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why can't life be much easier than this? no complications, no agonies, no worries...just pleasant....everyday, but we would not call that life now would we?

Sunday, November 26, 2006



It's that time again..end of the year, long school holidays-weddings aplenty! Almost every weekend there will be a ceremony here and there, and to start this hols, my next door neighbour also have chosen this school holidays to end here "zaman dara" :-) But, I was not as excited as I usually are when it comes to weddings- reason was obvious- I had my final exams to attend on the same day of the ceremony. the bersanding in particular. anyways, as tradition has it in my neighbourhood, the road will blocked and that will means no way out! traffic jam to the max! and worried sick the night before, i have opted to go as early as i could the next day (the day of my exams) eventhough my exams will start at 2.15PM! talk about sacrifice! anyways, the "akad nikah" was held that night before saturday after Jumaat prayers; but itwas raining like crazy, hence, i didn't go and see the occasion (besides she's only a neighbour, and at akad nikah is more of a private gatherings consisting families and close friends) ANYWHO, my mom practically forced me to go for the "makan-makan" or dinner later after the akad nikah, insisted that i bring along my camera and took some pictures out of courtesy of course since i won't be coming the next day. reluctant as i was, i just had to go-NEIGHBOUR what! can't escape. LOL! Well i do end up taking some "courtesy shots" haha- exactly 3 snaps! and the rest i took of my cute lil niece-AINUR NADIA ADRIANA. she's too adorable to miss a shot! :-)


Finally, the day I have been waiting to come - came. The day when it wil all unofficially ends my life as UiTM student. Just as i mentioned above, I dreaded of the need to go early to Shah Alam. But i just had to, because of jam packed road like right in front of my house, thus, before the worst sets in, I forced myself to get ready for school at 7AM! Even my dad was surprised (and pity me really) but i just had to. Determine to give the fullest concentration of a last minute review for the whole 5 hours prior to exam time! haha. right last minute review. it was not a review. i don't even know what to review really. The paper was really stressing me out. the notes that were given to us insufficient. and i've read those. i felt insecure and somehow, i know i can't be perform well with this last paper which even killing me because it is the last paper and holds 50% marks!!!

See above picture: evidence of how early it is in Shah Alam ;you can still catch the fog! felt like in genting highlands for awhile!.Anyways, i came and hang out at wan's place (nobody's home no worries, i was by myself!) and spend the early morning to read (and worries really of what to read because there were none! poor me) anways, the time came, and i just had to face my destiny and let fate have its way. As predicted, by far, this is the toughest paper i have to answer. i was close to faint really! i just can't believed of how actually simple the question was (i mean no technicals terms etc) it was really a matter of public/recent issues OF WHICH WILL BE A SIMPLE CAKE FOR ME IF ONLY I HAVE THE MATERIAL TO READ! damn! that was it. i was doomed. and looking around me most of the time when i can't think of anything certainly didn't help me. everyone i looked was really engrossed with writing their stuff as if there's no tomorrow. You can't even see for a second the pen stop and take a break!! their heads was practially down all through the 3 hours duration..writing and writing. Stressful! Psycho! i on the other hand, just can't think much, and knowing well this fact i just practically give up! and just hope that it will at least be enough for me to score at least B. huhu. okay no way i'm getting a B, at least B-. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm dead. There goes my CGPA.

and it irks me more, knowing after exams, that PRACTICALLY EVERYONE KNOWS OF A LEAKED/SPOT/TIPS QUESTIONS or whatever shit you want to call it!!! they even had the exact same answer/points just the way it was asked in the paper!!! damn! i was devastated! and these selfish bastards just keep to themselves about the info and spread it among themselves only! selfish brats!! and it even IRKS me that one particular person of so-called my groupmate also knows about it like the day before, and didn't BOTHER to share with me that bit!!! SELFISH PRICKS they are all!! to hell with them. i mean, it's ilmu -it's knowledge for God's sake, do share and that will even give you lot more barakah! don't Islam teach them anything??? are they really muslim??? damn! i hate those people who are selfish to the core of their inhuman exsitance. and even i have been telling 'em i do not know any of the leaked tips/info etc and that i wasn't able to answer the questions, they have the audacity to share their so-called happily exams moments with each other in front of me! OK! i get it that you guys were soooooo brialliant to be able to answer those questions! have they no hearts and feelings to me who was clearly one and the only poor souls who didn't get that info?? bastards they are. Snobbish and arrogrant with knowledge!

