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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Crikey!! that's the famous line spoken by the most famous australian the world have ever known to throughout all the 'animals kingdom'; well excluding kylie minogue of course- it's none other than; steve irwin or most famously known as the CROCODILE HUNTER. and steve, aged 44 died today while filming a documentary of his new TV series called, Ocean's Deadliest. it was reported that Steve collapsed immediately after being stung by a stingray at Port Douglas and died in the hands of the paramedics moments later.

I was never really an animal lovers..well except with cats.Thus I never enjoyed the Animal Planet channel, eventhough it is my father's favourite and he would watch it every chance he got and leaves me with no choice but to watch it along..That is how I came to know this crazily chatterbox daredevil aussie's TV Crocs Dundee; Steve Irwin, and I became a fans eversince. Honestly, the only time that I would watch Animal Planet channel and sit in front of the telly if his shows is on. i would be captivated by his craziness and wild adventures within the animal kingdom. and my whole family lurvess to watch him in actions.

I could say that I have learned many things and tricks when dealing with animals just by watching his shows. And this is way before TV3 took the documentary and aired it in their channel. Thus it was way back for 4-5 years when I came to know Steve Irwin. And then, there were many others that came to the same light and approach...all of which tried so much not to be labelled as the same with Steve..but he is a pioneer of this kind of TV shows and despite the critics calling him just another airtime tricks; i truly believed that he really loves what his doing and very passionate about it.

I remembered watching a tv documentary about him, and he too like his children grew up in bushstyle life or something like that. It was said that he was born with a python in one hand and a baby croc on the other. No wonders that he is so good at handling the animalsm, especially the wild ones. Not even Jeff Corwin can top that off! * although i must say, in terms of physical appearance, Corwin is much better looking than Irwin. hehe*

I, like zillions others was shocked when learned the news about his death. I was watching desperate housewives on Stars Channel, and there was breaking news about his freak-accidental-death. Around last year or so, I heard somewhere that he died while on location, in crocodile jaws. Now, this time is no rumors. I guess when you are what you do for a living, dicing out in the danger zone; chances of getting killed while filming what you love is really high. He is dead. Tragically and sadly a great loss not only to Aussie no doubt, but all animal lovers and TV enthuthiasts.

But I guess this time around, he went to close and got unlucky. And I have no doubts that he was really confident to get that close with the stingrays as it is well known that stingrays are placid sea creatures and only attack when feel threatened to. But mistaken not, though stingrays may appear timid and welcoming, they do carry venomous knife-like barb and that was what killed Steve. He was swimming with the stingrays at close proximity while his film crew are right in front of him like 2 metres aways when suddenly a happy but spoofed stingray turned and lashed out its deadly razor-sharp barb. Caught off-guard, Irwin suffered massive heart-attack as the barb pierced him right at the heart, fell unconscious, and died minutes later.

I am sure zillions would miss this one of a kind Croc Dundee. For he is truly an epitome of a 21st century jungle-boy-hero. I am surely gonna miss the wide-eyed, adrenaline rushed reporting, and his close encounter with the wilds while uttering his most-famous line; "Crikey! Blimey! or That's beauuuuuuuutiful! or Superbly gorgeous!" for anything that he sees and want to cradle with.

note: For more Steve Irwin's info ::clickhere ::

Though that is just a baby croc, i don't dare holding it up like that.

Blimey! Look at the sheer size of that croc.

The wonderful and happy Irwins.

