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Monday, July 10, 2006


finally, the greatest tournament in the world has ended. yeap, that's right the much talked about World CUP 2006 held in Deutschland...i must say, this is the only international match that i wouldnt missed to watch...i dont normally watched football especially not malaysian league..
puhhleezzz!not that i dont want to be patriotic about it, but malaysian team just suxxx..and they suxx big time!i dont know what it is really, heck, even all the local sports critique doesnt know what it is, but it seems that malaysian team just sux at any international it the ever so popular game in the country-badminton; or football, gymnastics, name it all...we are big losers! not that the government didnt put any efforts (financially) into upgrading all the necessity equipments, improvement plans, sports school....heck, they spurge alot of money on the s0-called national atheletes...but what do we get to see in returns?? failure.the best that these atheletes can do, is just on malaysian tournament scale. push it a little forward to at least ASEAN games, and we're nothing but mediocre...losers in other words. enough about critizing the malaysian atheletes....i know we are not hereos on international scale..and dont get me started on the recent Thomas Cup held in Japan...when we were so close of making it to the finals,but the so-called impressive young athelete; lanky kelantanese boy-Hafiz just had to screwed up and ruined everything. **very disappointed with that hafiz, a classic results of people's money not-worth-spent**

so, coming back to the much talked about world cup, which by the way...i have always knew England was never gonna make it!**seriously, i am never a fan of the english team, although i must say, i dig their accent! soooooooo posh, nice (^_^) ** teams that were on my list was, still and will always be the portugese, the germans, the brazilians, and the frenchs. although i do have the equal respects to the japanese and NAKATA SAN is ever so KAWAIII! owh well, recollecting the la cupa 2006, the japanese was i guess too anxious to win the doubt they had high hopes, but they were just wanting it tooo much, and when they do get to almost qualifying to the second round; they became too cocky and over-confident..why i say this? because they were a total wreck in their final game...they were leading against the australians..but when the aussies counter-attack them after scoring the equalizer goal; the stupido or in japanese-baka no goalkeeper...just HADDDD to boldly went an extra-mile to catch it..of which of course was a disaster because HE DIDNT!! he should have stayed closer to the bars and let the defense do their jobs!

anyways, it has all ended...and everyone in this whole wide world know the results and it is so yesterday to even comment about it...BUT hell, i am still gonna talk about it as it has ended in somewhat significantly different way than the previous world cups.when the heat was on semi-finals round, i have always got my predictions right about whose the winning team....UNTIL, of course, when the french beat the brazilians arse. although i was really torn between choosing the frenchs or brazilians, but since i got a brazilian T-shirt all the way from hosting land-Germany; i just had to go for the samba team....and heck, like zillions supporting fans of the team, they wept as their team lost against the french. i was wrecked meself...although, i was happy to see that it was the magical touch of Zizou that made the by then, i have automatically turned myself as a devout-french-and overly-obsess-supporter. go go zizou.

Okay. i guess, 50% out of the whatever numbers of girl/women/lady supporters of football liked to watch the football so much purely because of the players! hoho, opposite sex do attracts they say, and when it comes in package of good looks; its even harder to resist! BUT NOT ME...well; okay not entirely...with the exceptions of young christian ronaldo and so-cute pablo aimar, the rest of me favourite football stars i watch them play because they are just sooo good terms of every professional aspects: tactical, skills, speed,stamina etc. i mean just look at zizou...although i am sure he looks wayyy cuter and much more handsome than he does today, he's still reign as the best footballer in modern history of football... everyody knows of his talent and the very hot topic of his offense in the finals against the italians mid fielder in the 111th minute of the intense, i was watching the game without a blink in the eye**practically** so engrossed with it as i thought that the french could actually win it..i mean, they were leading the unpredictable-rewarded penalty kick...and as the italians found the equalizer, they were losing touch in the first half. but they picked it up real good, and had many attempts although i just have to praise to italians defense as they were indeed working their butts off as to ensure their goals are inpenetrable....UNTIL, french capitan unbelieveable headbutt act..sure, that offender said something terribly bad to zizou, BUT as a professional in the history of someone who has gone thousand of times in match like that,zizou just HAD TO CONTROL HIS TEMPER!! i am honestly feel sorry for him and disappointed that he did what he did....doesnt phucking matter what he dude said to you man, but as someone most highly regard of in the entire international scale; YOU JUST SHOULDNT DO THAT OFFENSE.okay so that stupid ungentleman italian dude Marco Matterazi insulted your mother or sister with cruel and vulgar words; but man, you shouldnt do that. at least just triedd to pick a fight with him you know say those bad words back to him...the most trouble you can get into is just a mere yellow card...well, things are said and done. and as i wrote this, the FIFA are investigating the case..and considering ripping off zidane's golden ball award off him. phuck FIFA now...that is so unfair. the man deserve every bit of the award......he is indeed a magic to international football scene. not even ronaldinho or ronaldo or any ronalds can do the skills and tricks like he can.SO LET'S PRAY THAT ZIZOU GETS TO KEEP THE he is indeed every bit a supergolden star! amin to that! for more of zizou click

oh by the way, dont you think zizou looked a tiny winy bit like george clooney in this picture??


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