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why can't life be much easier than this? no complications, no agonies, no worries...just pleasant....everyday, but we would not call that life now would we?

Monday, September 26, 2005


it's that time around again in mua life...when me life felt like someone has pushed the "SLOW MODE" button...and everything around me passes me by so quickly..BUT ME!....everything around me but me..what does tht mean? *sigh*

today..i ate 3 candy bars of cadbury hazel nuts chocolate in a row! when i'm distressed usually i'll associate it to large amount of unneccessary food intake..mostly chocolates! i know i constant worries abt losing my oh-so-curvious figure before in my previous entries..but i couldnt help the seduction of that melting yummylicious candy bars that definitely melt in your mouths and hands :p

the identified 'culprit' to be causing me stress in mua already stressed life? none other than ACADEMIA itself. everything abt it..inside out..whoever involves in it...those ppl surrounding me in tht forsaken place...literally 'choking' me to death..i'm stucked with no way means to resort my shoulders for me to lean upon or cry for tht matter...except CHOCOLATE tht will do nothing but "harm" my already unproportioned body :-)

lastest developement amongst peers: it is certain now..tht "r" is one poyo person. i knew my instinct is right..the 1st time i saw her, i knew "r"poyo..and now after series of mishaps between me&"r" it is confirmed:the verdict's out="r" indeed poyos! during last week's class...this one particular class-la "r"was asked to read out&aloud something in was a bit of a tongue twister thingy..with a lot of "s" ..being some1 with regional accent for years, specially when it's english then it's so obvious..."r" read those line quite bad i must say and was criticized by the lect.enuff said, she commented particularly abt one incident and "r" defended herself and said i was the one responsible for tht..the thg tht irks me abt this, "r" was clearly having trouble with the "s" n not forgetting tht terrible accent of hers..but still she have the guts to actually consult the lect herself...defending her part and blaming me instead! wtf??!!

she is no doubt the embodiment of "miss-goodie goodie two shoes" in my book!! and it was obvious she's holding something back against me as well. she is now always refraining herself than talking or even looking at me after tht incident...i dun give s**t..cos likewise to me for her

to "r" polish up ur english speakin' skills 1st before u even starts critizing abt others...look at the mirror....n u cud clearly see it was, still and will always be you who can't say those tongue twister thingy in class and not us the rest of the bunch!


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