The Story of Nurul,Aishah,Cha2,AkaZukii

why can't life be much easier than this? no complications, no agonies, no worries...just pleasant....everyday, but we would not call that life now would we?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


sejak masuk ramadhan dah lama tak update blog ku ini...bukannya apa..been busy like hell...1st week of ramadhan is far so good...been eating like a p*g..seriously! i ate a LOT! current weight::SO MUCH WEIGHT:: that's for sure. eversince ramadhan starts, i had been wearing 'baju kurung' to class everyday..decieving some of me friends..they thought i did it because of ramadhan month...hahaha...well not really...of course it goes inline with the ramadhan theme and spirit n all...but the main reason was purely because, NONE of me pants fit me anymore!! what a TRAGEDY!

as if that tragedy is not enough tormenting me life as it has always been this past of late, school life is starting to 'killing-me-softly'...i think this semester by far is the most challenging semester for me...i guess it all started out from the extanded semester prob and later tht prob ruined the whole cake i have this semester. and me cake this sem is not even chocalate! **whattt??*gila sat.

no fun...nada!i think there are just about 2 or 3 individuals in me newy class that i could/would talk to..the rest of the clan, no way jose.they all have their own gangs and agenda with each other..besides, like safuan's remark abt 'em, they are all kinda "poyos" and i very much agree with him. and now that almost 4 months have passed, i have seen enough "kepoyosan" in most of them. but again, this is just a matter of opinion...

by comparison, i think my previous classmates were more serious and with 'substance' compared wth the newies one. of course there's this one particular person that everyone speaks highly of..everyone i noticed in the class wanna get personal with tht person if they could.but i don't blame tht person at all..she deserves every bit of it, if not because of her reputation and background..she is who she is, a humble and terribly nice person. having said tht, i just hafta say, it is indeed because who she is that makes her what she is today..get it?? LOL! *sigh* whatever it is, she is surely one lucky gal! how awfully wonderful life could be for someone like her...but one thing for sure, she could never "win"if put side by side with one beautiful lady friend i have and been missing like hell as my companion in class...missy haza! i'm not just saying this because she's a friend, but she's just sooo perfect..i know nobody is perfect but thru me little not-hazel eyes, she's the embodiment of human perfection..yeap, that's wht she is and i'm glad i have a friend like her in my life.

oh how time flies.....felt like just last month i was in this new class, new surroundings...perhaps i feel this way because even now it has been almost 4 months, i haven't gotten to know any of them well..and now, in just 3 weeks time, classes will finish...and next will come a brief eid-break, and soon after that..FINAL EXAMS!! and just after that...INTERNSHIP STARTS!!! how i am a struggling student on a verge of insanity...curing my distressed mind with fattening chocolates that kills my curvious body shape (^_^)..oooh how i loathe school life..definitely sucks!!