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Friday, August 25, 2006


like good intentions to write and update my blog stopped everytime the 'namakemono' rush in me sprung out! hehe..just plain lazy...owh well so many things have happened and taken place since me last updates. SOOO MANYY THINGSSS....

at last the not-homewrecker-pop-princess-turned "DATIN" siti is officially married to the love of her life! owh well...i hate to speculate about the most-controversial-lovebirds in malaysia this you can never be too sure the outcome of your writings can bring towards Pak Lah's warning couple of weeks back; bloggers beware! you must never exploit your so-called freedom to speak via the internet so easily....pahh...whtever that is what called as freedom. but his the supreme's warning is more suited for independent writers/political critics alike and not bloggers at general. anyways, not here to diss out anybody in particular; just commenting the recent pattern of fad if there is any among the malaysian artist.

everyone in malaysian seemed to be talking about the so-called pop princess eversince she've come out clean about the her relationships with Old-But Handsomely Rich Datuk..and so much allegations were thrown at her feet like wrecking the old man's 20-years of marriage with first wife of royal blood..*of whom ppl say; that old Datuk owe much of his business' succesess and heck the honory title "DATUK" itself* ..sure we as members of the public can ONLY speculate and gossip about the truth that lies underneath their "purely love relationship".

but ya noe...IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO! so it does not phuckin matter when the real timeline is starts to kick-off; whether it was before or after the old man's twicely divorce period *facts: he divorced his 1st wife-twice before gettin hitched with CT...rumors: he have had more than one wife before divorcing all of them and off marrying pretty CT* personally, i like do not phucking care abt her grandeur wedding, scandalous relationships....cos bottomline is; i was never, and will never be a fan of hers. .thus, naturally this posting could spell "bias" towards here but i'll try to keep as straightforward and rationale as i can.

having witnessed my own sister's marriage wrecked to pieces by another lady in her husband's live i am very much against that of CT's so-called-strong confession that she wasn't the reason for pak besar's divorce. (owh by the way...CT just couldn't be anymore romantic than this now could she??? calling that ol pervert as pak besar-literally translated as 'big man'. now, one has to wonder, in wht point is she directing that ol man as 'bigman'?? like in terms of his physical appearance, he doesn't look at all like a 'big man' by standards..perhaps it's his d**k is what CT referred to as 'big man'...but of course when asked why to the so-called sweetheart....she safely escaps with it and said "BIAQLAH RAHSIA NOOOO" ) she's a homewrecker alright! all the evidences and traces of incidents is pointing directly to no matter what you want to believe with, i stand here to say and claim that she was the homewrecker despite anything. but chill, who am i to call her that right? WRONG! i can call and will call her whatever i like...just as you would call and think of others the way you like. so what's the fuss...this just ends here...cos i just feel like writing as this has been the main issue that's keep on replying in my house-at least with my mom. haha.

well coming back to my justification on why she's a homewrecker....i mean if you are so pure at sweet (yuck) you WOULD and HAD stayed away from the perils of being labelled as homewrecker like what you are today. it always disgust me that these sort of young women could do such a thing and marry off old dude for nothing but prolly power, security and DEFINITELY MONEY and the BLING BLING HUN! damn these people..and damn CT for that. and sure people could safely say in defense of her actions; ala...dah takdir! jodoh etc. yuck...all rubbish! that even disgust me more when ppl speak of "jodoh" everytime things like this arises. c'mon la..(tribute to KRU new song :p ) sure jodoh and the will of Allah is something we can't altered and already written out for us..but things like this, you can't blame it all on jodoh and fate.

jodoh doesn't come easily at your feet...if so is the way, then WHY oh WHY we still have many more old spinster especially??? 'tis ok, fate will bring me a husband i'll just sit here and relax and do nothing...yuck! i have a friend and he's still single because he doesn't do ANYTHING to have/find a relationship....owh, and my cousin sister who is now 40 yrs is STILL single because she REFUSED to work anything for a relationship with the opposite sex. so if CT strongly refused to have any sort of feelings/attachments with DK when she knows very well DK's old n married, she would have rejected him. Period! but it is clear, he flirted and she returned the favor. and so the scandalous affairs begin and ended with her winning the trophy of "Datin-ship" with larger than life wedding malaysians could ever seen.

and DK's ex-wife, just like my sister,the one ended up hurt inside-out and tramautised for many unbearable years of her life. and it's even worst if the losing party's first marriage; like my sister. although the wound is healed, but it still leaves a scar. so there...but having said all that, i believe that whatever comes around goes around. life is a circle. if you do something bad, nowadays the terms have it as " ALLAH BAYAR CASH!" instant refund, no need to wait for hereafter...and i speak of this not just because what is said above, but as a reminder to oneself as good to others and you'll get good in return,but if you bad things to others you'll ended up IN SHITHOLE! muehehhehee enuff said. siti situ sana sini sinun si*l opps my bad :-)


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