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Monday, October 02, 2006


wow...a full 2-weeks of pc breakdown! i was devastated..i felt like half of my life has been taken away from me..shattered always kill me really whenever my pc's disfunctioning..BUT never in my life have i ever felt really dependent with my pc as there were too much works..uni assignmets to be done...for once, i felt lifeless!

and i had no way out for this...datelines were coming in my life..and fast. and i always hate the idea to do my school work at any paid-cyber doubt i will have to pay more than RM5, excluding the printing costs...all of which i could have done it at the comfort of my own room..for free..but then again it's really about comfort.. i mean working in a public place is never comforting to exert all those brialliant ideas out..not for me at least! i can't have my favourite self-made tumbler size nescafe,i can't sit with both legs on the chair-crossed out, i can't played my favourite MUSE soothing tunes to accompany me burning those midnite oil out..heck i can't be half naked even..(yeap, malaysia is really getting hotter these days, even it's in the mid of the nite) and me room do not have the lavish extravagant comforting air-conditioned system.

so what were my last resort was?? went to my older sis's house of course! of course her pc was all smooth and nice...since my bro in law is and expert of pc n electronical stuffs...and she's a happily married woman with 2 adoring daughters, so why would she installed any chatting gadgets in her pc? the answer was obvious....oh wait, a pc in my dire needs for now is only for academic other diversions of any sort is allowed...rite! so scrapped that entertainment out, i am left with all very wonderful -very fast working microsoft pc and ready to cooked me brains out for academia..ah rite again!

but eventually, all good intention prevails..and i did finish my work in time..but not time left for me to sleep as i worked through all the nite and gotten sleepy in the morning...the price to pay? SKIPPED THE MORNING CLASS of course! just brialliant...well i can't help class starts at 830 am and from my sis's house which is in puchong..quite far from uitm and have to go through a heavily congested traffics to get there during the rush what were my actions?? continue sleeping till 11 am and get me fat arse ready for the 2pm's lecture..well done me!

all in all...although i busted 2 very important class on the fateful day last 20th of september; i am awfully proud of my was nicely done layout powerpoint do, and an additional effort of video presentation on my given topic for i pat meself on the back for this despite everythinggggg...yosh aishah san!!!!!!!!!!!

here's the url link to the video i made tho' it's very amateurish..i am darn happy with it! i took me only 1 hours to compile it and another 3 hours to have it transferred to a cd and mpeg mode (because of the pc of course) but i nver saw any..anyyyyyy....of me classmates did anything even close to this...some of the girls who've watched it even shed a self braggin me...kudos! muahahahaha...

have a pleasant viewing of "EHIME MARU"


At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

akajuki-cyan... genki kai? bila nak kawen nie.. khehehe.. jgn lupa jemput..


At 10:14 PM, Blogger AkaZukii said...

ninja san! hisshashiburi..mada kekkon desu. taktau aa bila hehe


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