Monday, September 04, 2006


it's now 4.27 am and i'm still wide awake. just had me bath at 3 am..baru refreshing. actually, i can't seem to sleep nowadays...which could be problematic once my classes resume back to normal..for now, tis ok as it's still holidays for me. although i slept late yesterday, i woke up really early today..and amazingly, after much procrastination, i managed to realised my dream of having to jog in the morning! hehe...baru la sekali. but still i felt good. as i can't longer shut me eyes, i decided to have a jog in the nearest park near me house. surprisingly, when i told me mom about it, she wanted to tag along..which was a good thing not only for her, but for me as least i'm not all alone.

but being me, i just had a brief 30 mins jog...and already i was sweating and puffing..darn it! seriously, i am no longer fit like i used to be in me school days....although i was never really a sprinter or anything like that, at least i did some sports...but now..panchiit! anyways, was really happy to see that me mom could have some time off exercising etc...but the only thing that bugged me was the intention given by some of the joggers/park-strollers....i'm not sure if they empathized me mom's condition (she's a stroke patient) or just plain nosy bunch of people. but there was one dude that was quite like a pervert or some kind. i don't want to sound 'perasan' but he was eyeing me and me mom...and when i do catch his eyes watching us, he would grinned like a pervert...yuck! memang menggelikan bulu tengkok aku hoho.

#japanese peeps-reunited
on a much happier and less disgusting happenings that took place in my life today, was the meeting of me one bunyko daigaku no tomodachi desu; risa onodera chan! and not only her, i got to meet me gaijin no tomodachi, the kawaii sofia and erin chan!! am always glad to see them both. and of course, with risa chan...japanese peeps reunited! i could still vividly remembers the 1st time i met risa, when i went to the international office, and she was introduced to me by suwa san. being the ryogakusei of the dai; i was getting all the intention that i can possibly get and any gakusei that steps in the office will be introduced to me if i'm there of course! anyways, from then, i became friends with risa chan, although it was quite difficult to communicate with her as her english isn't that good just like my nihongo is; but we managed to get along just fine.

she was one of the many bunkyo girls that i'm close with...and she was very kind to me. even to the extent of inviting me to her modest apartment which is nearby the dai. tapi aku ni jahat sikit i guess, as i have too many aku meng'belakang'kan budak yang baik ni kadang2..evil me. aisha wa warui desu. anyways, one incident that i will never forgive myself happened between risa and i...and that in a way keeps us apart even more..until now..i've 'cleanse' my sins with her and said my apologies which fortunately was accepted by risa. risa chan, arigato! about the 'thang' hontou ni gomen nasai. huhu. but tis wasn't my was "her" fault and i was to the one who had to take the blame. ..simply because she knew me better than she knew the 'culprit'..ok..enuff dissing others.

insyaAllah, one fine day, nihon de aimasho.. atashi nihon ni ikitai!! huhu..demo itsuka? ima okane ga arimasen, dakkara zannen desu. everytime the lil devil in me thinks of pissing off the other me for wasting me time in japan last 2 years; i'd take a look at pictures like this and made me realised how stupid i am to even think that. i was chosen to be the ryogakusei from the many oblivion uitmians; and was rated as 1st candidate to represents uitm among 9 other chichas...Allah granted me this dream...a dream that i have since 'mero-attack' was the hit tv series in mareshia. :p I AM LUCKY! I AM LUCKY! despite everything...despite everyone and anyone who thinks otherwise...true, in exchange for this one dream, i have to extand me studies...i have to bid goodbye to my amazing classmates/groupmates that i knew since me first day in uitm and holds dearly to my heart...i have lived through the infamous quote of 'no pain, no gain'. and insyaAllah just a few months to go before all of my frustration ends.

petite and kawaii erin chan! one of the lucky UPMians that made it to be ryogakusei just like me....but unlike uitm, upm's exchange program was more organized and CIVILIZED! **gruntss** stoop it aishah, inhale........and exhale **I AM LUCKY! I AM LUCKY! ** but erin chan was luckier than me, kimi ga sakura wa mita! luckkkkky gal. i'm glad that i took sufi's advised back then and went for 'berbuka puasa' event at malaysian embassy in shibuya, tokyo...the place where i met erin chan and the rest. the 1st time i saw her, she reminded me of me one very close cousin...she looked the same, she acted the same, she even has the same height as my dear cousin which weirdly enough also has the same nick name>ERIN! yikes! bet you never knew about this kan erin? hehehe, i have always long to tell you this lil secret of mine about you...but nver got the there. again because of nippon; i lived to see another infamous quote,"pelanduk 2 serupa"at play...

