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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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tis ol thang have been kept too long, i've forgotten the source. haha. but dont be deceived by the outlooks..results may vary. internet quizzes are just no brainers...side dish while browsing the net and wasting our precious time. still, i am still very much one of those people who enjoys to surf mindless thing once in a while. enuff said, from the summary, it says my love scale rate amazingly high..haha. gee, i dont know why this is so. prolly i am oblivion by the true facts that i'm contented deeep deeep in my misreable heart. though not purely a satisfactory, but am grateful in life. but of all the aspects that were tested in the quiz, my finance scale really are a sad fact of my life right now. haha....the never ending obssession of money. owh wait, am not obssesed, just constantly worried by the insufficiency of it in my life. just have to finish this tiring life of student and find a job quick. i guess then, my problems prolly solved!



internship period finished and done with. although i pretty much psyched with the idea of extanding my internship period with the famous TV3 giant; i couldn' bare to do so. why?? well, due to some concrete reasons ( and perhaps against my better judgement ;p )

1. IF i stays, chances are i prolly stucked helping out BERSAMAMU program..which i don't mind doing reallllly, but hell, as an intern, i wanted to taste different the idea alone already screams a big N.O for me.

2. sadly, in times when ever rising hike in petrol price (subsequently, everything else follows..), IF i stays, it would mean that i will no longer enjoy the humble yet still valueable allowance of RM200 per month as a trainee...heck, in simpler lingo-I WILL BE WORKING F.O.C for the most profitable TV station in malaysia. now, like i said, in times when essential things are pricey and keep on rising; RM200 will be very much appreaciated in a life a struggling uni student like me. so my options were obvious; i just have to take a raincheck on the offer of extanding my internship period.

so there, with the cons outweighted the pros, i just had to leave TV3. no more will be days of me out for shooting, no more fooling around with production crews, no more long hours and deadcells pressure of meeting deadlines, heck NO MORE summons from local authorities and police for illegal car parking (heck, one summon calls for RM300 from the pocket!!! ) no more fun and learn at the same time. though the end is bittersweet, i will very much miss it. man, if i am not doing this job, i don't know what other options i have???!! so, letting the offer was a real tragedy and loss for me..but unlike others that i know, whom their intentions are nothing but for glamour; i just have to; for once, RE-EVALUATE my priorities, observe my choices, calculate the risks, execute the plan and hope it every turns out fine. and yes, the solution to my never ending problems, is money. thus, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE as a bachelor student, I AM WORKING MY SWEATS OUT...doing part-time job, as hopeless as the pay might be...i intend to WORK and GET PAID in return with only one hope and mission in mind= to find enuff cash for my final semester's fee that will cost over RM300! yes, i intend to stand on my own two-chubby-feet= pay my school fee with my own money for the first time in my life...a hard lesson in life upon embarking my life as an adult..finally. it's about time. wish me luck i'll pass through the treacherous path of this so called life. Amin.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006 has been ages since my last post...there were just too many things that i wanted to write but that will be oh-so-impossible now wouldnt it? so i'll just keep it simple dear diary..:-)

what's new really??? guess if prior to this post all my ravings were blashed out in regards with my training period in Tv3, well...that's all soo passe now..hah! my last involvement was really at last April's JOM HEBOH CARNIVAL held in state of johore. athough at that time i was really torned between fulfilling my promised to my (now ex-) manager in charge and finishing my academia writing (which was meeting its doom if not settled in time) i just had to ignore the more pressing priority in mua life; and chose the obvious-HAPPY TIME IN JOHORE! although it was no pure fun being part of JOM HEBOH CREW, but this one was worth the effort. prolly it's because it was my FINAL involvement, i took the chance as somekind of my weird farewell gift from TV3 (^_^) and alhamdulillah, i had a brief taste of what it's like to be part of MEDIK TV booth crew.nothing grandeur about it, reallllly. but it was something new..and amazingly more relaxing than that of BERSAMAMU BOOTH. the best bit; i got to eat free lobsters for LUNCH! and tis was a DELISH! oh, bro azlan gave me a T-SHIRT for my lil work helping him at the booth. the next day, i was back on my previous usual task on carnival day..back in BERSAMAMU. but this time around it was really different, and true, with slight exploitation of handsome/pretty face that of a celeb, you can easily attract more people to your stall. (oh plus, of course, the free-flow of mini biscuits practically thrown by actor EZANY from the local hit soap-tv-drama; SAMARINDA. so that was really the magnetic effect for this episode of BERSAMAMU'S BOOTH.

seen here with the humble and down-right funny + friendly uprising malaysian silver screen hero; Mr Ezany..who could have guess this cool dude already in his 30's!! i was fooled by his childlike features. prolly the height is what cloaking people to guess his real age. anywhoo, he's really nice. so kudos to that ezany! you rox!! as i not much of a malay drama fan, i wasn't starstruck meeting ezany, unlike suprisingly sooo many girls,laydeez,mommsies and heck even grannies of JOHORE.

they acted as if they were meeting drop dead gorgeous KEANU REEVES!!! (no hard feelings, ezany still rates fairly in a "cute-o-meter" ) but really, people were streaming in like there's no tomorrow, and ezany's co-operation was OVER THE TOP!!! i salute him for that. keep this up, you'll be a super-duper star in malaysia if not the world dude! on a much less dreamy land episodes of JOM HEBOH carnival, what i loved about this final involvement of mine was the privileged of working together with bro NASIR; he's the very first soul i met of all my production crew; and he taught me a lot about the industry, he was my sifoo...he was my sensei, he was the light during my practical period, as such i was thrilled that he finally came along with us during the carnival ( it was his first time ;p) i now by the time this year ended, bro nasir prolly will forgot about me ( as i am terrible with keeping in touch ) plus, why would he remembers me?? i'm nothing but one of zillion stars in the sky that he sees everyday, though won't ever change, it does not play as much importance than what he is too me (was) the 'SUN'. metaphorically speaking that is. ;-) however, i am trully indebt to him, and though i havent had the chance to say this personally to him; i am so grateful and thankful for everysingle thing that he did to me; as a collegue and even as a brother. he such doll bro nasir. May Allah bless him!!!

other interesting bits that took place then, was mingling around with i reckon the most famous entertainment journalist; bro NAS of the hit entertainment-bulletin-tv series: MELODI. and i was more happier and thankful that bro NAS gave me a copy of his debut autobiography called "TERJAH", and personally signed by him. so that was blessful moments for me. to those of you that haven't read the book, i guess, if you're truly interested in becoming a journalist this book could be an inspiration for you folks out there. but having said that,even if you are not fond of journalism and things around it; "TERJAH" still stands as a interesting literature..even more interesting if you are a FAN of bro NAS or you're one of those people whom always mystified by his presence in the local entertainment world (just like me) i am the latter, as i don't considered myself his fan of any sort prior reading his book, but now, i have a whole new perspective of him and he has successfully earned my recognition as a mere human being by letting his true self out writing this book.

SUPRISINGLY, it contained his bits of sad yet adventurous life as a journalist, as a brother,heck as a HUMAN. and for this bit, i recommend it as pure value reading material. what's more it only cost a humble RM7.90 (which i think he sells it pretty cheap for a name like his in local broadcasting industry..such a humble person) anyhuuuuuuu, DO GRAB A COPY OF TERJAH as it will truly enlighten your spirit in Nas's own unique way!!! (^_^)