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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Anything concerning Japanese cultures would very much capture my attention, and so does this new film..although to my disappointment this new film by american director Rob Marshall; does not use the japanese language or nihongo (they say Americans doesn't like subtitles..:-p ; well i'd kills the whole mood of the film...of what could seem to outstanding film, just lost its originality..i mean, there were no english spoken Geishas back in the 1920's ...)

Although i'm very much disappointed (gosh, they actually only use the very basic greetings..oh wait..not even greetings...just a simple hait or gomen nasai and hajimemashite and that's about it perghhh) i still have to give credits to all the actors..they were all indeed professionals....despite the language barriers even between them (some of them speaks mandarin, cantonese and even japanese) but they actually delivered a great deal of performance!

i don't know i could be bias in saying this (just because i tend to like anything nihon-no :p ) but one thing is for sure, i would definitely wanna see the movie again!! and again....and more fictional comments, let's get some facts in here..what is geisha really??

Geisha (芸者)

Geisha means person of the arts or artist. As you would hear the lines in the movie by Mameha played by malaysian-born-hong kong-superstars cum hollywood actress as well-michelle yeoh, she said "......Remember, Chiyo, geisha are not courtesans. And we are not wives. We sell our skills, not our bodies. We create another secret world, a place only of beauty. The very word "geisha" means artist and to be a geisha is to be judged as a moving work of art. .."

geishas are not prostitutes as many might believed it that way. Although of course, some of them would get intimately engaged with their clients..but they are not forced to do so. They are entertainers, performing in tea houses in those days, for rich men (businessmen and the like who would pay a handsome price equivalent to $3000 per show. The first geisha believe or not were men! But later, their place were taken by onna geisha or women geisha and remain as it is until now. Oh yes people..geisha still exists in certain part of Japan, like in kyoto and the like.

Okay then..enuff about facts. Getting back to the movie, i think the leading actress; ZIYI ZHANG who played Sayuri as the legendary goddess geisha...was superbly brialliant. (OF WHOM IS SHARING THE SAME BIRTHDAY WIF ME AHAKS!)
I think she has done her homework well. Alongside other great names like GONG LI who played the evil geisha hashimomo, she survived the envious road and treachery to become the greatest geisha every men ever dream of. From the skimpy and stinky penniless country gal named Chiyo, she blossomed into a stunning Sayuri Nitta.

What drove her motivation to success?? Funnily enough for a 9 year old girl, she had a crush to an older guy by i guess many years, an angelic hero who had came to her rescue, grabbing her hands while she was nearly drowned in devastation and lost her hope of everything..most memorable script from the bridge where Chiyo first met that gorgeous hunk; the Chairman played by Ken Watanabe ; was "...don't be afraid to look at me.." which ironically enuff, made me almost shed a tear in the end of the movie when she finally got what she had been dreaming and hoped be loved by this one be in his be his everything..even if it means the can't never be a wife..all lovey-dovey amidst the falling leaves of lovely. (huhu again i'm disappointed..watanabe looked much older than in the Last Samurai..isn't he supposed to be the charming knhight in shining armour..potraying this lovely kakkoii image of the handsome prince..huhu.but again this is just my one personal opinion..but he indeed blends in the character as the Chairman..military like; your superhero image. )



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