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why can't life be much easier than this? no complications, no agonies, no worries...just pleasant....everyday, but we would not call that life now would we?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

it has been awhile since my last post here.

lama gila tak 'meng-updating' my site..been terribly busy...seriously busy...LOLZ
wht has i been busy about? apart from my chaotic life as a uni student facing final exams aka facing my doom LOLZ *thts typically wht uni students will say, since we all do study at the last minute*, i also busy preparing for my niece's "kenduri" and my own "kenduri"...what kinda 'kenduri"? suffice to say....aku skng ada borderline dlm berkawan :p ** darn!! (^_^) **

aku nak recap lah wht have i been doin in my life so far:

recap #1
uni life
there was that time again in mua life as uni the end of every freaking semester, i struggled, stressed out, almost lose it to sit mua arse for final exams...testing mua memory cells whether i can recall what i read 2-3 nights before tht big day :p most of the time, half way thru the exams hour, i blinked my eyes and stare at the walls...freakin out in a very cold examination halls..trying as hardly as i could what my lecturers have taught me like from the very beginning of the semester..and if tht fails *which it always does to me* i just give up and walked out the halls...LOLZ!

this time around, i only had 4 final papers...the hardest was LAW 212...wht the heck students of broadcasting major have to learn all those law and cases?? tiring...i mean i kinda like the subject but to actually pump out everything ive learn in a brief 3 months to a 3 hours papers, of which each of the question carries 100 marks....i shiver to tht! *scaredy cat i am :P * alas, everything is done and now i , just like every other uni students, i myself rephrase the infamous quote of "been there, done that" i shall wait in curiousity and anxiety for the outcome...hopefully all is well for me insyaAllah.

apart from tht, this semester was a faisco. i had to work hands-in hands with new faces, new friends, new characteristics, new rage....there was one time **well actually most of the time** i kinda stopped and constantly whine about my i wish i could turn back time and decline the offer to ever go to Japan. everything seems to crumble apart eversince i got back to msia and resume my studies..the road to graduation seems harder to bear in terms of many uni really sucked at administration..particularly tht mrs. someone someone of the something something office tht sent me to japan..she actually sent me to my own "war of survival" and now im on my own facing all unimaginable consequences tht she had made me to suffer alone.. i really hope tht all that work, time, energy hasnt gone to waste...hopefully tis sacrifices that i have made, my family and the rest tht concerns me..will bear fruit at the end of the day..AMIN!

recap #2
wht else is news in mua life?? at last, the venue for my internship period has finally been determined. i got a call back frm tht station reaffirming tht i got a place down in magazine office..magazine??? well i dont care..really...but which magazine production will i be attached to i still dont know..let's just wait n see this coming 15th of december...but deep inside i dont really mind if they'll attached me to majalah3, since there are actually 2 very familiar faces there..i just have to be frank here, i am a little nervous that i'm unable to give 100% to work..i mean this is wayyy bigger than ntv tht i had a little experience with last 3 years..this time around, is bigger..more hanky panky goin around here aince i will be evaluated.

more serious this internship will also screams new clothes for me to buy!! no! i need to get new clothes not because i'm all excited abt's just tht i'm so fat now!! but tht will be another issue tht i need to spur out all appropriate words for fer now, i need to get new pair of pants and tops for work..i can't be wearing some dorky jeans tht are so tightly pressed to my arse, exposing the unpleasant curves i have been nurturing for the past 6 months..yikes! really, you don't want to see those fatty'll haunt you down like the scariest nightmares you would wish you never have.