The Story of Nurul,Aishah,Cha2,AkaZukii

why can't life be much easier than this? no complications, no agonies, no worries...just pleasant....everyday, but we would not call that life now would we?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

February is here again to stay...

The month of love...the only month where u got less than 30 days...the most significant month..and this year it marks a new year in muslim calendar...and how i can i ever forget it's the month when i was born 24 years ago..yeap, the gist of the story's my birthday month...of all 12 months in roman calendar, this is the time i love most...FEB-BULOUS FEBRUARY!!

What else is new in life for me?? working wise, i'm terribly busy..though i'm just an intern, but i still have to do dozen of work, sure my benchmark of professionalism isnt quite there yet..but i am trying as i, the paycheck perhaps if i earned more than 10K..unfortunately it's just a mere $200...that can't even be considered hardcold money..LOL! gas alone=$100, food=$150, overbudget....with the output outweighted the, this is a tiring job.

TV life...where u dramatised simple life..simple things and make it look real and believeable..where u push it to the whole world to see...all that glitz and glamour...drama drama drama...dont ever believe what u see on TV..cos it's all full of shits..i dont know if i am even fit for this world...and especially where i am attached with the leading capitalism private television company,where money it's all that matters.. u need to have that extra Q..u gotta have "it" to make it least make urself known..and I?? gee, i dont think with the pattern im goin thru right now could ever be an advantage for me...

gotta have a whole transformation "artwork" first..i'm not saying that i couldn't flaunt it...surely i can, the point is whether i want it to be flaunted..thts the difficult part of deciding my fate and glory in this dramatised world...mmm which will it be i wonder?? talk about having dude that i know of, is at his beginning to glamour life...he's about to embark as a whole new person in showbiz..from someone nobody knows about, to almost the perfect dude that everyone wants to get close with..almost.

how did he do it?? i guess frankly, he doesnt really have that "it" factor..he's not even cute...seriously..but he certainly has confidence...and that's what make him on the road of success as he is today. ..owh and plus luck of course and God's willing....though he and i are now distantly connected even as friends..i salute him as a person, he was one determined dude...always believed in his principles and work his way up..and now..he's harvesting that fruit of success. nice. to MR FIK, all the best in life dude. it's about time u finally living up ur dreams and fantasy.