anywho, i was really feeling even more depressed and wanting to leave all those muthafuc** behinds, but i have made prior engagements with this so-called group of mine as written in my previous entry. Thus, as hate as i am to actually wanting to face this people at that moment, i just have to go-not really because i'm that starving, but i have a right in those money and it is my part of the cake to enjoy that money slashed out with a lil pizza gathering. so as evidence of the above picture shows, i chose PIZZA over empty stomach and frown. well anways, being me, like the way Erin have come to realise, i'm a sucker at hiding my feelings- if i don't like something, or something is bugging me/ i have to faced people i don't like- it shows clearly with my body language, reactions, eye contact and all. haha, i'll have NON of those things with those people i don't like and would try to avoid them as much as possible. WHATEVER IT IS, IT'S ALL IN THE PAST. as shitty as my exams was, it is gone and done with! now i'll just enjoy my 4 days of liberty before starting work at TV9 this coming friday insyaAllah. May all be well with the outcoming of my sordid final exams. AMIN!

Thursday, November 23, 2006



Alhamdulillah. I made it through my fourth paper today. Now, roughly about 48 hours more to go before it all ends...yes, I am almost there; almost! Hopefully this end will bring many more great things in my life, insyaAllah and not just end as in "the end". Today, as it was my second last day of exams, i wanted so much to bring my digital camera (usually i would have it in my bag, but i'm afraid to left it in my bag, as bags weren't allowed in the examination halls) Why was it so? I just felt i haven't been taking much pictures of my 5 years university. The place that i've been calling my second home..practically. I kinda want to make an early preparation before it's too late and missing those 5 years of my life. haha. Pathetic eh? I don't know what they say..."you won't miss something until it is gone" Thus, I don't want to be like that. As such i want to make the preparations, but today i failed in doing so. perhaps, the last day i won't do it again.I'll definitely bring my camera then.

Hoho. What shall i write about today's exam? Alhamdulillah, it was quite easy..actually even easier than i expected it to be. No, not boasting here, but somehow i have expected for the worse to come, but it didn't fortunately. so alhamdulillah. nevertheless, i am not saying that i wrote an excellent paper. haha, although i must brag here, that for the first time in my university life here in UiTM, i actually used up all the pages of the answer booklet! hehe and was pretty neat handwriting; underlines and all. kudos me! hehe. Thus, in a way, kinda shows my confidence with the paper. hopefully, the outcome will look as good as i hope it to be. Not asking too much, just an "A". (^_^) OK OK, "A-" will do also. :p

Well, can't wait for this coming saturday. By 530Pm i will be off from academia for once in my 5 years of UiTM life, insyaAllah!! and us, "the green armadillo" clans, will hold a final gathering of some sort insyaAllah, not to bid farewell and all those nonsense actually, but coincidently we realiased that there are an extra cash of RM120; thus some of the girls wanted to give it all back to each and everyone of us, which will means about RM10-12 each. But, since clearly the majority doesn't even realised that there's an extra cash at hands (and quite a lot i might add!) until i care to asked about it and as such i recommended that we all burn the cash to throw some get together thingy since it's the last time we will all be classmates...and some perhaps, might not even see each other until our convocation ceremony next year insyaAllah! so, i reckon it was a wise thing to do, since none of the lot knows of the extra cash, and returning a mere RM10 to each of us is nothing compare to a price of a get together with friends, sharing last laughs and all-that my friends is PRICELESS! and besides, who can say no to food?! (^_^)

