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why can't life be much easier than this? no complications, no agonies, no worries...just pleasant....everyday, but we would not call that life now would we?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


dah lama aku tak dapat nak update kan blog ni...why is that so? pretty much tied up with me stressed life...huhu..what's new??eversince me 1st assignment, i didnt go out much( to location that is) due to my mom's health condition...although, me mom asked me to go and have my foucs locked to my studies ( you now how mom is, they only think what's best for us..our best interest is their priority in life huhu bless mom!! ) since last week,aku dah start keluar outstation lagi for work...after Klang's story, i went yet again wif abg nasir the exec BJ and Cik In, the producer..shooting for a few days...soaking wet and slimmy under the hot malaysian sun..

last week i went to maran, pahang to cover 2 since ada byk lagi story and my story will be aired in 3 weeks still have ample time to rest n relax for awhile... until now...although i dont really fancy working in production thingy, i do enjoy the going out bit..meeting these unfortunate families, each with their own sad story to share...each with their own watery eyes for us to what keeps me to the ground, u will come to realise that there are people with worse case than u...with more sorrow than u..but this time around, is not only this will not only be my last outing for BERSAMAMU, but also the last shooting for the program..NO!there's still gonna be a lot more coming, just that by the end of this month, BERSAMAMU will close its curtain for season three...and my story, is the LAST of the season..episode 13...

(upper picture)fooling around with compere ms fifi and producer ms mazlin, in kelantan.

for the next season, ms mazlin nordin wont be working hands in hands the BERSAMAMU crew, as she will be busy producing her 'baby' program, the much talked about...MISTERI NUSANTARA..MISTERI NUSANTARA is the local reality-ghost-seekers kinda like program..where u seek the untouchable..entity that no human beings can easily see...hidden somewhere between the heaven and hell..huhu. SPOOKY?? perhaps...INTIMIDATING?? definitely...ENTERTAINING?? hell yeah!!!

reminiscing my time with BERSAMAMU, i cant help but to feel a little bit devastated as i wont be working with ms mazlin nemore..huhu, im such a BIG fan of hers!! but sure i never disclose to her about this...seriously, the only documentary/magazine program in TV3 that i would normally watch are:-majalah tiga,jejak rasul and MISTERI!but over the three program, honestly MISTERI is my cup of tea!!!!simply because there's cik in involved and of course mr zainal ariffin as the compere...

to add more damage to my already distressed life, i heard that i'll be attached to a new program...MEDIK TV.**shriekkkk** what?? MEDIK TV? okay fine, i do have some interest in medical world, but to be attached to that a whole new thing...not only the program is quite doesnt have much rating, but most importantly, the crew involved in it...mmm i'm not fond of any..i just want to be where i am right now....i just want to follow cik in, because she is sooo nice..nice in terms many ways: she is suportive, she would teach new things, she would guide u all the way, she is, she is indeed the one and only established woman in the local media be working with her is indeed a blissful experience. and to let go of that, felt like letting go the most precious thing in ya life..DEVASTATING!!

but enuff about the internship part. tho' to some i may looked hard-working in terms of my willingness to work late hours...and even on weekends, and although to some my work in terms of my skill and proficiency of editing lingo and scripting....i still look "BAD" to the manager.why?simply bcos i feel that i dont kiss much of her arse...and becos to her comprehension, i have not YET PERFORMED!! attendance wise i sucked they say...what the heck?? MY MOM IS SICK and i am the olny daughter living with her, so in other words, I HAVE NO WAY OUT! not that i'm saying that OH-I'M-SUCH-A-GOOD-DAUGHTER...but turns out to be, i just have no other choice...sure she doesnt mind me working (hell tht's wht she said) but deep down i know that if i'm around she would pretty much like that, AM I SOO PHUCKED UP THEN??? to hell with them all i'd say.........

the last picture taken with mom before she got stroke

what else is new in life for me right now?? although i whine and worry too much about me mom, i'd have to say..alhamdulillah she is recovering well....she can now walk slowly even without assistance...i feel grateful for that. school life plak?? school life suxx....the last time i have been put under dr baha's supervision....but to my dismay...since last week..i have no supervisors...all thanks to the sudden 'rombakan' supervisors in my school..hopefully i'll get a good supervisor which is kind and helpful. Ameen! but that said, it was all soo last this point, i have already been assigned to a new supervisor...the one and only mr FARAMI...owh well, now i need not to worry about that part nemore, all is left for me to worry is MY THESIS!! more disturbing to hear, my good friend sexy lady HAZA, told me due to her late submission(thesis), cause her a degration from a first class holder to a second class upper'rer'..everyone of my ex-classamate says, semester 6 is the hardest! thesis to complete...assignments to submit and constant worries of the outcomings...

and judging by the way i'm handling my internship now, things isn't looking too bright..gosh, i dont want to be ruinin' my CGPA.not that it is soo superb mind you, but alhamdulillah, it has been catching up a few steps higher than it ever did alhamdulillah for, my task is just to find time to meet mr farami and discuss my thesis...

social life? nothing's much has changed...eversince me age turned 24 last week....i have yet to feel that i have matured that much.with redz, another story to be told...perhaps some other day, some other chapter, some other fresh page..for now, suffice to say, i prefer to take the 'watch and see' measures...yeap, that's the best thing to do now. other drama in my dramtised world, not seeing much of my of friendly friend's faces...the last one was hani, only to buy some books for next semester...and like 2 days ago...i met HAZA!! finally...after a while...i got to meet her again...she is now working in 8TV, under the same roof as i, or pretty much the same roof :) it was such a relief to see some warm faces that i got privileged to know in my wishlist will definitely be HANIS! how i miss her sweet face, sepet eyes and most importantly her infectious laughs! I MISS MY 'OL SELF...I MISS MY FRIENDS..I MISS THE PAST...tho i noe tis not good to look back in the past and whine about it...BUT for me now...with the things i'm going through now...THE PAST SEEMS SOOOO PERFECT TO LOOK BACK UPON AND WISH THAT I COULD GO BACK TO THAT PATH AGAIN.....and if i could, bring along some mighty powers to mend all wounds that goes around make sure that MY FUTURE WILL BE AS PLEASANT AS IT COULD...just like in my dream..where there's no sickness, no worries, no enemies..just FILLED WITH LOVE all AROUND , and EVERYWHERE i SEE..would that be too much to ask? i wonder......


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