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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


i didnt go for class today, instead today was the last day of tht convo i decided to go there instead. plus, i was hoping to meet fazlin who happend to do her convo today..but my hope was in vain...i didnt see her, tho we both sms-ing each other, practically 'warned' each other to look out for each other..huhu but nada! i was ready to see for her gettin on stage..but somehow, i didnt see her. perhaps was too busy reading the names, i didnt realized i actually have read her name!

anyways, it was the last day...akmal, raja, fariz, ajib, nora, razel and me were the only one who came..n we pretty much enjoyed our last time hanging out at one corner of the auditorium..sometimes making out noise...giggling over weirdoo names...gosh talk about weirdo names..when i 'embarked' my task as emcee, raja being an expert on this matter had warned us about weird names...she said watch out for those names, MAKE sure you dont burst out in laughter!

and so, i did just that! i managed to kept my cool and professionalisme regarding weird names but not one particular name! gosh what an embarrasment! i confused and mispronounced one graduate name for MAWI instead of NAWI!! of all the names in the the hell did that happen??:-) i'm still baffled by that! no! i'm no big bonkers fan of MAWI..hell no way *ahaks* at least i think i'm not...but tht incident really made impact to every1...even the VC made joke about that and commented abt tht in his speech! practically everyone who were there during tht time rmbers that event very well...and the word has spread to my faculty, amongst was ME! gosh, now i cant pretend nemore and say, nooo it wasnt me :-p

owh well, guess bad thing do happend eh..but not like it was an evil just so happened i announced some really HOT celebrity name nowadays in malaysia instead of the real grads name...n beside not like i went wayyy off tune, those names were pretty darn close: MAWI n NAWI..others did some faults as well..but they didnt get penaltilize fer that...guess i made it in leaving something behind for everybody to talk about at least till next season of convo! *sigh*


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