anyways,like always, after this one burden been lifted off, i decided to give it a lil rest (hehe excuses) and do some catching up with movies thingy with wan of course! and i knowwwwwwwww, the buzz in town now is the new JAMES BOND mr 007 flick-casino royale-but i just don't want to see it! i mean what ever happend to mr super suave handsome bond?? from the very gentleman SEAN CONNERY, to ROGER MOORE and my all time favorite BOND=PIERCE BROSNAN (who can ever resist Mr Bond if he's looking all clean and sleek like Mr Brosnan?) this time around, Mr Bond just doesn't look too umm BONDLIKE to me! I don't know, i guess he's all wrong to be James Bond-He's not handsome! at least if you want to change the cast, you got to take someone than is more handsome than the last Bond not dragging the benchmark down! thus, despite much attempts of wan trying to persuade me to watch the all new Bond- i said no and used my veto power! haha. I chose cartoon! who can ever say no to cartoons now eh? and it's still all British just like Bond-so we're not that far out with the latest trend.
"Flushed Away"-the new cartoon flick from dreamworks studio, and the creator of Shreks etc. is really something you ought to see.I know, it's all mickey mousey like, but seriously IT'S FUN!!! a very British-drylike sense of humor of fun! (i don't know, i always fancy the Brits way of english language-very ummm classy!) Anyways, the leading character's voice of Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet what on earth can ever go wrong with this. All is swell and superbly done! Intellegently funny and charmingly hilarious i'd say! except with the part of the "great toad" and bunch of other "french toads" that i can't quite like-BUT not because of the flick, but because i just don't ever LIKE TOADS/FROGS except for KERMIT the FROG of course! but in real life, they're the slimmiest creatures that i don't want to get close with! yikes! and also, there a bunch of other leech-like characters. (i see 'em in between the cracked simens of my bathroom floors and they're just slimmy and ugly looking creatures and i can't help thinking of the real leech-like in my bathrooms thing when i see those characters of whom by the way likes to sing! funny tho.)The "French toads" with the leading french capitan's toad voice-"le frog played by french actor-Jean Reso(from the da vinci code) simply hillarious! i like french! gosh, if i ever want to list it down and have the time to learn the languages that i like- FRENCH would be one of 'em definitely! french just soooooo sexyyyyyyyyyyy! oh, mondearrie! Anyways, if you guys ever got the chance do catch this flick before it fades away from the local cinema and you got to buy some pirated DVDs to watch! :p

Another flick that i am so looking forward to watch is surprisingly the local sci-fi movie-"CICAKMAN" by KRU FILMS! haha, again, just like frogs but this one is definitely have a worse effect on me-it's about a superhero action flick just like Spiderman who got the powers from um spiders, this one though as the name implies of which means LIZARDS by the way in english, got the power from that reptile! this is definitely something i want to see, not just because it is produce by KRU (yeap, i am a big KRU BONKERS!! and still very much is after 10 years!) but the sod fact that it has the grossly theme of "CICAK" or lizards of which i am petrified with! just ask anyone in my families or close friends they know how to freak me out-anytime. just say "CICAK" and i'll jump on your backs and beg for mercy!! (^_^) and now, that's pathetic really.haha.

OH, ON A LIGHTER NOTE. I JUST HEARD THAT MY COURSE CO-ORDINATOR EN AHMAD FARAMI HAVE GOT HIMSELF A SON RECENTLY. alhamdulillah and CONGRATS to en farami for the new baby boy! next on the list, is my dear classmate-
Mrs RAJA NORHASNIZA of which by the way is heavily 7 months pregnant!

Sunday, November 19, 2006



Alhamdulillah. I have successfuly sit my arse for all three final exams that took place before today, and now only 2 more to go. But got to hold me horses before rejoicing me end in those 2 papers aren't easy to tackle! Especially Asian Politics or its abbv-POL 255.

