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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


in about two weeks, muslim will celebrate eid just less than a month, i will graduate i happy for that?in a way, yeah..for no more will i have to drag my fatty arse to school every mornin'....but on the other hand, i am soo scared. petrified actually have to face the harsh reality of life as an adult..yikes! am i really ready for this? i am not too sure....i guess i am not. by next year, i should be working to earn my stand on my own two chubby feet..and this is one of the things that scares me off...

thinking about this, i can't help but to envy some of my lucky classmates that have gotten themselves job even before they are officially off as a student of UiTM.darn it! aren't they lucky or what eh....just to name a few; lucky lad ajib, hot dj to be suraya, another aspiring dj to be- hani salwah, heck even ms melatah but still would charm you with her sexxxy figure-norbee. has secured a place in the real world..and they are not gonna be any employee....but a very grand and glitz employee too...and this is just some of the peeps i know of that cared to share the news around..but i guess there are some who likes to keep the good news to themselves...don't want to be labelled as "kecohpecoh" ppl ...but really, if you guys have successfully land a job, why the secret? let it out..i mean dont have to brag about's just that if someone asks, do say yes and spill the beans..i don't find that as offensive at all...i mean...the listeners should take it in a positive way...yeah, be jealous of it...there's no guilt in that..tis oh-so normal to have a lil bit of jealousy..but make it a constructive jealousy...if there's anything like that. i mean, i am taking it that way... tho it does eat me up to hear this fabulous news of me peeps having a job already..but in a way, it makes me realize that time is moving fast, soon i'll graduated and i need to do something quick and find meself something quick..tak mahu aku digelar "penganggur siswazah terhormat"..God forbids..amin.

i don't want to sound too paranoid..but i guess for some of the ppl i know of, it does irks me on what basis really that they managed to "manipulate" their future employee to offer them a place...and these ppl aren't really doing well in their studies..some even scored less than 3.00 for their CGPA and still they can have a fab job..and it irks me more, that the reason is just purely on their PR in the end, what your score is doesn't really guarantees you a job in the future so why fuss too much about scoring it? one good friend of mine, graduated with more than 3.5 CGPA..but he still doesn't have any job..luckily for him, he has a wealthy dad who owns a company thus, that can be his last resort...but me?i don't have a wealthy family...nor do i have a soaring CGPA like him....and even worst, i suxx with establishing good rapport..lack in PR skils....which is a bad trait if i want to be a what hope is left for me really?? i am belittling myself..but i can't help it...i am so worried..i'm just a mediocre...where on earth can that put me in the future??


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