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Thursday, November 23, 2006



Alhamdulillah. I made it through my fourth paper today. Now, roughly about 48 hours more to go before it all ends...yes, I am almost there; almost! Hopefully this end will bring many more great things in my life, insyaAllah and not just end as in "the end". Today, as it was my second last day of exams, i wanted so much to bring my digital camera (usually i would have it in my bag, but i'm afraid to left it in my bag, as bags weren't allowed in the examination halls) Why was it so? I just felt i haven't been taking much pictures of my 5 years university. The place that i've been calling my second home..practically. I kinda want to make an early preparation before it's too late and missing those 5 years of my life. haha. Pathetic eh? I don't know what they say..."you won't miss something until it is gone" Thus, I don't want to be like that. As such i want to make the preparations, but today i failed in doing so. perhaps, the last day i won't do it again.I'll definitely bring my camera then.

Hoho. What shall i write about today's exam? Alhamdulillah, it was quite easy..actually even easier than i expected it to be. No, not boasting here, but somehow i have expected for the worse to come, but it didn't fortunately. so alhamdulillah. nevertheless, i am not saying that i wrote an excellent paper. haha, although i must brag here, that for the first time in my university life here in UiTM, i actually used up all the pages of the answer booklet! hehe and was pretty neat handwriting; underlines and all. kudos me! hehe. Thus, in a way, kinda shows my confidence with the paper. hopefully, the outcome will look as good as i hope it to be. Not asking too much, just an "A". (^_^) OK OK, "A-" will do also. :p

Well, can't wait for this coming saturday. By 530Pm i will be off from academia for once in my 5 years of UiTM life, insyaAllah!! and us, "the green armadillo" clans, will hold a final gathering of some sort insyaAllah, not to bid farewell and all those nonsense actually, but coincidently we realiased that there are an extra cash of RM120; thus some of the girls wanted to give it all back to each and everyone of us, which will means about RM10-12 each. But, since clearly the majority doesn't even realised that there's an extra cash at hands (and quite a lot i might add!) until i care to asked about it and as such i recommended that we all burn the cash to throw some get together thingy since it's the last time we will all be classmates...and some perhaps, might not even see each other until our convocation ceremony next year insyaAllah! so, i reckon it was a wise thing to do, since none of the lot knows of the extra cash, and returning a mere RM10 to each of us is nothing compare to a price of a get together with friends, sharing last laughs and all-that my friends is PRICELESS! and besides, who can say no to food?! (^_^)

anyways,like always, after this one burden been lifted off, i decided to give it a lil rest (hehe excuses) and do some catching up with movies thingy with wan of course! and i knowwwwwwwww, the buzz in town now is the new JAMES BOND mr 007 flick-casino royale-but i just don't want to see it! i mean what ever happend to mr super suave handsome bond?? from the very gentleman SEAN CONNERY, to ROGER MOORE and my all time favorite BOND=PIERCE BROSNAN (who can ever resist Mr Bond if he's looking all clean and sleek like Mr Brosnan?) this time around, Mr Bond just doesn't look too umm BONDLIKE to me! I don't know, i guess he's all wrong to be James Bond-He's not handsome! at least if you want to change the cast, you got to take someone than is more handsome than the last Bond not dragging the benchmark down! thus, despite much attempts of wan trying to persuade me to watch the all new Bond- i said no and used my veto power! haha. I chose cartoon! who can ever say no to cartoons now eh? and it's still all British just like Bond-so we're not that far out with the latest trend.
"Flushed Away"-the new cartoon flick from dreamworks studio, and the creator of Shreks etc. is really something you ought to see.I know, it's all mickey mousey like, but seriously IT'S FUN!!! a very British-drylike sense of humor of fun! (i don't know, i always fancy the Brits way of english language-very ummm classy!) Anyways, the leading character's voice of Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet what on earth can ever go wrong with this. All is swell and superbly done! Intellegently funny and charmingly hilarious i'd say! except with the part of the "great toad" and bunch of other "french toads" that i can't quite like-BUT not because of the flick, but because i just don't ever LIKE TOADS/FROGS except for KERMIT the FROG of course! but in real life, they're the slimmiest creatures that i don't want to get close with! yikes! and also, there a bunch of other leech-like characters. (i see 'em in between the cracked simens of my bathroom floors and they're just slimmy and ugly looking creatures and i can't help thinking of the real leech-like in my bathrooms thing when i see those characters of whom by the way likes to sing! funny tho.)The "French toads" with the leading french capitan's toad voice-"le frog played by french actor-Jean Reso(from the da vinci code) simply hillarious! i like french! gosh, if i ever want to list it down and have the time to learn the languages that i like- FRENCH would be one of 'em definitely! french just soooooo sexyyyyyyyyyyy! oh, mondearrie! Anyways, if you guys ever got the chance do catch this flick before it fades away from the local cinema and you got to buy some pirated DVDs to watch! :p

Another flick that i am so looking forward to watch is surprisingly the local sci-fi movie-"CICAKMAN" by KRU FILMS! haha, again, just like frogs but this one is definitely have a worse effect on me-it's about a superhero action flick just like Spiderman who got the powers from um spiders, this one though as the name implies of which means LIZARDS by the way in english, got the power from that reptile! this is definitely something i want to see, not just because it is produce by KRU (yeap, i am a big KRU BONKERS!! and still very much is after 10 years!) but the sod fact that it has the grossly theme of "CICAK" or lizards of which i am petrified with! just ask anyone in my families or close friends they know how to freak me out-anytime. just say "CICAK" and i'll jump on your backs and beg for mercy!! (^_^) and now, that's pathetic really.haha.

OH, ON A LIGHTER NOTE. I JUST HEARD THAT MY COURSE CO-ORDINATOR EN AHMAD FARAMI HAVE GOT HIMSELF A SON RECENTLY. alhamdulillah and CONGRATS to en farami for the new baby boy! next on the list, is my dear classmate-
Mrs RAJA NORHASNIZA of which by the way is heavily 7 months pregnant!


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