Anyways, the most recent paper I took was, BJP 501 or Japanese Language 3. (FYI: the highest level of competence) Sure, some friends of mine said I won't have much problems with the paper, but being me, a "namakemono", one can never be too sure! haha, but as i wrote here in my previous entries; I vow not to take things too easily, speshly now that the end is near! Thus, I forced myself to study some "kanjis" ( the chinese phoenetics); sure the kanjis taught for BJP 501 was wayyy simpler than what I have to face when i was in Japan, but I have forgotten most of it! Anyways, I slept late before the exam day to do some quick revision and exercises and the rest I leave to Allah. Tawakal. Arrived the next morning quite early at 7.30 and picked up some of my girlclassmates that took BJP501 as well ( i was more than happy to did the favor because then I'll feel obligated to wake up early and drag me arse to school) anyways, ALHAMDULILLAH , the first 2 minutes when I saw the paper, I kinda knew this was going to be quite easy. Nothing terrible like those past years questions I did in class. I said my syukur and did it slowly but assuringly...until the part when it asked to translate english to japanese. Suddenly, I can't recall in japanese what "last year" is in the language. Of all the things, of all the verbs, of all the doshi thingy, of all the tei thingy, I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT "LAST YEAR" is IN JAPANESE?? damn!

I tried, and keep on trying my hardest to recall it, somehow, i know it was between kyonen or something something but not rainen..but shits, Allah tested me that one and by His will, i just can't recall it and stupidly put "KINEN" when i know very well that that word DOESN'T PHUCKING EXIST or even if it does IT SURE AS HELL DOESN'T MEAN "LAST YEAR". what an idiot i was. perhaps too confident and happy with the paper as i did the whole thing in less than an hour. ..until the part when i got phucked up with that one word! I can never forgive myself for this one stupidity! All those years of learning the language,and i just have to embarrased myself with one of the easiest word. My sensei won't be please, if only my japanese fluent friends know about this, they must be KILLING me or rolling on their backs laughing at me..shittts! Just want to write it here what the questions was, although it make me feel suicidal everytime i read it back but just a solid reminder for myself and my stupidity!

(i can't quite recall exactly what it was but it went something like this)
ENGLISH: I went to Japan for a study trip, did sight-seeing and many more last year.
(and here goes my stupid translation that would make me sensei weep in blood!)
JAPANESE: "kinen" kengaku wa Nihon ni ittari, kanko o shitari shimashita.

brialliant am i not?? LOL! right! am soooo brialliant..right in the arse! shiiiiattttttttttttttsss!!


Well enuff of my sordid exams answer. It's all in the past, moving onto other things in life. I have eagerly waited for this one day simply because I got to go and meet one of my oldest friend in the world; the ever cherry Ms HAYAH! She's one of the oldest ancient friend of mine, and she is the one and only mate of mine that everrrr made it to my bedroom,with the guts (and patience :p) to waken me up from me slumber!! haha. Although nowadays I don't get to hang out with her that often anymore, because she's in a different university and very busy with her life as student, girlfriend and daughter, but we never really lose contact with each other. Although she did went "missing" from my life and Sufi's (the other ancient friend of mine-back in KT we were in one 'click') ; heck i even considered to enter the "JEJAK KASIH" program in TV3 ( a program of which it will try to find your lost friend, families etc-and reuniting you back with them)

I always thought that Hayah will probably forget me all too soon and all those years of friendship will be thrown away. Just when i'm about to give up, she came back in my life in FORM 3 (after keeping away for 2 years) The thing with this one of the kind friend of mine, she's even hard to keep in touch with because she doesn't have a HANDPHONE! when everybody else in this world has one, she refuse to be one of them! not that she can't afford it, she just don't want to be bug with the responsibility of paying the bills and guarding the phone (malaysia is known with handphones-stealing crime)

anywhoo, it's has been 14 years now since we both became friends, and hopefully this friendship will never end. And i am even glad to hear from her own mouth that she considered me as the only primary bestfriend of hers! at least the feelings is mutual. to hayah, all the best my friend,insyaAllah by next year you will be called DR.HAYAH (of veterinary) and be a wife to leman :-) MAY OUR FRIENDSHIP LASTS FOREVER! AMIN!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


