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Sunday, October 22, 2006


minna-sama, eid mubarak...less than 48 hours to go and muslim in malaysia will welcomes the month of syawal in our lives, and say sayonara to ramadhan...

well, if my previous post was all teary and sad, this one perhaps have a lil cheery mood to it (but not to say that i am over my last entry..the feeling is still there...just wait till i hear "takbir raya"...and definitely, i'll cry like crazy..anyways, i did some shopping today for eid, in KL. fortunately, thanks to dearest wan, i got RM300 last gave some to mama, i promised meself i'll get something nice for me this raya....(i usually don't like to spend on eid, as i usually don't have the oppurtunity to do so...i haven't been earning me money so what can i whatever my sisters/mama bought that will have to do....) and today shopping spree was special as i get to go and hang out with dearest hanis and her sis as well...of whom i haven't met for quite it's really special, bcos hanis is...

so although delayed like for 3 hours from schedule,hanis came at last in her BRAND NEW MYVI CAR!!! how sleeekkkkk are so got to buy yourself new car..hanis, of whom i have known since my diploma years in UiTM is one of my closest a matter of fact, it is only her that can make me blues go away...bcos she's so kind and cheerful like always..and everytime i am with her, i'll let me guards down n be all crazy and HAVE FUN! we would crack jokes...laugh at silly things..behave silly etc.

anyways, hanis was too kind today and she treated me thank you HANIS for the lovely secret recipe's tomyam and auntie's anne speshly.....anyways, after breaking fast, we were right on to shopping.....all wired up as the tummies have been filled up. in the end of the night, hanis bought like 3 baju kurongs + 2 tudungs (all of greatttt bargains and cheap...she really know how to find and pick right things) her sis bought 2 baju kurongs + 2 tudungs and i bought like very cheap tudungs and one expensive baju kurong ( of which i actually don't intend to buy..but somehow succumb to the seduction of so-called sales and bargains! and i am regretting it shouldn't be that way)

anyways, hanis is earning a very attractive salary for a fresh graduates, the highest so far among me friends....and i envy her so much for that (not that she doesn't deserve it, she does of course..i envy her in a good way) ...but her major is in PR.....and thus she can easily go to any company ..but i?? no way...not too easy...i don't think i will ever get that kind of salary if i work in anyyyy of the local tv stations like i mentioned in my previous entry...nooo wayyyy! about in my previous entries, i wrote about me worries not be able to find work like fast and right after i graduate, thus , like around last week i asked around for help from me working in particular missy haza, and boy am i glad to hear that she said she can give a helping hand passing me resume to someone at someplace...and i did not procrastinate (of something i don't usually do :p ) i constructed out the peeerfect resume, wrote me cover letter and photocopied all certificates/ documents i hve for submission of a prospectful interview...

and i rushed to meet haza last tuesday, passed it to her....and like the next day, got a call from ch-9, for an interview on thursday for some positions in news dept. alhamdulillah...eventhough it was just an interview, i was glad...had i not give that resume like in time the way i did, perhaps i would not have recieved the call. so, i came on thurs and very much determine to do my best although i do not put any high hopes for it. (i usually don't expect too much/ hoped too high as i don't want to hurt and feel terribly disappointed if i don't make it) came at precise 9.30Am and found no other recogniseable faces ( some of me classmates/ uitm friends all know very well of the vacancy in ch-9 and they have submitted their resume long before i do via their respective ex-training supervisors) thus i was hoping to see some familiar faces but found none...until AINA MOKHTAR came in the room....she was surprised to see me but that wasn't the case for me (as i have expected somehow to find some familiar faces...)

later, after filling in some papers, we candidates had to sat for a general knowledge exams. somehow i have expected that the questions was going to be around local politics and writing out news script ( just the way wan told me) i mean it is just natural to ask us these kind of questions as we were all going to be screen for journalist post at the channel. thus, we..future journalists need to know those things....but somehow, i can't remember the names in the questions although i have stayed up late the day before learning em...hehe perhaps it was the nervousness that killed the memory cells...anyways, i can never forgive myself to answer wrongly the capital city of pakistan!!!!! stupid me, i put LAHORE!

so with lousy and very messy answer's sheet submitted, i was expecting the worse is yet to come...right after the 'exams' we we called in one after another for the interview session..after waiting about 2 hours, came in my turn. i went in the room, answered all questions, being myself, trying me best to relax and appear calm...until, the interviewee asked me one question that soon drag me confidence further down the hole....

interviewee: "mm so tell me, who is Tan Sri Musa Hassan??"
me: (totally caught off-guard) **shriekkking inside** wtf??? i paused for a few seconds but it seemed like hours..., "erkk...emmm...i...i...mmm...who?..ii...mmm...sorry, i...i...can't..can't recall ummm...i don't know....BUT, Tan Sri Musa Hitam i know-lah.." (that was it..i'm dooommed)
interviewee: "what?? musa hitam nak buat apa?? " and he laughed at me answer (at least a good laughed not sarcastically..i was glad...a lil at least :p )
interviewee: "ok..i'll give some clue.."
me: (thank god!)
interviewee: "before him, was Tan Sri Bakri....."
me: **hopelessly+ swearing like crazy inside f*ck f*ck f*ck**... ", doesn't ring a bell" (at this point i was sure i am done for the interview...)
interviewee: "ish, macam mana nak jadi wartawan ni...okay..before him,was..Tan Sri Norian.."
me:*quickly cut him off* "I KNOWWWWWWWW!!!!" *a sense of relief wrapped me*"
interviewee: "siapa dia?"
me: "ketua polis negara!!!" * quickly the song "we are champions" playing in my mind...i made it...i saved the embarrasment...although on third try! *
interviewee: "nasib baik betul.." *and he smiled and so were the other two interviewees*

gosh, that was the highlights of my embarassing interview moments...shits! i failed i thought to myself...later, i was still bombarded with questions and opinion related questions, my turn was done. after thanking them and wishing em all eid mubarak, i left the room with shattering feeling inside..gosh,i made a fool of myself i thought..and i left the place and went straight to shah alam for a class of which i was already running 1 hour late!....but to my disappointment, when i reached my uni, the class was ended early, and i went to meet my classmate instead....wishing em eid mubarak, i went straight home, with the embarassing interview moments keep flashing and playing in my a DVD movie on loop mode, it accompanied me 20 mins ride home.....and i can't shake it off me mind.

as soon as i reached home, chuck me bags away and went straight to kitchen to prepare for dinner, helping me mom cook, finally that "DVD embarassing interview movie" was stopped for awhile all through the night..until i receieved a sms, saying i am SHORTLISTED and they wanted me back for a second interview the next day! boy oh boy...suddenly, all feelings reversed, but was more nervous than before, as for tomorrow i am required to do a 'stand-upper' session...knowing well of impromtu 'stand-upper' thingy..and how much i am capable with it...i shivered...and ended up worrying way through the nite..i slept only for 2 hours and off for a second interview.

well...enuff said, from 9/10 candidates like on the 1st day of the interview, i was one of the 3 people that got shortlisted and only two will be hired. now, sincerely i do not know what my chances are...because the other two i guess is equally competetive; the other gal is very attractive looking with great experiences (lim kok wing grad somemore...) and the only guy is equally strong candidate with great experiences..(UPM grads). i am feeling a lil bit insecure and inferior now compared with those two ppl..but i believe, that all it's written by Allah...for He knows all and He knows what is best for us..thus, if i am fit for the job, i will get it..if it's my rezeki it won't get away..but vice versa if it's not. and if it's not, there will always be other jobs or other try-outs insyaAllah...for all will be revealed right after raya break...the truth awaits...:-)


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