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Thursday, August 31, 2006


it's that one day again, all malaysians took the time off and remembers our forefathers who have fought for the country's independence.

and today, it's the 49th year Malaysia stands as an independent from all foreign me like any merdeka days for me, is indeed a day that i look forward for..simply because i can HAVE A FREE day. no waking up in the morning. just lazying out in front of the idiot box+eat till i can't get me arse off the lazy chair. yeap that is what merdeka day to me.

and this time around...for merdeka i have made myself free! i've survived another episode of hell on earth. i've submitted 3 assignments that was due before today...and i managed to do all that starting last monday! about procrastinations...i lurveed to do that. it sort of made me work even harder and more focused as i'm near datelines.

so with no more works to worry least for now, i can relax a little bit for this whole one week semester break that i have all for myself...welll not quite really. but still, i can chill at home. and by chilling at home, eat more fattening food, excercising less and to point that the were none, more stupid tv cunsumptions...and bloggin unesscessarily. thus will all the ample time i got for the weekends...i took it down to memory blog's memory lane.. i read like all the entries i had in my old blogs..and found something i wrote during merdeka day.

one similarity i found with that entry and this one is:: i didnt go out for merdeka and stayed home, froze up infront of my pc and blog about it. haha. yeap lame i know...but i chose not to go out. some of my friends actually asked me out and join them in celebration of merdeka day..when i asked them why, they answered-i want to see fireworks and watch MAWI performed. now, is it me or they are the ones who were lame? i said (with much annoyance) no, thanks. i could enjoy those things right the comfort of my home.

seriously, for fireworks, i could see the wonderful sparks as my house is nearby sunway pyramid...and for the performances-at the touch of my fingertips:the miracles of television. why complicate things? sure it's not like the real thing, but why trouble yourself for entertainment; when u can have it all on TV? thus i can never comprehend why those ppl actually go out and willingly stayed up late, crammed in seas of strangers in between them to catch their favorite artist perform on stage set like miles away from them.

whatever la kan....merdeka merdeka merdeka. it doesnt matter where you are, you can still enjoy merdeka day..u can still celebrate the glorious day we; malaysians are freed from foreign rules. so again, happy merdeka day malaysia. what's your merdeka wishes? mine is: no more political disputes amongst us the majority of this country: malays!! we were the one who moved the country to independence, and yet we still fighting with each other till today...when we should get together and stand as one. takut jadik singapore.


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