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Sunday, July 02, 2006


for i guess the first time in my so-called adult life so far; i was a busybee during me holidays. i WORKED. yeap..i actually worked my arse-out! when i decided to terminate my internship almost 2 months ago, for reason that i need to find myself enuff money to pay my one last final semester school fee; i thought i would never really stand the idea. i would never did it...but i actually did something meaningful in my life, and i feel good about now, after those tiring days of working hard, let me retrack my thoughts and serve you mydear diary a rundown of what has taken place in my life for the past 2 months and now...

#my first SERIOUS part-time job
part-time job...or in japanese, it's called 'baito'. i reckon every adult in this planet has done somekind of part-time job in their lives..and it is pretty common for students like me to have a part-time job especially during semester breaks, to fill our time in. the 1st ever part-time job i did was in mid 2002..i was in my second last semester of my diploma course; and i worked as a waitress in a sushi restaurant of which was called 'sushi kin' ( the most famous fast-food sushi franchise in malaysia) in the most busiest sushi kin outlet in malaysia; KLCC. mind you, it takes me approximately 30mins via the chikatetsu or subway from my home to klcc, and it was not cost-efficient in any way for me. BUT i worked there still....not for the pay nor for occupying my school holidays..BUT just for the sake of SUSHI! lame probably to you, stupid probably to others..but for was worth it. i purposely chose a sushi restaurant to work mainly in hopes of having FREE sushi anytime i wanted!! yes, i was then a SUSHI FREAK and still very much is a sushi lover today...(^_^) and boy did i have the 'sushiest' time of my life clearly i didnt take my responsibility as a waitress seriously then. i was just in for free sushi treats.and served me right, i only got pay RM300!! as i tend to work less hours than the rest of the employee there. anways, that was 2002 fiasco.

i tried to take things seriously again in mid 2005..during me longgggg semester break , all thanks to the very rewarding student exchange program held by the international office of UiTM! *sarcastically* so much so, i tried a harder and tougher job; a SALESPERSON for the local internet provider-TMNET. alongside with 2 guyfriends that successfuly convinced me 'tanning' me already tanned skin; those culprits were safuan and was even worse than my sushi episode; in terms of the payment. as this time around; my focus were to accumulate as much money as i could in closing sales for internet subscribers...but the whole thing remain a pipedreams..heck, a far cry of trying to stand own my two feet....i only last 2-freaking weeks, of which i 'successfuly' closed 2 sales, that pitifuly earned me RM88!! as if that's not hopelessly pathetic enough, my hard-earned RM88 was deducted 50% for my TMNET t-shirt and my TMNET salesperson tag!!!! all in all left me ONLY RM44!!!!! damn, i was jinx!!!!!now, that paid t-shirt and tag is what left for that painful memory. :p

and so, this time around, i was determined to worked. although, it came in as a shock to both my parents and siblings (heck, they knew i wouldn't last long working)i was really pumped to prove them wrong. i felt that it's time i cant act babyish nemore, im freaking 24 years now and i need to take responsibility with my own life if not armed and definitely not dangerous, i WORKED yet again...although the first few try-outs almost took away my focus and determination; i hang on and made my way through as a CASHIER+SALESPERSON in BODY SHOP! a cashier!!! haha...handling the machine was really fun, BUT balancing the account was the scary bit. on me first day as a cashier( heck, i never had any experienced whatsoever as cashier) the shop was short of RM100!!!! and i was shocked to learned that if that is the case (the account is short of money) i, as the cashier, HAVE TO PAY for the difference!!!! gosh, i was traumatised by that! imagine it was the first day, was all excited, it was the first day of sales,people came in to the shop like ants,and i, the inexperienced cashier had to handle everything on my own behind the counter..and i were to blame when the account was imbalance! hell-no way i'm paying...i took out my most strategic yet pussy and childlike defence- I CRIED! hahaha...phucked everyone...NO WAY i'm gonna pay for the short money. and though that unprofessional move earned me the nick "baby" of the shop; i couldnt care less about least i dont have to pay everrrr..yeap, called me baby.called me least one thing that i am so darn proud of is that i didn't take any day-off from work. i worked allll the way....and of course in return i got paid quite satisfactorily "worth"every sweats. so in just less than 2 months, i've accomplished my mission, the vow to myself, finding enuff cash on my own. and im happy (^_^)

