anyways :-p ) BUT i am very surprised to even see my Asian Politics results because i was really expecting something terrible, considering my performance last exam-was awful! so alhamdulillah, with the amount of study i did, the effort i put out with.....i got something a tiny bit more than i expected it to KUDOS to me! :-) now looking forward for my convocation next MAY. yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


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