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Sunday, November 19, 2006



Alhamdulillah. I have successfuly sit my arse for all three final exams that took place before today, and now only 2 more to go. But got to hold me horses before rejoicing me end in those 2 papers aren't easy to tackle! Especially Asian Politics or its abbv-POL 255.

Anyways, the most recent paper I took was, BJP 501 or Japanese Language 3. (FYI: the highest level of competence) Sure, some friends of mine said I won't have much problems with the paper, but being me, a "namakemono", one can never be too sure! haha, but as i wrote here in my previous entries; I vow not to take things too easily, speshly now that the end is near! Thus, I forced myself to study some "kanjis" ( the chinese phoenetics); sure the kanjis taught for BJP 501 was wayyy simpler than what I have to face when i was in Japan, but I have forgotten most of it! Anyways, I slept late before the exam day to do some quick revision and exercises and the rest I leave to Allah. Tawakal. Arrived the next morning quite early at 7.30 and picked up some of my girlclassmates that took BJP501 as well ( i was more than happy to did the favor because then I'll feel obligated to wake up early and drag me arse to school) anyways, ALHAMDULILLAH , the first 2 minutes when I saw the paper, I kinda knew this was going to be quite easy. Nothing terrible like those past years questions I did in class. I said my syukur and did it slowly but assuringly...until the part when it asked to translate english to japanese. Suddenly, I can't recall in japanese what "last year" is in the language. Of all the things, of all the verbs, of all the doshi thingy, of all the tei thingy, I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT "LAST YEAR" is IN JAPANESE?? damn!

I tried, and keep on trying my hardest to recall it, somehow, i know it was between kyonen or something something but not rainen..but shits, Allah tested me that one and by His will, i just can't recall it and stupidly put "KINEN" when i know very well that that word DOESN'T PHUCKING EXIST or even if it does IT SURE AS HELL DOESN'T MEAN "LAST YEAR". what an idiot i was. perhaps too confident and happy with the paper as i did the whole thing in less than an hour. ..until the part when i got phucked up with that one word! I can never forgive myself for this one stupidity! All those years of learning the language,and i just have to embarrased myself with one of the easiest word. My sensei won't be please, if only my japanese fluent friends know about this, they must be KILLING me or rolling on their backs laughing at me..shittts! Just want to write it here what the questions was, although it make me feel suicidal everytime i read it back but just a solid reminder for myself and my stupidity!

(i can't quite recall exactly what it was but it went something like this)
ENGLISH: I went to Japan for a study trip, did sight-seeing and many more last year.
(and here goes my stupid translation that would make me sensei weep in blood!)
JAPANESE: "kinen" kengaku wa Nihon ni ittari, kanko o shitari shimashita.

brialliant am i not?? LOL! right! am soooo brialliant..right in the arse! shiiiiattttttttttttttsss!!


Well enuff of my sordid exams answer. It's all in the past, moving onto other things in life. I have eagerly waited for this one day simply because I got to go and meet one of my oldest friend in the world; the ever cherry Ms HAYAH! She's one of the oldest ancient friend of mine, and she is the one and only mate of mine that everrrr made it to my bedroom,with the guts (and patience :p) to waken me up from me slumber!! haha. Although nowadays I don't get to hang out with her that often anymore, because she's in a different university and very busy with her life as student, girlfriend and daughter, but we never really lose contact with each other. Although she did went "missing" from my life and Sufi's (the other ancient friend of mine-back in KT we were in one 'click') ; heck i even considered to enter the "JEJAK KASIH" program in TV3 ( a program of which it will try to find your lost friend, families etc-and reuniting you back with them)

I always thought that Hayah will probably forget me all too soon and all those years of friendship will be thrown away. Just when i'm about to give up, she came back in my life in FORM 3 (after keeping away for 2 years) The thing with this one of the kind friend of mine, she's even hard to keep in touch with because she doesn't have a HANDPHONE! when everybody else in this world has one, she refuse to be one of them! not that she can't afford it, she just don't want to be bug with the responsibility of paying the bills and guarding the phone (malaysia is known with handphones-stealing crime)

anywhoo, it's has been 14 years now since we both became friends, and hopefully this friendship will never end. And i am even glad to hear from her own mouth that she considered me as the only primary bestfriend of hers! at least the feelings is mutual. to hayah, all the best my friend,insyaAllah by next year you will be called DR.HAYAH (of veterinary) and be a wife to leman :-) MAY OUR FRIENDSHIP LASTS FOREVER! AMIN!


At 12:23 PM, Blogger erin said...

hye..hope the japanese went well..sorry if aku tak membantu sangat :P good luck!!

At 10:09 PM, Blogger AkaZukii said...

hey erin,
haha hopefully OKlah..but i was over excited to see the paper was quite easy and made STUDPID mistake!
anyways, U HAVE BEEN GREAT! domo arigato gozaimashita!

At 2:58 PM, Blogger erin said...

ur welcome :D


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