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Friday, March 03, 2006

life's between my arse!

current situation:: mentally distressed, physically worned out and socially incapable.

current mood:: bore to death.

counting me days for this bloody internship to end. supposedly, most of my seniors told me that this is the time for me to enjoy life. but for me really...i havent been enjoying that much. what is there to enjoy?? nada! my two months at this forsaken tv station is almost up..and another 2 months to go ( more or less) having gone through 2 freaking chaotic months has made me realise and re-evaluate my choices in life after graduation. am i really fit for this broadcasting line? i dont really fascinates me..,i know i've heard that working in this kinda line, really stress out...and u need to cope with pressure...deadlines to meet...having gone through sleepless nights finishing up school projects since diploma hasn't really taught me much, when i thought i've learned so much...such a fool i was to believe that..

effects:: eyebags and dark circle under the eyes...and not forgetting terrible headaches..unstable moodswings, serious acne problemo, and too much fat! internship time sure as hell a package! now i got all that is mentioned above! of which i hate it so much..i'm beginning to have second thoughts on my seriousness to work for this kinda job..working under it really for me?? can i really handle it?? gosh, perhaps u folks out there think i'm such a whoosy...and whiney girly bitch..the truth is I AM NOT! it is really tiring...and starting to worn me out...the only plus point i think is that i got to meet all kind of people..once in awhile have a small taste of glamz life...making "inter-frames" on TV/program...befriending the so-called "right-people", ut for all those thing mentioned above, u gotta give ya precious time in return....working looonnnng hours....and late...can i ever endure all this for at least another 2 months????and on top of that, jugling me time trying to finish my academic writing???


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