#Syawal is ending

Eid is about to end. And with that, as i wrote at my fotopages site, Malaysians like to celebrate with "open-house"; one way of getting ol friends/acquintances/relatives/collegues to meet and have a feast. And just like any Eid before, I have received many invitations to these "open-houses" thingy from friends and relatives. But as most of the gathering are on weekends, I have to be picky and cut off some of the invitations. Mainly I would go to those houses that are much closer in proximity to my house. Thus, I can cut the cost and save me petrol more. Yeap, call me stingy or whatever, but in today's world when all that matters is money and consumer's price is constantly rising, especially petrol, I must..must budget my activities involving the usage of domestic transportation. :)

Anywho, I went to some me friends house. Some of it I wanted to go badly (like Ainul's house) because I haven't seen her in a long time. But, Malaysia now is in its monsoon season. It rains everytime it hits midday and it will not stop till night. Most of Shah Alam area will have flashfloods (all thanks to unconstructive housing developing plan) and since I am not driving a SUV or 4WD, those area is something that I must stay away. So, last 11/11, I went to Erin chan house which was quite close to mine. It took me last than 20 mins to be there. Thus, she was in the list no doubt! :-) anywho, it was pouring and I decided not to wear my "national" dress-or "baju kurong" which is usually worn during festive seasons. No way am I going to wet me baju kurongs and risk damaging the "kain" with dirts / potholes.

Above pic: With erin chan, snapped this before I left the house. I was actually the earliest of her "japan" friends to arrived, thus it was pretty much boring I guess (as for her too i think) as she have to play the host for me alone. hehe. Was hoping to meet the other "japan" girls, but they were late i think. Anyways, got me tummy filled up with tradtional mare-no-ryori, eg: ketupat with kuah kacang etc; I thanked erin and bid her goodbye. I was planning to go to Ainul's house/maybe Nora's house. But again, being me, I changed me mind later as I don't know howt o get to both of the houses. Anyways, to Erin, thank you for the invitation babe. It was nice seeing you again. Don't forget to send me those pic at me gmail account ya!

The next day, erin and I planned to go to Sofea's house. Hers was to start at 3pm. Thus, i planned to picked up Erin at a nearby LRT station. But, we humans can only plan indeed,in the end it all goes to His willing. I woke up that day with a major stomach ache (ladies will know what i'm talking about) Seriously, there goes my plan. I can't even sit up straight. Thus, how am i supposed to drive in this kind of condition. I must call off the plan. However, my bad, deep in my heart I'd still crossing me fingers for this pain to go away and hope to make it to the "open house". Later on, it was learned that the hostess herself, was out and went to other "open house"-Rina's open house. I was dumbfounded. Sure erin and i was invited as well to Rinas but she clearly stated that for the guest not to come later than 3pm and by that time the gate will be closed! It was well over 3pm and Sofea was there. Erin was waiting forever for me, and either way she had promised her mom to come home by 5pm. I was still having me stomach ache. it was obvious, no more open house for me that day..until...Sofea confirmed and pleaded for us to come to her house for she will not be around the following week.

Poor Erin. By that time, she was already on her way to her bro's house and just was impossible for her to return. I feel soo bad for her. She wanted to go to Sofea's house. And we, we have planned this like forever. And yet, i screwed up and she can't go. ERIN, GOMEN NASAI!!

Friday, November 10, 2006



While malaysians are still captivated by the mysterious Mongalian murder case, the 4th Malaysian Premier was admitted to IJN due to what doctors called a mild heart attack. At the age of 81 years old, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad isn't your ordinary senior citizens...he is a real national hero...brought malaysia to the world's map and success.....and i am one of the many zillion malaysians who's proud to have him as our premier....He came into office in 1982, the year I was born, thus i would considered myself as DrM-generations..under his 22 premiership he had done a lot of good to the country..and i am awfully proud of his intellegence, creativity,leadership etc.

