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why can't life be much easier than this? no complications, no agonies, no worries...just pleasant....everyday, but we would not call that life now would we?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

New Look!

i've changed the look of me blogsite..nothing grand fact it's pretty lame...heck, i took it from blogger's template..worse than more videos streaming on my more fake attempts of making me blog look like a blog-wizard; high-tech equiped gal etc. truth is, i'm a DUMBO at HTML! i can't insert a proper archieving system in me previous blogsite (R.I.P :p )thus, i made a lame decision to ripped it all off...and on with a normal decent limey template (^_^)
p/s: wanted to go for all-pinky look..but figured, i'm not that GIRLISH! green more the color of islam. green world!


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