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Sunday, November 26, 2006



It's that time again..end of the year, long school holidays-weddings aplenty! Almost every weekend there will be a ceremony here and there, and to start this hols, my next door neighbour also have chosen this school holidays to end here "zaman dara" :-) But, I was not as excited as I usually are when it comes to weddings- reason was obvious- I had my final exams to attend on the same day of the ceremony. the bersanding in particular. anyways, as tradition has it in my neighbourhood, the road will blocked and that will means no way out! traffic jam to the max! and worried sick the night before, i have opted to go as early as i could the next day (the day of my exams) eventhough my exams will start at 2.15PM! talk about sacrifice! anyways, the "akad nikah" was held that night before saturday after Jumaat prayers; but itwas raining like crazy, hence, i didn't go and see the occasion (besides she's only a neighbour, and at akad nikah is more of a private gatherings consisting families and close friends) ANYWHO, my mom practically forced me to go for the "makan-makan" or dinner later after the akad nikah, insisted that i bring along my camera and took some pictures out of courtesy of course since i won't be coming the next day. reluctant as i was, i just had to go-NEIGHBOUR what! can't escape. LOL! Well i do end up taking some "courtesy shots" haha- exactly 3 snaps! and the rest i took of my cute lil niece-AINUR NADIA ADRIANA. she's too adorable to miss a shot! :-)


Finally, the day I have been waiting to come - came. The day when it wil all unofficially ends my life as UiTM student. Just as i mentioned above, I dreaded of the need to go early to Shah Alam. But i just had to, because of jam packed road like right in front of my house, thus, before the worst sets in, I forced myself to get ready for school at 7AM! Even my dad was surprised (and pity me really) but i just had to. Determine to give the fullest concentration of a last minute review for the whole 5 hours prior to exam time! haha. right last minute review. it was not a review. i don't even know what to review really. The paper was really stressing me out. the notes that were given to us insufficient. and i've read those. i felt insecure and somehow, i know i can't be perform well with this last paper which even killing me because it is the last paper and holds 50% marks!!!

See above picture: evidence of how early it is in Shah Alam ;you can still catch the fog! felt like in genting highlands for awhile!.Anyways, i came and hang out at wan's place (nobody's home no worries, i was by myself!) and spend the early morning to read (and worries really of what to read because there were none! poor me) anways, the time came, and i just had to face my destiny and let fate have its way. As predicted, by far, this is the toughest paper i have to answer. i was close to faint really! i just can't believed of how actually simple the question was (i mean no technicals terms etc) it was really a matter of public/recent issues OF WHICH WILL BE A SIMPLE CAKE FOR ME IF ONLY I HAVE THE MATERIAL TO READ! damn! that was it. i was doomed. and looking around me most of the time when i can't think of anything certainly didn't help me. everyone i looked was really engrossed with writing their stuff as if there's no tomorrow. You can't even see for a second the pen stop and take a break!! their heads was practially down all through the 3 hours duration..writing and writing. Stressful! Psycho! i on the other hand, just can't think much, and knowing well this fact i just practically give up! and just hope that it will at least be enough for me to score at least B. huhu. okay no way i'm getting a B, at least B-. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm dead. There goes my CGPA.

and it irks me more, knowing after exams, that PRACTICALLY EVERYONE KNOWS OF A LEAKED/SPOT/TIPS QUESTIONS or whatever shit you want to call it!!! they even had the exact same answer/points just the way it was asked in the paper!!! damn! i was devastated! and these selfish bastards just keep to themselves about the info and spread it among themselves only! selfish brats!! and it even IRKS me that one particular person of so-called my groupmate also knows about it like the day before, and didn't BOTHER to share with me that bit!!! SELFISH PRICKS they are all!! to hell with them. i mean, it's ilmu -it's knowledge for God's sake, do share and that will even give you lot more barakah! don't Islam teach them anything??? are they really muslim??? damn! i hate those people who are selfish to the core of their inhuman exsitance. and even i have been telling 'em i do not know any of the leaked tips/info etc and that i wasn't able to answer the questions, they have the audacity to share their so-called happily exams moments with each other in front of me! OK! i get it that you guys were soooooo brialliant to be able to answer those questions! have they no hearts and feelings to me who was clearly one and the only poor souls who didn't get that info?? bastards they are. Snobbish and arrogrant with knowledge!

anywho, i was really feeling even more depressed and wanting to leave all those muthafuc** behinds, but i have made prior engagements with this so-called group of mine as written in my previous entry. Thus, as hate as i am to actually wanting to face this people at that moment, i just have to go-not really because i'm that starving, but i have a right in those money and it is my part of the cake to enjoy that money slashed out with a lil pizza gathering. so as evidence of the above picture shows, i chose PIZZA over empty stomach and frown. well anways, being me, like the way Erin have come to realise, i'm a sucker at hiding my feelings- if i don't like something, or something is bugging me/ i have to faced people i don't like- it shows clearly with my body language, reactions, eye contact and all. haha, i'll have NON of those things with those people i don't like and would try to avoid them as much as possible. WHATEVER IT IS, IT'S ALL IN THE PAST. as shitty as my exams was, it is gone and done with! now i'll just enjoy my 4 days of liberty before starting work at TV9 this coming friday insyaAllah. May all be well with the outcoming of my sordid final exams. AMIN!


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