Despite all critics saying him a dictator during his reign in office...let them be. I mean, sure he's no angel n all...but no one in this country had done what he did...and no one can even match his leadership and integrity. Well, enuff said, i don't want to criticize anyone, just hoping that Tun will have a speedy recovery and really hope he would live a long life....but for now, I would really love to see that he'd recovered fast and join the UMNO assembly the way you deserve it and give a memorable and biting address to all of 'em there. give 'em all something to think about, and shut those haters' mouth up!
seen here picture i managed to took with Tun while he was still in office in 2003 during the first held OIC summit meeting in KL....i was one of the summit's secretariat and it was finally on the last day we managed to rub shoulders with the leaders and I was lucky to get close enuff (i was quick to grab the oppurtunities) and braved enuff to asked him to flash some smile and snapped! got it! although ironically i have had many close encounters before that OIC thingy with TUN ( as i were NTV7 news trainee) but I couldn't take any picture, simply because nobody would help me snap it.huhu...but my one wish before he stepped down that was to take picture with him finally materialized that unforgettable OIC summit meeting. so alhamdulillah..i was a happy girl!

soon after i took picture with him, i and bunch of friends, mobbed his missus, Tun Dr Hasmah Ali who was amazingly nice, down-to-earth, motherly friendly to us mere earthlings of Malaysia. I even hugged her!and she hugged me back...hehe. She's really one of the kind..not only she's one of the first Malay woman doctor....she's the smartest, sweetest First Lady malaysian have ever seen. so unlike most of the current politicians missus with botox , glitz and glamour! Long live Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


#Of life as student
my "exams-fever" is halfway through now....alhamdulillah...after 2 disastrous papers executed last week, only 3 more to go; on the 17th, 22nd and 25th respectively...with the last is definitely 'not the least'-the most 'venomous' of all...with that, i should not be relaxing my brief break here before the final countdown..

insyaAllah, i'll leave UiTM by the end of this semster (hopefully no repeats paper)...i'm actually leaving's ending...after 6 solid years of intense, chaotic, meaningful, dramatic journey of so-called life as a student. it may seem easy peasy thing to do for some folks out there; it couldn't be that difficult-just read books and you'll be fine right? wrong. tis not as easy as it looks, that you can be sure of. just like everything else in life, nothing should be taken for granted. nothing can be achieved so easily. and so with studying. 6 years..that's how long it takes for me finally(insyaAllah) to have a diploma and B.A for some uncertain years ahead of me that and holds no guarantee in life. 6 years; i have to cling on my parents; who've helped me go through it....6 years..that's pretty damn long. on the first 6 years of human life, your brain have grown almost 100%...6 years for a scroll recognized from an established uni...

some friends i know of, have fallen in this journey to be a graduates...they just gave-up and packed up their bags; leaving the dream and craving of a scroll behind..some i must say, have done not too bad for a drop-outs; but some-unfortunately; life hasn't been easy for them to bear. but having scroll or not, doesn't guarantee one's life. it's just papers, indicating that you have gone through some academic trainings...of course; if you excel and become the creme de la creme, then yes; the whole 6 years and all does make a difference in ya life...but then again, that is no real guarantee either. who knows for sure what lies ahead of us?

anyways, with this ending of academic years, some of peeps i know of have done quite extremely well in their studies. my japan-thingy colleague-Ms.HAZRINA KHALID a.ka KEN is graduating as a first class honors student!!! so to Ken, alhamdulillah...YOU MADE YOUR PARENTS PROUD..all those years of 'churning the butter' resulted da creamiest of creme cheese!! so KUDOS to Kenot! anyways, in UiTM, the grading varries from one faculty to another for one to be graduating as a first class honors student. some faculty set the benchmark as low as CGPA3.50 and some as high as CGPA thing for sure, my faculty isn't setting the stage at 3.5 of which if that is the case, then, there goes my dream of scoring 1st class honors( of course i do deserve that if it happens as my 'awareness' to excel in studies came late..)

so what glory really it bears as a 1st class honors student? i don't personally know as i am not one of it, but i guess nothing much doesn't necessarily means that your one helluva greatttt person coming from the planet of excellence. some have brains, some have hardworks while some have pure luck to thanked to...but one thing i would pretty much kill for a 1st class is definitely the reward of not having to pay back PTPTN loan. (and of course making the parents happy and all) man, i have been on a heavy 6 years of PTPTN loan and the thoughts and dreams of having to repay the loan lifted off me would be very much a welcoming idea..but then again, with the pace i'm going now; the future really vague for me to accomplished that wonderful settlement...unless the set is staged at CGPA 3.50 of which i don't think that is how it is...

