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Sunday, September 03, 2006


actually i already typed today's entry...when suddenly my pc froze up and forced me to click the ctrl+del buttons..damn! habis semua ilang hasil penat usaha aku hehe. apa nak cerita ek..well, i've been telling myself to not be lazy that much this week, as i'll have exams bombardment coming me way in less than a week...titas, japanese, asian politics; with multiple presentations and papers to be submitted. arghh, benci. i hate it. they can never let us relax fully during our holidays..
this picture over here is what my breakfast at the faculty will look like...2 nice spongy "apams" with coconuts shreddings on top; and 1 piece of nicely done fried bread with hotdog wrapped inside..hehe. fattening? yes. delicious? definitely. cheap? quite. fulfilling? not quite. all of these plus a glass of cold nescafe will cost me approximately RM2.50. with that same price i can get a full plate of fried mee/ nasi lemak..hehe. but nooo, i chose this as me breakfast. i like the 'apams' so much, that most of my classmates who cared to notice associates me with the 'apams'. hehe. well there will be no 'apams' for me this whole week.

okay. so i was actually writing about one elective class that i was so much interested in when i first embarked upon it. but halfway through, i am not sure what i have learned; much less put myself to a test. this semester, i have to take 2 elective subjects; one i successfuly managed to grab was no doubt the most sought after electives; the broadcast critique subject, taught by ustaz ghani. and the 2nd subject, is the cross cultural communcation subject. now despite that the latter was not as popular as the first one, i took it. i don't even consider about will-i-have-friends issue. heck, unlike most of the people i know, they choose subjects/classes because they want to be together with their group regardless their interest to the class.

thus, i made the choice and was happy with it. but not for long. hehe dramatic skit. after the 1st introductory class, for some reason, i was very much disappointed. the course outline was ok, the content was great but what's lacking was, the presentation. by all respect, this lect; of which happens to be an outsider lect, from UPM to be exact, has an amazing command of english; one of the most outstanding if i may say so among most of the faculty's lect...not only he speaks non-made up struggling accent..his way of speaking so breezy and smooth, that i find no trouble of understanding it..but something about him isn't quite right.i dunno wht really...but i have to remorsely admitted, that i dozed off the 2nd class and eversince...something of which i rarely do when i'm in a class, educating myself. hoho. realllllly.honest from the heart ppl! the 1st time ever was during ustaz ghani's class way back in 2003..but that was ustaz ghani's class, who can blame me? hoho..with all respect, he's great n all in terms of his experience...old coconut they say, have the finest quality of milk. although i'm not sure i'd want any of that milk.hoho.

anyhuuuuuu, this sleep-in-the-class syndrome i'm having and seem to get pretty good at isn't something i really like. honestly, i do feel bad for the lect. and disrespecting him etc. but I CAN'T HELP IT IF HIS TEACHING MODE IS BORING! and that's even more disappointing to bear...because this is some subject that you would never expect it to be it deals with culture etc. so in the end, i am the losing part as i can't help and wasn't strong enough to resist the iblis and succumb to his seduction. last wednesday, i came to class and sat for the mid term test..and boy i really did just 'SIT' for the exams..and didn't do.heck, i didn't read at all...was too busy struggling my ass for the triple paper assignments i need to complete in the same agonizing week...luckily it was really just multiple questions and true/false i used my "eni-mini-myni-mo" method...hoho. veryy professional la sangat. now, the truth awaits. which i won't be surprised if i scored like NOTHING hehehe.


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