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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

dear diary...
just got back from work....finally, after a tiring week of negotiating, planning, braindead, scheduling, re-scheduling, cancelling documents, faxing documents, absorbing ya superior's rage, talked about that rage and drama behind their backs among ya peers...imbalanced diet, lack of sleep and rest, all things sacrificed for just a one night GALA EPISODE of BERSAMAMU....and that is washed and done today! so cheers for that!! (^-^)

bersamamu for the first time held it's grand finale episode live telecast from the official residence of our deputy prime minister. was it grand enough? on my personal note, can't say that much, as i had never involved in any live-production works mind you...but i guess, as an audience on tv, it was quite low in quality. and i don't blame the crew.everything that surrounds it somehow or another suck at one point.

in a production that involved quite a handful of crew, it was quite tricky for anybody to handle it professonally. this live-telecast, used 7 MCP cameras..all placed strategically within the area that concerned us the production crew.7 cameras could be considered a grande event.but the results of the crew ineffieciencies made it look bad and visuals screwed up.i was in-charged to so-called "direct" my scp cameraman *scp is the abbreviation for single-camera-production which implies, the production uses only one camera*

of course having had a few experiences of cheap publicity of inter-framing myself with the tx visual, i tried to do the same during the one and a half production...heck, i couldn't do it every chance i got, cos i don't really got the time to just mingle around, and tried to stand in the way of the i was busy directing the scp cameraman-'ustaz'. plus it was really hectic and chaotic, crew running up here and there...with sadly, no drinks nor food to digest...**hell it was really tiring, and ,poor management from i don't know who to blame for this incident**

and then the 'big' thing happened, of which i think had taken the interest of everyone in fellow trainee ms norbeee or better known as bee, was one of the 3 trainees that were supposed to escort datin seri to indicate which is the respondent in order for her to give away donations...of which during that time, she had accidentally knock datin's head * bee, was having her left hand out in the open, pointing here and there to show datin which is which..and being taller than datin, she knocked her head with that hand of hers.*

poor bee, that incident had earned her instance fame, and became the hottest issue of the aftermath. to me, having previewed it again, i could clearly see that it wasn't her fault, she already had her hands open when what could easily be illustrated like playing london bridge is falling down- datin walked right under it and accidentally her big hair got a slight knocked from bee's, according to her, she suffered the humialiation...but i personally think it was quite a show, that made her famous now amongst us. tis good publicity me think at least, now she will never be easily forgotten :-)


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