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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Crikey!! that's the famous line spoken by the most famous australian the world have ever known to throughout all the 'animals kingdom'; well excluding kylie minogue of course- it's none other than; steve irwin or most famously known as the CROCODILE HUNTER. and steve, aged 44 died today while filming a documentary of his new TV series called, Ocean's Deadliest. it was reported that Steve collapsed immediately after being stung by a stingray at Port Douglas and died in the hands of the paramedics moments later.

I was never really an animal lovers..well except with cats.Thus I never enjoyed the Animal Planet channel, eventhough it is my father's favourite and he would watch it every chance he got and leaves me with no choice but to watch it along..That is how I came to know this crazily chatterbox daredevil aussie's TV Crocs Dundee; Steve Irwin, and I became a fans eversince. Honestly, the only time that I would watch Animal Planet channel and sit in front of the telly if his shows is on. i would be captivated by his craziness and wild adventures within the animal kingdom. and my whole family lurvess to watch him in actions.

I could say that I have learned many things and tricks when dealing with animals just by watching his shows. And this is way before TV3 took the documentary and aired it in their channel. Thus it was way back for 4-5 years when I came to know Steve Irwin. And then, there were many others that came to the same light and approach...all of which tried so much not to be labelled as the same with Steve..but he is a pioneer of this kind of TV shows and despite the critics calling him just another airtime tricks; i truly believed that he really loves what his doing and very passionate about it.

I remembered watching a tv documentary about him, and he too like his children grew up in bushstyle life or something like that. It was said that he was born with a python in one hand and a baby croc on the other. No wonders that he is so good at handling the animalsm, especially the wild ones. Not even Jeff Corwin can top that off! * although i must say, in terms of physical appearance, Corwin is much better looking than Irwin. hehe*

I, like zillions others was shocked when learned the news about his death. I was watching desperate housewives on Stars Channel, and there was breaking news about his freak-accidental-death. Around last year or so, I heard somewhere that he died while on location, in crocodile jaws. Now, this time is no rumors. I guess when you are what you do for a living, dicing out in the danger zone; chances of getting killed while filming what you love is really high. He is dead. Tragically and sadly a great loss not only to Aussie no doubt, but all animal lovers and TV enthuthiasts.

But I guess this time around, he went to close and got unlucky. And I have no doubts that he was really confident to get that close with the stingrays as it is well known that stingrays are placid sea creatures and only attack when feel threatened to. But mistaken not, though stingrays may appear timid and welcoming, they do carry venomous knife-like barb and that was what killed Steve. He was swimming with the stingrays at close proximity while his film crew are right in front of him like 2 metres aways when suddenly a happy but spoofed stingray turned and lashed out its deadly razor-sharp barb. Caught off-guard, Irwin suffered massive heart-attack as the barb pierced him right at the heart, fell unconscious, and died minutes later.

I am sure zillions would miss this one of a kind Croc Dundee. For he is truly an epitome of a 21st century jungle-boy-hero. I am surely gonna miss the wide-eyed, adrenaline rushed reporting, and his close encounter with the wilds while uttering his most-famous line; "Crikey! Blimey! or That's beauuuuuuuutiful! or Superbly gorgeous!" for anything that he sees and want to cradle with.

note: For more Steve Irwin's info ::clickhere ::

Though that is just a baby croc, i don't dare holding it up like that.

Blimey! Look at the sheer size of that croc.

The wonderful and happy Irwins.


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