owh well, 1st class or not, it's pretty much too late to think about it now...the time has passed me by..and no way will i ever going back to fix it..i am about done, and whatever the score is, that's how much i deserve it and no point to cry over spilt milk..thus, focus and get it all done with...with just another 3 paper to go..i just have to NAIL it! relation to my previous entry, the anticipation of waiting for the job results is finally out. none of my classmates know about this, as i don't intend to tell them really(unless being asked about it) alhamdulillah, i got the job as one of the pioner of Ch-9 news team..inilah yang dikatakan rezeki and i am thankful of it. this is something i like to do, and this will be my 1st professional job and i intend to make the best of it insyaAllah. so, while waiting for my contract to be fully written out and completed by the HR dept. i just have nothing else to do now, but...wait! insyaAllah i will effectively be the Ch-9 news journalist by this 1st of december..syukur alhamdulillah.

#Of life on chillin' out as student

with all that intense...okayyyy..who am i kidding here...with all that not-too-intense-last-minute-studying for the first 2 papers i did last week, it's time to celebrate ( excusess :p ) and what better way, than to lounge around the house, fattening oneself with all the fattening food cravings eg: fat-juicy-chicken dishes, thick-sugar & caffein-high teh tarik and coffee and chocolates!!!! owh, and not forgetting late night sleep with waking up very late the next day...and more zzzzz and more net browsing and haha! so with this celebration mode i am on now, i took the time and chance to catch up on the most favorite thing to do-watch movies! thus with 2 failed attempts to catch on of the latest movie of this season ( bcos of no tix and timing were off) i finally GOT THE TIX TO WATCH "THE DEPARTED"...okayyyyy....booohoo me, so what if like most of the zillion people in this world have watched it....i was busy! anyways, what else can be said with the movie than it is pure excellence. the cast, the plot, the technicalities of it, the cinematography, the editing, the sound-tracks...superbly amazing.
with big names like LEONARDO DiCAPRIO (Costingan); MATT DAMON (sullivan), JACK NICHOLSON (, not "rosyam nor's version of castello), MARTIN SHEEN (queenan), MARK WAHLBERG(dignam), ALEC BALDWIN(elerby) and many more....there's no more reason for you to miss this exciting film directed by Martin Scorsese...okay, perhaps the whole thing isn't original from Hollywood as this is actually a remake of a Chinese movie made in 2002.but under a different director, different cast, it results a different flava to it. and for me, with mr dicaprio there...what more can i say about it...just superb. his sooooo cute and talented of cosh...:p and our previously known Marky Mark is a cutie too..although he is just a sideline character.. this movie is really exciting...full of drama, back-stabbing and all ( yelah...always on the edge mafia life) although there's a tonne of cursing in the script..the big F word here and there...(again, is expected of a gangsta life) the movie is still exciting. one thing i'm not really fond of about this film is the fact that MATT DAMON is in it! haha...nothing against his acting or anything but i just don't evah like him...i can't bear it. and he plays this ambitious-snobbish-police but turns out to be a villian and informant to the mafias (dalam erti kata yg lebih senang, dia adalah the epitome of police goody-goody-two-shoes). Okay, enuff about the synopsis, i ain't gonna write it here...but just one thing i think this flim has no cliche likemost films- all the main characters died in the end! of which is awesome, at first unfortunately, all the good men in the movie died first; Martin's character especially was one of the sad part...huhu..kesian sungguh mamat tu mati...then, the babyface-superb-actor Leo's character died, just right in the end when you think he's about to make it...but, just when you think it will end the way most of this good vs evil film; Matt's character died too...(padan muka dia..good for him, he deserved it! haha emo sat...) just rightttttttt in the end...alas, all soul is being "departed" hence the title of the film. apapa2pun, this film rawks..although a bit too long to bear..more than 2 hours long..fuh! but a must watched i'd recommend to everyone.