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why can't life be much easier than this? no complications, no agonies, no worries...just pleasant....everyday, but we would not call that life now would we?

Saturday, September 24, 2005

lama dah sudah tidak menulis...not busy just been lazy..LOL! gosh, that ryhmes.yeap..i guess that 'lil nickname cho sensei gave me really fits me...namakemono desu!!now with tht convo fever's for me is back to normal mode:namakemono=lazy arse! not that is a surprised for anyone who really knows me lol.

latest news: i'm FAT!! gosh...i know ive been saying that before, but i never really had any idea how much i weighted till now...and it's scary! reality checked=AISHAH is a fat arse now!!even hanis keep saying i'm a giant of my own size...flabby fat here and there **but mostly in the disclosed areas if you know what i'm saying (^_^)** huhu...i dont really know what has happened to me...the way i see it, my diet hasn't changed that a matter of fact, i actually eat less chocolates these where the hell did all those fatty fat come from?? (^_^)

my guess is, my sudden obssesion with food comes from the recent tension in my academia life..yeap! i do tend to eat more if i'm understressed...and the my 'specialty' is to sleeop it all off (those fat) after each meal! yikes! now it's taking its toll on figure..gosh there goes my curvious slim figure (^_^) academia life is soooo demanding for me these days!! assignements to fulfill...projects to wow lecturers...gosh and not forgetting my really cramped schedule...especially TUESDAYS!! gosh how i hate that day..simply because i am forced to be in shah alam from 830am-1030pm!! i have three classes for tht time to change me clothes..all slimmy n stinky..gosh i hate that!!

mm what else is new?? mmm i just had my hair steammed..LOl! a real good treat for my delicate hair once in a while..felt...healthier :-) had a brief chat with hanis dearest..i havent seen her in when i do met her last week..always a treat for me to start me day in school...oo mom's lil biz has took an upward change..she sold 17 units of tht filter! but all thanks to my filthy rich aunt..who baught all 17 of those filters and more to come in good it is to be rich? veryyy good i guess...i admired her n her family..tho shes so damn rich and an established businesswoman...she never forget her family...her roots..even her kids aren't snobbish lil brats tho they are braught up in australia...not even one word in aussie accent!

that was about rich girls...gettin back to me: a non-rich girl...something is so not right with me life, not external factors..more abt internal factors=emotionally distressed perhaps...or something..i am not quite sure but all i know it is not good as it make me stays 'afloat' when i really want to stick me feet on the grounds..back to reality ms aishah!! huhu


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