# of academia life
so my holidays about to end. and soon will i begin my final semester in academia insyaAllah. the final year before calling me self a the rest of my classmates and any students for that matter, they're surely in high hopes to graduate with good grades if not flying for me, i just can't wait for this semester to end, calling it a "WRAP". perhaps, if the grades are good, i'd prolly frther it to master degree...IF. well cant say now. they say the firsts and the lasts is the hardest. in this case the first sem and the final sem. around last month i went to see my x-classmates convocation. if it wasnt the japan thingy, i'd prolly be among them, graduating...wearing the convocation robe..with flat caps and all..happily glee with scroll in hands, and a promising job to start the self-independence life. BUT i am still here.still struggling for that day. that one day of celebration. when all your tiring sweats, headaches, school life dramas end.that one day called graduation day. of course all more reason to enjoy that day is by graduating with good grades if not superb. when everybody is there to see you on the stage, receiving that scroll you worked your arse out..the proud tears of your family, the smiling lecturers, friends and for me, i must say i have a very lateeee motivation to be studious. i was just plain lazy...was and still very much is. though i know i may sound self-praising, but i am quite a genius. a genius they say when combines with hardwork produces magnificent consequences. BUT i am just plain 'genius' of which when combine with sluggishness produces an all time classic example of MEDIOCRE. i have always known this, and i guess that is what driven me to take things lightly.

but i vow, since i got me arse back from nippon, to not repeat the history...called me a late bloomers,heck, at least i 'bloom'ed...and my result for previous semester finally pays finally, in my fourth sem, i managed to be in "dean's lists" abbreviation DL; an honoric title and accredition much yearn by any students.alhamdulillah, those long hours, trying my best not to fall asleep in class, the struggling deadlines, late hours stay burn to ashes to pay for car and increasing toll price, loved ones demand to be spend more time with them, family's blessing..all paid off in the end. although not glorious enough, but heck, i BLOOMED!! i got a DL!and last month, again, like much is written here, i fuss about the tiring days i have to go through, juggling time for my uni work, my training in TV3 and of course my mother; i have repeat of what is a classic case for me::procrastination:: BUT this time around, i didnt do it on purpose, i procrastinated my priorities because im stucked between two responsibilities that was just demanded out of me; as an intern and a daughter. and so, i just had to leave academia work at number three. knowing well of the dangerous outcome that i will face if it is not meet by deadline set by en farami of whom is my supervisor, i had no other choice but gamble this one out. so, in just 2 weeks, i sit tight and tired in front of my loyal pc; and freaking nervous to catch my deadlines.....for the first time in my academia life as UiTM student, i borrowed to maximum 20 books from the library. fascinating?? it surely was at least to home, spread all the books on my bed, insanely going through all those richly formulated and structured literature, vigourously extracting it, paraphrasing it into my own words combining those with rentless hours of net browsing..googling words after words related to my work...and finally it was less than 2 weeks. not something i'm proud with when i handed it over to en farami..heck. i was even mocked by 2 individuals who had insensitively browse my writings with one of them had the audacity to mocked and critized my work, telling me that it's was bad, telling me that no way i'm gonna pass with this writings send in to my supervisor ( although deep in my heart, i mock her back, and curse her terribly...who the hell does she thinks she is? my PHUCKIN supervisor is it??? stupidos lolita) anywhooooo, i sent those in,hoping in my heart that i could get more extanded weeks but in the same time happy that i'm finally done with it. in time! so with that modest work of mine consisting of only mere 58 pages ( with most of my classemates sending in to an over 100 pages!) i braved myself home, crossing fingers...hoping it will all turned out fine.

agony of waiting..indeed is killing. all that drama were shockingly rewarded. last june i checked my results and i'm shocked to see i got an A- for it.i was startled. practically unbelieveable. how in the world can that much 58 pages writing earned me an A-?? i was terribly shocked but estactically HAPPY!!!!! yeayyyy....alhamdulillah, all thanks to en farami. for he was the one who has graded me with that. i noe, some of me friends prolly achieved better than me, but to hell with them. all i'm concern for, i did a 58 pages academic writing in a very stressed and brief time and got an A- when all i could think of is prolly B+. lessons learnt????? NEVER PROCRASTINATE AGAIN AISHAH!!!!! yeap, i vow, my final semester to be better than ever. the best is yet to come..insyaALLAH. may ALLAH grant me this one graduate with honor..with good grades. not for me, but for my mother. i want her to be happy. AMIN.


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