seen here with sofia chan. if meeting erin was during ramadhan, i'm truly glad i met sofia here during EID!! sofia here is the epitome of bubbly, fun and easy-going person. although that EID none of us have our immediate family by our sides, we had each other, and braved through what usually would be very happening a foreign land. but still that year's EID was really a blast!!!! we still had a jolly time, "beraya" visiting from one aprtment to another....filling our tummies with mareshia no ryori...although i didn't know either one of the host, 'menebal' kan muka...ikut sempai like sofia...just simply having fun! beraya di perantuan....that year was my 1st eid far away from home...far away from my beloved family...and it was people like sofia that ended up to be 'family'...we stick together that eid and became friends eversince. and thanks to sofia, she was kind to give an extra helping hands both to rina and i during our 7 magical months in japan. and although no 'duit raya' that year, we had a blast!! selamba katak jeks beraya dalam bandaraya tokyo...strolling around shibuya yang sungguh happening di tokyo and hip; proudly clad in our traditional clothes and mind you it was aki season or autumn...thus was quite cold...pakai kain jalan-jalan....hehe "berangin" jeks! took purikura with the rest and again i lived through another infamous malay quote, "jangan over suka2 sangat kelak berduka" haha...the makudonorodo incident is still remembered..vividly! was really A HAPPENING EID!!!! natsukashiii ne arghhh..**melancholy**

# hatred keeps rooting up inside
i know i shouldn't be saying this, but i am only human...i can't help it. i trust nobody, i favors nobody..i dislike everybody! hoho...ok the last sentence is really an exaggerated facts...i don't dislike everybody...but none definitely from atashi no dokyusei!somehow i've always known this feelings will finds its way in me...aku sememangnya 'was-was' with one individual and now it is clear kanojo wa is really annoying and bigheaded! who the hell is kanojo wa thinks kanojo wa is?? i guess it's always natural for humans to act like that. actually malas nak layan org sperti kanojo ni...ingat diri terlalu bagus but the truth is only empty cans. vain inside out. the only admirer this dude has is 'the shujin'. at least if the other dude is vain, i can still tolerate it..because the other dude has a "certified" reason to be vain, as annoying as that is. thus my feelings towards that other dude is merely out of personal reasons..but aku meng'selamba'kan i said, as much as the truth hurts, the other dude does have a "certified" reasons to be 'vain' so i've got no point for that.

but this kanojo really starts to get on my nerves....for many reasons really..that i won't be discussing out here. diam tak bererti kalah! although only those with idiotic minds would think that way. i've decided and promised myself to not make that much of a i am ....a newbies to the group...well at least in a way. so let them talk, so let the kanojo rules...let kanojo have its way.. for patience is a virtue and i just have to be patience in dealing with ppl like kanojo. bila je rasa hatred keluar menerjah diri aku ini, i keep telling myself to cool it off, i can't act emotional and irrationale...and be patience as all of this stupido drama will end another 3 months or so and i will never see nor meet this kanojo unesscessarily anymore. . is because reasons like this..petty things like this, unsignificant ppl like kanojo, makes me feel i've wasted my time extanding my studies and having to make-do with minna. especially kanojo.and day by day, kanojo's head keep getting bigger and uglier! yikes..nak je i shout it out and aloud to kanojo's face what SIGNIFICANT things really did kanojo ever made that lead kanojo to believe kanojo wa daiKANOJO?!! that kanojo superb contributor to the group?? i don't ask much, just name me one FUCKING thing! nada! really...gosh i am pissed. i have had enough of kanojo's ways. except with the petty facts that kanojo does have a jozu eigo...of which kanojo praise all too much to kanojoself.

