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Monday, December 05, 2005


i could never have imagined myself prior to this date that i might see myself as an obese!OBESITY or OVERWEIGHT is wht the term implies.. as scaries as it sounds, tis no longer a nightmares for me..tis becoming real now!! creeping slowly in my life..taking control of my body...**shriekkkk** i mean, let's get real...a person of my height with my normal weight and normal can things go wrong, or so i thought...however, i'm realising the gradual changes in my body fat, the weight gain that i have been having since the days i've stepped my feet back on malaysian soil last mid march..

i knew that i could somewhat be heavier than i used to be, but no where near being an obese of my sort!! gosh, now i've managed to turn myself from a modest curvious body **seriously, my weight just plays around 45-48kg tops! :p** to a cellulite infested yucky OVERWEIGHTED lady!!! i never really pass over 50kg really...knowing well anything beyond tht benchmark would spell..F.A.T for me. however, since last mid march, things started to "speed-up" immensely to a startling 56kg!!! i mean, i put on weight more than 5 kg!! exceeding my ideal body weight...and now i'm afraid of the worse is yet to come and say hi to me..huhu

look at the image funny as it is, that's how i'll turn up to be if i don't start doing something about it.i actually have started some exercise; sits-up **darn those sits-up..tis so hard to do**, i've tried yoga **yoga is really funny in a way..feels like an old woman doing an exercise..cos the movement tis somewhat faster than tai-chi, but stresses stretching more, which is challenging if you have a "triple-storey" tummy**..and last but certainly not the least jogging! i just hate kills me so easily...for those who can do jogging, you have my respect :p ..isn't there any easier way to kill fat??? I WANT TO BE THIN AGAIN huhu.............................


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