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Sunday, July 23, 2006


as of today, i have ventured into my second week of my final semester. although, on the surface, i only have about 20 credit hours to fulfil, my workload has actually started as early as the second week. as final year students, the seniors...i could safely conclude many of us have changed, coming back from the practical training semester. ..some, having had splendid experiences at previous employment, couldnt stop braging about it and has become seduced to it and bigheadead as if they are the greatest. in other words; they have changed. i really couldnt care less about them, is just that this fact can be a tiny winy bit annoying to bare with. while others, had been able to withstand the temptations as trainees, i salute them to be just the way they are.

my final semester is here to stay. and as i have expected; the worst is yet to come. funny why these so-called popular teams in my class wanted to re-group their mates although it was clear they had to be separated into 2 different groups. it is them; who cannot live without their other significant souls. they need others to stand tall and form alliance believeable enough to be formidable. not quite really. funny, with these new classmates i am having. i dont really get along with them, heck, i cant even get their names right. that's what happend to an alien like me; im very much suited to be called as "gaijin". gaijin, a term in japanese could be loosely translated as aliens. so there; aishah san wa gaijin desu. hoho.

my class consists of 42 tormented souls...tormented in the sense that all of us wanted this semester to end as quickly as it can. this time around, the 42 of us were separated into 2 groups; group A and group B.of which, group A are made from students coming from non-masscomm diploma and the latter is of dip. masscomm holders. technically; i would be in B. but, in real fact; i am neither listed in A or B...simply because i am a gaijin...been transported to nippon for 7 months; and have to bare the consequences of the aftermath.anyhuu, i chose to be in group B, simply bcos of the class schedule more attractive than the other. NO CLASS ON FRIDAYS.but, that wasnt enough to make me happy. no words can ever be enough to describe how i loathe this class. mainly of its content. the people that's in it. i dont know, perhaps, i dont really know much of them. but then again, i didnt really know much of my previous class, but i enjoy that class even more.i do miss my old old classmates. when i think about it, i had never thought i would miss them this much, but now in my final sem; of the 3rd sem together with these new pals, i have come to realise the fact i do miss my ex-classmates oh-so-very much. one thing for sure; they are not as braggy nor snobbish brats as this new classmates. i would refer most of them as 'tin kosong' or empty barrels; creating lots of noise but with no real content.

with the exceptation of 2 individuals, and 1 individual who doesnt really have any effect on me; the rest i think of them as nothing but a brag case; at least most of them. specially some particular girls, and quite a number of guys. i detest them individually to the core of their existent...mainly becos of their personality. and what's with dating-your-own-classmates syndrome that seems to be contagious and fast spreading in the class. yucks! do you guys have to be so pathetically empty and restricts your options within classmates bearings??? dull...

and last week, the thing im afraid most takes place. grouping of mates for one crucial subject that needs a large number of participants in a group to make it work. and as stupidly and selfish as ever these people of majorities are; they have successfully made the task difficult as it is. although, it was recommended by the lect to make a group of quite a number of students in it, they refused to do so, and wanted to form groups of their own. a group of 8; mainly of their own friends (yang 'sebulu') and chopped off whoever they feel unlikely to do a job. and as i am a gaijin of this 'foreign territory', it is natural for me to not have a major alliance with anybody. i've downgraded myself as a minority. and i loathe for it even more; as these so-called majorities exploited us the minorities and shoved any 'unwanted-insufficient-rejected-team mates' of theirs to my insignificant group!just like in Survivor or any game of distrust, backstabbing alliances and manipulation, my group is lost with rejected team mates to work with on a very crucial project that will bring huge impact on our studies; which is absolutely vital to each of us to do a good job as this is our;again; painfully noted above; FINAL SEMESTER! arghhhhh phuck them!!!!!!!!!!!!


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