i am tired. i am tired with all this shits. and just for the record, i already close deals with ppl that can bring meanings to my already pathetic groupworks. but it's things like this, buat aku malaihhh nak layan...why bring headaches to myself?? why go extra-miles and waste me phone bills getting all of this done, when in the end this kanojo wants to eat up all the credits?? praising oneself about just how great and HUGE kanojo's tiny head is?? empty cans giler. thus, aku MALAIH. takpela zahan, takpela pian, takpela aunty....thank you though for the willingness to co-operate with bunch of unprofessionals. next stop: nak tgk berapa besar KANOJO's head has grown during this one week holidays......i wonder? not surprising if it's as big as KLCC. hoho.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


actually i already typed today's entry...when suddenly my pc froze up and forced me to click the ctrl+del buttons..damn! habis semua ilang hasil penat usaha aku hehe. apa nak cerita ek..well, i've been telling myself to not be lazy that much this week, as i'll have exams bombardment coming me way in less than a week...titas, japanese, asian politics; with multiple presentations and papers to be submitted. arghh, benci. i hate it. they can never let us relax fully during our holidays..
this picture over here is what my breakfast at the faculty will look like...2 nice spongy "apams" with coconuts shreddings on top; and 1 piece of nicely done fried bread with hotdog wrapped inside..hehe. fattening? yes. delicious? definitely. cheap? quite. fulfilling? not quite. all of these plus a glass of cold nescafe will cost me approximately RM2.50. with that same price i can get a full plate of fried mee/ nasi lemak..hehe. but nooo, i chose this as me breakfast. i like the 'apams' so much, that most of my classmates who cared to notice associates me with the 'apams'. hehe. well there will be no 'apams' for me this whole week.

okay. so i was actually writing about one elective class that i was so much interested in when i first embarked upon it. but halfway through, i am not sure what i have learned; much less put myself to a test. this semester, i have to take 2 elective subjects; one i successfuly managed to grab was no doubt the most sought after electives; the broadcast critique subject, taught by ustaz ghani. and the 2nd subject, is the cross cultural communcation subject. now despite that the latter was not as popular as the first one, i took it. i don't even consider about will-i-have-friends issue. heck, unlike most of the people i know, they choose subjects/classes because they want to be together with their group regardless their interest to the class.

thus, i made the choice and was happy with it. but not for long. hehe dramatic skit. after the 1st introductory class, for some reason, i was very much disappointed. the course outline was ok, the content was great but what's lacking was, the presentation. by all respect, this lect; of which happens to be an outsider lect, from UPM to be exact, has an amazing command of english; one of the most outstanding if i may say so among most of the faculty's lect...not only he speaks non-made up struggling accent..his way of speaking so breezy and smooth, that i find no trouble of understanding it..but something about him isn't quite right.i dunno wht really...but i have to remorsely admitted, that i dozed off the 2nd class and eversince...something of which i rarely do when i'm in a class, educating myself. hoho. realllllly.honest from the heart ppl! the 1st time ever was during ustaz ghani's class way back in 2003..but that was ustaz ghani's class, who can blame me? hoho..with all respect, he's great n all in terms of his experience...old coconut they say, have the finest quality of milk. although i'm not sure i'd want any of that milk.hoho.

anyhuuuuuu, this sleep-in-the-class syndrome i'm having and seem to get pretty good at isn't something i really like. honestly, i do feel bad for the lect. and disrespecting him etc. but I CAN'T HELP IT IF HIS TEACHING MODE IS BORING! and that's even more disappointing to bear...because this is some subject that you would never expect it to be it deals with culture etc. so in the end, i am the losing part as i can't help and wasn't strong enough to resist the iblis and succumb to his seduction. last wednesday, i came to class and sat for the mid term test..and boy i really did just 'SIT' for the exams..and didn't do.heck, i didn't read at all...was too busy struggling my ass for the triple paper assignments i need to complete in the same agonizing week...luckily it was really just multiple questions and true/false i used my "eni-mini-myni-mo" method...hoho. veryy professional la sangat. now, the truth awaits. which i won't be surprised if i scored like NOTHING hehehe.