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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Amidst the widely coverage of malaysian pop princess wedding's preparation which is dubbed as "the wedding of the Year" with millionaire businessman, Datuk Khalid( who is 20 years her seniors)...Malaysian were shocked yet again with three tragic was the death of Pahang's Princess, Tengku Puteri Kamariah, whom were slashed to death by her own son, Tunku Rizal Shahzan,21, who later died a few hours after the tradegy due to an overdose of drugs.Not just that, the princess's husband, who were the first person their son attacked is now hospitalised as he suffers from deep abdominal wound and in a coma state; not aware obviously of the death of his beloved wife and son. The impact of drug abuse; how terrible it can turned you, influenced your whole body system, unaware of your surroundings and to the extent of killing your own mother! This isn't the first time a drug addicts kill their own mothers/fathers in the country. But, this one is different, as it is classfied as 'royal murder'; and has a nationwide coverage. But a tradegy it still matter who it happen to.

As I read the article, I couldn't stop but wonder what if this happen to my family? God forbids, i surely hope. But i'm scared if this happen to unfortunately, i do have an ungrateful brother who is under the heavy influence of rasta man my bro...just a sick;ungrateful, stupido 32 years old pathetic lad who's still leeching with my parents for survival and thinks his behaviour is right! I LOATHE him so much. And he would typically gone "wild" and insane when his demands isn't meet. And, nobody...NOBODY can say anything...eventhough all of us would fight him off and we would quarell like crazy but in the end my mom will end up crying her eyeballs out....and succumb to this piece of shit i unfortunately blood related to.

and this what happened to the royals of Pahang; for she too was a mother, although her son is under drugs; she couldn't give him up to any rehab center of any sort...still hoping deep in her heart that the son will change...the power of mother's love. but it is only us, the children, who take things for granted and hurt our mom's feelings and shattering their dreams and expectations for us to be a better human, a better insan, a better khalifah. It is our weak mortal souls for we let ourself succumb to the devil's plot to destroy us emotionally, spiritually, personally.and my beloved mother is of no exception....she endure everything....and ended up hating herself for not being a better mother...which is so unfair for her...she does not deserve allthis misfortunes befall upon her life. HOW I HATE MY many times i feel like i want to just call up the police and have him arrested, but no, my mom won't let me do that. he's nothing but a parasite in our life....a loser, meaningless.....and i would be very happy if he is DEAD!why o why Allah, hasn't you take him with you????? isn't it so true what people say, that the only good people die early and young as Allah love them more than we do...i guess it will be awhile for death to come and take my bro's sordid what if my words are cruel?? i loatheeeeeeeeee him.

people were still talking about the tragic deaths of both mother and son of the pahang royals...when another widely coverage death takes place in Malaysia. the death of actor/host/producers/etc of Hani Mohsin Hanifa, 43, tragically died in the arms of his 10 years old daughter-Hani Karmilla, due to a heart attack, that caused him turned blue due to lacks of oxygen and collapsed in front of a check-in counter at KLIA airport. He were on his way for a long-awaited father-daughter holiday in langkawi island. this is another tradegy.......watching helplessly as your beloved father die slowly right in front of you...and the saddest thing is nothing you can do to help him.....i feel terribly sorry for the little girl..for she will undoubtedly traumatised by this tradegy like forever.......losing your father...that's just not fair....if i were her, i'd be questioning this myself like endlessly....why does this have to happend to me? we were supposed to spend time together...we were supposed to be is never easy to console a heartbroken stays on with you forever. i, myself, had a tiny taste of what it felt like to watch someone that you know all your life-a family-dies in front of you. My 2nd uncle died of hypertension in 2000...he wanted to meet me as he had promised to give me some present or something like that because i did quite well in my SPM. i was planning to meet him, and wanted to ask if it'd be ok for me to went to his house that one unfortunate day; when all i got was bad news, he was already unconscious and there were no more hope for him. that was sad....a tradegy for me, as my family was very close to him....he was loved by us all...and i watched him passed tears we had to let him i can only imagine how that little girl must have feel...and still feeling words can comfort her...and my deep condolences goes out to her.

so there, 3 tragic just less than 24 hours. someone had told me before, that it is believed never it will it be deaths only even numbers....for the dead souls will always call for an odd if there's two can expect there will be a third coming your me superstitious, but it seems to be true....i mean i had the worst episode of tradegy in 1999, when there were 3 deaths in less than 5 months among my family. first my grandpa, followed by my uncle, and another uncle...they were all burried at the same burial site at my father's hometown or kampung. and so was the following year; 3 deaths occured...this time around it started on my mother's side of the family; the uncle i wrote above , then another uncle, and another uncle.....the numbers of uncles i having became even lesser in the year 2001-2002, when this time grandma passed away, and followed by one distant grandma and another beloved uncle.....perhaps this was all some sort of weird sad coincidences in my life....even my closest friends were baffled by this....they went as far as thingking my whole family was under some kind of tarnishing spell...but then again, if any of you can still recalls, in 1999-2001; Lady Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed died with few months later Mother Theresa followed suit. coincidence?? superstition?? no one knows..but ONE thing for sure; "Kullun Nafsin Za Ikatul Maut"...death is certain for every living thing. from the dirt our body became and to the dirt we will return.


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