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Thursday, November 16, 2006


#Syawal is ending

Eid is about to end. And with that, as i wrote at my fotopages site, Malaysians like to celebrate with "open-house"; one way of getting ol friends/acquintances/relatives/collegues to meet and have a feast. And just like any Eid before, I have received many invitations to these "open-houses" thingy from friends and relatives. But as most of the gathering are on weekends, I have to be picky and cut off some of the invitations. Mainly I would go to those houses that are much closer in proximity to my house. Thus, I can cut the cost and save me petrol more. Yeap, call me stingy or whatever, but in today's world when all that matters is money and consumer's price is constantly rising, especially petrol, I must..must budget my activities involving the usage of domestic transportation. :)

Anywho, I went to some me friends house. Some of it I wanted to go badly (like Ainul's house) because I haven't seen her in a long time. But, Malaysia now is in its monsoon season. It rains everytime it hits midday and it will not stop till night. Most of Shah Alam area will have flashfloods (all thanks to unconstructive housing developing plan) and since I am not driving a SUV or 4WD, those area is something that I must stay away. So, last 11/11, I went to Erin chan house which was quite close to mine. It took me last than 20 mins to be there. Thus, she was in the list no doubt! :-) anywho, it was pouring and I decided not to wear my "national" dress-or "baju kurong" which is usually worn during festive seasons. No way am I going to wet me baju kurongs and risk damaging the "kain" with dirts / potholes.

Above pic: With erin chan, snapped this before I left the house. I was actually the earliest of her "japan" friends to arrived, thus it was pretty much boring I guess (as for her too i think) as she have to play the host for me alone. hehe. Was hoping to meet the other "japan" girls, but they were late i think. Anyways, got me tummy filled up with tradtional mare-no-ryori, eg: ketupat with kuah kacang etc; I thanked erin and bid her goodbye. I was planning to go to Ainul's house/maybe Nora's house. But again, being me, I changed me mind later as I don't know howt o get to both of the houses. Anyways, to Erin, thank you for the invitation babe. It was nice seeing you again. Don't forget to send me those pic at me gmail account ya!

The next day, erin and I planned to go to Sofea's house. Hers was to start at 3pm. Thus, i planned to picked up Erin at a nearby LRT station. But, we humans can only plan indeed,in the end it all goes to His willing. I woke up that day with a major stomach ache (ladies will know what i'm talking about) Seriously, there goes my plan. I can't even sit up straight. Thus, how am i supposed to drive in this kind of condition. I must call off the plan. However, my bad, deep in my heart I'd still crossing me fingers for this pain to go away and hope to make it to the "open house". Later on, it was learned that the hostess herself, was out and went to other "open house"-Rina's open house. I was dumbfounded. Sure erin and i was invited as well to Rinas but she clearly stated that for the guest not to come later than 3pm and by that time the gate will be closed! It was well over 3pm and Sofea was there. Erin was waiting forever for me, and either way she had promised her mom to come home by 5pm. I was still having me stomach ache. it was obvious, no more open house for me that day..until...Sofea confirmed and pleaded for us to come to her house for she will not be around the following week.

Poor Erin. By that time, she was already on her way to her bro's house and just was impossible for her to return. I feel soo bad for her. She wanted to go to Sofea's house. And we, we have planned this like forever. And yet, i screwed up and she can't go. ERIN, GOMEN NASAI!!


At 12:02 PM, Blogger erin said...

i feel bad for sofea and for you too..!!takpe..u dah tolong makankan for me kan!!nice la ur picture wif her :D takpe..nanti kita leh jumpa lagi!shiken ganbatte!! (^0^)/


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