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Friday, October 14, 2005


hari ni hari yg memenatkan....pagi2 lagi dah ke kelas....petang pun ada kelas...tak sempat nak balik buka...nasib baik ada watashi no ai-chan redz1..whom coincidently have a "berbuka" assignment at Quality Hotel nearby...and it was indeed my rezeki i guess to joined him because en zul's class that evening ended late..very late..'over-run' :p thus, i rushed like a mad woman...from uitm to QH (which luckily is just a few yards away) parked the car..and walked really fast as if i'm competing in the annual Malay Mail Big Walk ( i can't run thanks to my overly used heels..totemo abunai desu yo!!) but this time around unlike the previous 'berbuka" occasion i had with atashi no ai-chan, food is only served after salat Mahgrib..which is well..kinda ruined the whole hunger for food and spoils the mood to eat...guests were only served cold drinks and dates...break for salat jamaah...and only then, we could dig in for foods to fill the empty tummy. but, whatever it is...i am grateful and syukur at least i got to eat some yummy food thanks to ai-chan :-)

ooh..way before i guess my 'happy ending' for the day, the beginning of my day was a bit sucky. tho i came on time for japanese class (and to make it worse, i have TEST), the parking lot was really jammed packed with cars....i notice lately, every Friday there will be an awful lot of "pak guards+mak guards" patrolling the parking lot near the faculty. thus, you can only 'dream' to park there ;p so, like the rest of the normal disadvantage bunch, i parked at the student's parking side..and marched in bravery up the steep and disoriented stairs to make my way to my faculty up on the hills. by the time i got to class, i felt i almost die. lost of breath..heart pumping fast (of course this also indicates that i am NOT a fit person! :p )

all that obstacles slowed me down and i finally came quite late to class. panic attack starts to sink in as the first part of the test ended quite fast..and soon came the second part which is more demanding and scary: as i did NO preparation for it. luckily, Normah sensei was the supervisor for that test and in charge of the grading..why i say lucky? Normah sensei had taught me twice before so it was always pleasant to see some familiar face around when you're panicking due to last minute revision for a very important test :p..but whatever it is, alhamdulillah..i made it through.....quite well i must say..chatted and sharing infos with sensei (she's the best sensei i ever have!! i'm forever indebt to her for giving me the chance to materialize my biggest dream:going to japan!)

soon after that little triumph in academia, i joined the rest of my "armadillo clan" to finish up our presentation's slides which is due in a few more hours later that day. the 'leader' of our clan almost sparked a fight in little disagreement with this 'oh-i'm-so-god-damn-good' person in the clan. the thing abt this individual, thee only knows to talk the talk but never walk the walk..dlm bahasa melayunya: TIN KOSONG-la! thee only knows to critize others but never on 'theeself'( ok ok i know there's no such word as theeself in english, im keeping my writings a secret i have no other options ;p) the thing that irks me the most abt thee everytime thee does something like this is JUST THT thee never once deliver/proved that thee is on the worthy part to give aways criticism. to thee, "boleh blah!" (tribute to my 'leader' favourite phrase :p )

as if the tension is not enough for me that day, i came back to my car(it's actually atashi no ai-chan no kuruma desu..which make it worse for me huhu) to only find it SCRATCHED by some IDIOT!!&$(&*&%#^#%^ (damn pissed off!!) and it was no tiny was a BIGGIE scratch..the paints were literally scrapped off..huhu. i mean, if you knew and well realised that you're going through a very narrow place where there's a lot of car..DRIVE YOUR PHUCKIN' CAR CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY!! mind other cars!!!! you know damn well the parking lot in UiTM is well careful lah!!! idiots!! you scratch other people's car, you'll end up scratching your own car as well...tak ke itu bodoh tahap gaban??!??!

and so with more tension built up in my mind, body and soul...the much anticipated class for that evening made its way in. en zul had promised that this time around classes is scheduled to start on time..but hearie hearie...he was late. yeah ok everyone knows he's bz so that it accepted i guess...but the downside for that delayed presentation was, the class were forced to end at 630 pm!!!just abt 30 minutes away from breaking fast time...and not just that, as there were 7 groups presenting today, the earlier groups were at an advantage ppl were listening tentatively and attention span were longer....but vice versa for the few last groups which include my group: "armadillo clan".

nevertheless, had we been earlier groups i think my group still lacks a few documents or so thus it will be a losing point if we were to start early as it will give more time for en zul to realise the mistakes and missing the end of the day...we still did a good job eventho lacks documents here and there..but the concept as en zul's said, were strong. so that i'm least the "burnt" RM12 for color printed proposal copy didnt go in vain. overall..a satisfying day indeed. went by if not smoothly but at least everyhting is in placed..and i am still living to see another day insyaAllah. :-)


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